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We’ve just launched 10+ improvements on web and mobile apps

We’ve just launched 10+ improvements on web and mobile apps 🚀

3 Min read

We are super excited to roll out the new updates that we have added to boost your sales productivity and user experience. 

Here is a quick sneak peek of what is launched today.

Web app updates

1. Sort by deal value in board view

Sort by deal value in board view

Now, you can easily sort the deal board and work on high-value deals. You will be able to see high-value deals on the top of the deal board when you opt for this value-based sorting. You can access the same functionality on mobile apps too.

2. Auto-stop recording to avoid any hassle

Received a call while listening to a voicemail or old sales call? Well, now the recording will be automatically stopped when you receive a call.

3. Search users while call transfer

Search users while call transfer

Need to transfer a call to your colleague? Through quick user search, easily find the person or the number and transfer the call to provide real-time assistance to your valuable clients. 

4. Utilize bell notification functionality and get alerts for important updates only

Choose which notifications should be displayed under the bell notification center by turning on the bell notification for specific activities that are important to you. For other tasks that don’t require immediate action, you can turn off bell notifications to avoid unwanted stacking. 

5. Get more context from deal notification emails

To provide better context to the deal notification emails, now the email will consist of the deal name, contact name, and the associated company name inside the email.

Moreover, you will be directed to the contact or company information when you click on it. Hence, you can save more time and easily identify the message with its respective contact or company.

6. Assign a deal title automatically while creating a new deal

Now you no longer need to add the deal name manually while creating a deal. The deal names will be automatically assigned by fetching the company name. This update of auto-assignment of the deal title is available in the mobile app too for better accessibility.

7. Quick contact views from sequence scheduled list

You will now be able to access contact information at a click from the list of scheduled email under sequences.

8. Adding Last Name isn’t a compulsion anymore

The compulsion of adding the Last Name is removed. Now you can either provide a first name or last name and create or import a new contact with ease.

Wait, we’re not done yet!

We’ve also got some exciting mobile app updates for you that will help increase your team’s productivity while working on the go.

Mobile app updates

9. Keep vital and sensitive data secured with passcode

Our mobile apps have always been secured for our users. Now with the addition of passcode feature, we have added an extra layer of security to prevent any possible data theft. In addition to the passcode as security, you can also configure securing the Salesmate app using Touch ID or Face ID.

10. Fill up the missing details with clearbit integration

Auto profile enrichment is now also available in the mobile app with Clearbit integration. Easily enrich your contact and company data with clearbit integration within the mobile app.

11. Capture attention with compelling media-rich emails

Don’t wait to get on your system to share important images or documents. Compose any email content from your Salesmate mobile app and add images and documents from your phone’s gallery or file manager.

This is it for the current release. Play around with these new features and feel free to share your feedback.

Stay tuned for more updates. Ciao!

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