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The Growing Importance of Mobile CRM in the Realm of Sales

The growing importance of mobile CRM in the realm of sales

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The tremendous impact of mobile applications has been witnessed and acknowledged by the market. It is no longer just a part of our personal lives but has become an integral part of the business world also. Due to its exceptional capabilities and features, mobile CRM apps are gaining immense popularity in different business verticals.

Adding Ease to the Sales Process

Factors that increased the need for using a CRM app are as follows:

  • Longer sales cycle
  • Inability of meeting sales targets
  • Low conversion ratio and
  • Rising competition

However, a web-based CRM was not that convenient for sales reps out in the field. It had its limitations and to help sales reps surpass them, CRM was extended to mobiles so that sales professionals could work remotely without any restrictions.

A mobile CRM app offers a broad spectrum of benefits like:

  • Data Agility
  • Improving team collaboration
  • 24×7 access to information
  • Instant record updates on the go

Sales reps need not cease their work. When they step out for meetings, they could still access the critical customer information through their mobile CRM.

With a simple tap, sales professionals gain visibility into their sales pipeline and work freely from anywhere.

A CRM app today has all the features that their mobile-based versions offer, they help reps in:-

  • Gaining actionable customer insight
  • View the status of the deals
  • Set workflow automation
  • Log and track sales calls
  • Integrate with various apps
  • Track sales and marketing emails
  • Follow up on-time
  • Schedule appointments

Here are some more elaborated facts:

  • Due to these and many other capabilities, companies have been inclined toward using CRM apps dedicatedly. As per a research, almost 50% of sales teams access their company’s CRM through their smartphone; this has changed the way sales reps manage their sales and deals.
  • CRM apps have been designed to tackle business and sales issues. Companies find it a cost-effective solution that helps them in efficiently managing the business customer relationship.
  • Selling gets easier when whatever you require is within your reach be it customer data or activity reports, CRM mobile apps effortlessly acquaints your with most up to date information.
  • It is fast, intuitive and convenient, with its excellent features it open avenues to new opportunities.

CRM Mobile Apps Gaining Popularity in the Market

Mobile technology has overpowered computers in the last few decades, and as per a survey, there were 150 million PCs whereas mobile devices have crossed 300 million.

The growth of mobile technology is one of the reasons why mobile CRM apps are getting so popular. Besides, mobile CRM holds its unique features that have boosted its market growth and popularity.

Being an extension to the comprehensive cloud-based system, it has more advanced computing capabilities that help sales professionals in making better sales.

The below statistics will show you why CRM mobile apps have captured the attention of entrepreneurs and sales professionals and become a well know name in the realm of sales

  • Businesses saw a 10% increase in cash flow by using a CRM mobile app
  • 24% of companies witnessed improvement in sales productivity on using a CRM mobile app
  • Sales teams across various organizations saw a 15% increase in productivity when they used CRM mobile apps
  • 65% of sales professionals who adopted a mobile CRM achieved their sales target, and only 22% of reps that use non-mobile CRM have made to the same quota.

Products or services that add to the profit of an organization ought to become a craze in the market. Due to its excellent benefits, the importance of mobile apps is increasing with high pace.

With the positive experiences it renders, it has become a preferred choice for the sales professionals. With the rising demand, the expectations of the user are also increasing.

Due to augmenting demand, more and more advancements are witnessed in the CRM apps. CRM vendors are trying to put their best foot forward by introducing new features and updating the existing ones to stay ahead of their competition.

The sales driven organizations must take advantage of such a competitive scenario and make the most by including a high-end CRM app that suits their sales process and helps drive their business revenue.

To Conclude

The rising demand for the CRM mobile apps displays how it has changed the face of sales and helped entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals. If you are still unaware of the various benefits of a mobile CRM, then it is high time you ponder over the growing importance of this advanced technology.

Backing your sales professionals with mobile CRM like Salesmate will help them perform better in achieving their sales targets that will ultimately add to the growth of your business revenue.

Salesmate CRM mobile apps provide the flexibility needed to excel in the sales territory and helps in maintaining healthy relations with the customers. From web to mobile, it is the end-to-end sales solution. To explore more features of CRM apps, request a free demo now.


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