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Better iOS app with more exciting features – Salesmate CRM

Salesmate CRM is designed with an idea to simplify and track your day to day sales activities and manage interactions with contacts. With that mission in mind, we have given a new facelift to our IOS app to make sure that all vital information is available on fingertips and required actions can be performed quickly.

Get direction on map from contact detail


Salesmate now maps contacts address information on the map, so quickly identify where he is situated and can also use direction feature to reach to those contacts.

Quickly Call or Email


Now we provide contact’s essential information directly inside activity detail screen with an option to immediately call or email them without switching between screens. Not only this but all outgoing calls will get auto associated with related records, which means no more manual work.

Valuable information on screen

Now information related to deal’s value and progress can be seen directly on activity detail page to understand priority and importance of particular activity quickly.

Visual / Actionable updates for deal


Now deal’s progress can be quickly viewed with ’’visual pipeline view,’’ and its stage can be changed with a single tap. We have also shown essential values bunched together with the pipeline.

Just like our activity screens, you get all details about contacts, company and associate records directly on the single screen, so you don’t have to jump between multiple screens to perform any communication with them.

Choose the position of your signature.

Email Signature

Now you can control the position of your signature by placing it above or below the email quoted text while replying. Signature will be auto-appended to the preferred location at the time of sending an email.

Try our free email signature generator tool with templates and give your emails a huge success.

Improvised geolocation views

Make sure you spend your time wisely while visiting your contacts. We have displayed deal count and value along with distance for a particular contact, so you can decide where to put your energy and how to plan your day. Beneficial routes are always better than the efficient one.

Misc Updates

We have improvised few screen to support latest iOS versions and enable better viewport for iPad app.

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