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Just Launched! Improve your reach rate with Salesmate’s new updates

What’s new in this update:

Ensure high Email deliverability with DKIM

Text messaging (Beta)

Ensure high Email deliverability with DKIM


With Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) you can now send out emails from Salesmate using your own email id. You simply need to verify your domain keys inside Salesmate setup and add multiple domains.

DKIM allows businesses to establish themselves as authenticated email senders and saves your emails from getting flagged as spam.

We have also enabled users to optionally append their signature and track the emails being sent out while using workflows. To allow proper record keeping, all these outbound emails will reflect in the contact/company timeline.

Thus you will now be able to include your own email id to send emails via Workflows.

Once users validate their domain they can identify

  • the validity of email addresses listed in the ‘From’ line
  • the authorization of the domain listed in the ‘From’ line
  • any alteration to the email content since its creation
  • spoofing of the email

Domain Keys validation allow recipients to trust the email sender.

Check out our support portal to know more about how to create a DKIM record for your domains?

Text Messaging

click to text

Expand your delivery channels and engage seamlessly with your prospects through Salesmate’s advanced texting feature. Reach out to a large number of prospects with just a few clicks. We make it super easy to handle your sales & marketing efforts through one platform!

Here are some reasons why you should be using text messages to grow your business:

  • Send  promotional text messages to your clients and contacts
  • Attract prospective client’s attention with creative and brief text messages
  • Quit switching between CRM and texting apps for your marketing efforts
  • Remind your customers about the upcoming meetings and events
  • Keep track of conversations with message history
  • Send greeting messages on valuable occasions and bolster customer relationships
  • Manage your emails, calls, and texts from one single platform
  • Send and receive messages from any device of your preference (desktop, laptop or smartphone)
  • Tag a group of the same industry prospects and send bulk texts in seconds
  • Send text messages from your virtual phone number to multiple countries

Inform customers about what’s new

Added a new feature or coming up with a new offer? Send alerts and notifications through texts for keeping your customers and prospects updated.

Manage support efficiently with instant texts

Receiving too many questions from your customers? Create a good impression on your prospects by acknowledging their questions through text.

Respond instantly with text templates

Quit typing the same message, create templates and ease your work. Create welcome, and post-sales thank you templates in advance and send them in real-time. Schedule it for clients and prospects in their respective time zones.

What are you waiting for? Get control over your communications and connect with your prospects as well as customers through the impactful channel of text messages.

Check out our support portal to know more about text messaging.

Not on Salesmate? Click here for a free trial and efficiently call, email and message conveniently from your CRM for enhancing your communications and building a long-term relationship with your clients.

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