More power to you with Contact Name (Full Name) being split to “First Name” and “Last Name” empowering you more personalized emails and simplified third party integrations. To know more, click here.

Contact Name Split



  • More flexibility while you define your email templates. You can use the first name or last name or both and personalize your emails.
  • Simplified third party integrations. You will be able to pass two independent fields First name and Last Name instead of having to split the Full Name

Important to Consider:

    • Form Layouts: Added fields with First Name and Last Name already
    • Custom views: Used it in Search Criteria
    • Workflows: Used it in Filter Criteria
    • API / Third Party Integrations: Make necessary changes to include the First Name & Last Name fields
  • Changes required if you have already customized the following:
  • The Last name will be treated as a compulsory field in all transactions ( add, edit, import ) with the record.

Screens Affected:

  • Contact Layout
  • Add/Edit a Contact
  • Add a New Column in Contact List view
  • Bulk Update a Contact
  • Quick views
  • Quick Create a Contact from Company, Activity or Deal
  • Custom view
  • Workflow
  • Mass operations
  • Reports
  • Email Template
  • Import Contacts
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