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Salesmate brings collaborative workspace for managing emails with Shared Team Inbox update

Traditional email clients make transparent communication between various departments and customers a tougher task. Salesmate’s shared team inbox update is providing modern teams with a collaborative email workspace without the confusion of who is handling which email conversation.

The shared team inbox also enables a faster solution to the customer queries for keeping them happy and loyal towards your business. Do read about all our features and let us know what you think!

A collaborative workspace for managing group emails

With a shared team inbox, your team will experience a shared email environment where team members can access all the email conversations. This will help in getting a better context of the entire conversation and allow seamless interaction with customers.

1. Seamless group email management

Seamless group email management

Easily set up your shared inbox using Gmail, Microsoft 365 and any other Webmail services. With a shared team inbox, your team can get rid of messy email threads created by CCs and email forwards. Also, managing those generic email addresses like and inside the Salesmate shared inbox becomes easier.

2. Assigning the email owners

Assigning the email owners

Assign an owner for every email conversation and forget about the worries related to email follow-ups, email response, and resolution.

3. Having better shared visibility of conversations

Having better shared visibility of conversations03

Shared team inbox will allow team members to collaborate and better visibility regarding new email messages, all the unresolved email conversations, and every missed message. Such visibility will stop the emails from getting away through the cracks. Your team members will be able to easily identify which email conversation is open, unanswered or closed.

4. Faster internal discussions

Faster internal discussions

A better opportunity for collaboration with members of different departments will allow your team members to quickly involve colleagues in crucial email conversations by simply mentioning them. The knowledge and information of members from the different department will allow quicker resolution.

Internal notes for team members

Inside this collaborative shared email environment, your team members can create and share internal notes regarding email conversations that will be visible only to the involved team members. Such notes allow team members to share important information with each other that outsiders have no need of knowing.

5. Better email tagging

Better email tagging

Your team members will be able to use tagging for email conversations. Apart from that, they can use smart color coding and search for email conversation saving more selling and email resolve time.

6. A quick glance at the conversation history

A quick glance at the conversation history

Team members will have a complete view of the customer’s conversation history at a quick glance so that when they get assigned incoming emails they will be able to provide personalized resolution to them.

7. Canned responses for quicker resolution

Canned responses for quicker resolution

Your team members will be able to use email templates for sending canned responses to their customers and enhance their overall email response and resolution time.

8. Collaborate through your smartphone


No matter where your teammates are, you can collaborate with them using shared team inbox in Salesmate mobile app (iOS and Android). Never lose sight of your critical emails and stay updated on the go.

Quick takeaways

  • Team members can tag email conversations and color-code the tags for proper differentiation.
  • Shared visibility of the email conversations allows quicker collaboration and faster resolution of customer queries.
  • Ease of assigning new emails to team members ensures lesser delays in the response time and keeps customers satisfied with your customer support.
  • Statuses allow team members to know which emails are open with ongoing conversations, unanswered, and closed.
  • Salesmate CRM’s new shared team inbox is the perfect collaborative workspace for involving individuals from various departments.
  • Shared team inbox will allow your team to enhance their email response time, which in turn will enable quicker responses to customer or prospect queries.
  • A faster email response will keep the customers happier and stay loyal to you.
  • With clearly defined roles, delivering better and quicker customer experiences becomes easier for your team.

Find out more on how Salesmate’s shared team inbox works in this support article.


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