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Just Launched! Aesthetic design and intuitive features for enhanced sales

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We stand true to our commitment of ’’CREATING THE BEST CRM.’’ That is why we work hard for providing the best flexibility and ease-of-use to our users. After giving careful consideration to your feedback, we have rolled out some exciting updates which will enhance your productivity and simplify the sales management process.

Accessibility of data on the detail screen

In an organization, people have different roles and profiles to play for which they need access to vital and different types of informative data. Salesmate now empowers you to group together all your necessary data so you can get a complete view with a single glance.

setting grid

Our sidebar customization lets you move fields what works best for you.

Smart Field and Statistics

You get the essential figures of your deals and can track the activities done for the respective contact. These new insightful smart fields help you understand how much business you have already got from one contact, how much revenue is expected, and what was the last communication. These fields are also accessible inside the contact listing page, so you can apply additional filters and segment your data in a much more efficient way.

Smart Fields - Salesmate

No more switching between screens – Seamlessly compose Email, Notes, and Activities

Your team will accomplish more things faster with our sleek new inline composer feature. We have removed the pop-ups that previously blocked essential info on your timeline while composing an Email, Activity, or Notes.

Quickly compose email

Refer to essential data while drafting your Email, adding Notes or creating Activity, all from the timeline itself.

Enhanced Communication with Powerful Notes

Now the activity notes which were exchanged between you and your teammates during any meeting or calls with the customer are visible on the timeline within the activity itself.

So before making a call to any contact just quickly glance what was last communicated and never miss out on any important information.



Note: Now you can also view the most recently posted note for your contact directly inside the listing view, which gives you the power to recall essential points while browsing your contact list.

With Smarter Activities now Log, Schedule and Create Activity on the go


Log Activity

Salesmate understands the pain of sales rep’s who are on constant meetings/calls and who need to log what happened and schedule next follow-up on the go. Our brand new Log Activity feature lets your team Log Activities quickly, allowing you to keep an eye on your team’s outbound activities for measuring their KPIs.

Refreshed Activity creation view when working outside of Contacts/Company/Deal

We have also given a facelift to our activity creation screen by re-ordering some fields based on their importance and frequency of usage.

Add Activity


Your teammates can plan their sales activities quickly, but at the same time, users can add custom fields or setup recurrence for advanced management.

Enhanced Quick Filters enabling you to see the most crucial information

quick filters - Salesmate

Using the Quick filters, sort your timeline with your desired results, so you can scroll less. You can even select multiple filters using the shift button. The system will maintain your filter preferences, so if you move between your contacts, the quick filters will show the search results based on previously searched criteria.

Make the most of all the unique customer journeys through the Contact Timeline, view content across Quick Filters for Notes, Activities, Emails, Files, and Updates.

Visualised and refined information on your Deal screen

An aesthetically appealing and beautifully designed deal page bunched with all the necessary information about deal value, deal pipeline, and the deal stage coupled with an estimated close date.

Deal Stage


This will help your sales team quickly prioritize their daily activities associated with various deals.

Also with this update, similar to the contact detail page, all vital information related to the company such as Deal Value and Associated deals will be bunched together for your reference in the company detail screen itself.

Company Associate deal - Salesmate

Feeling excited? All these features are now live, exclusively for you!

If you have any questions about these updates, then get in touch with our support team.

A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection, Saptarshi loves to write about anything that can be of help to businesses, people, and dogs! A true human at heart, he likes to spend most of his time researching the internet to find ways technology is influencing our daily life (positively).

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