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7 Mobile CRM benefits for your small business

Customers aren’t ready to wait; a delay in response can give them a reason to turn towards the competitors. To avoid this, businesses are embracing the CRM mobile app strategy.

Small business CRMs has entered the mobile space to help companies fulfill the rising demands of fast-moving society. 

With a mobile CRM, reps from your sales team can give more attention to their customers’ needs by connecting with them in real-time.

Every essential contact information is easily accessible to take quick decisions.

Moreover, the sales reps can instantly log activities and receive timely updates on the move.

A mobile CRM can be a catalyst for growth for your small business as it gives you access to every key information.

It not only renders a mobile-first experience to the clients it gives complete access to customer information too.

You can immediately interact with a client’s query from any location.

With instant access to vital customer information, you can instantly respond from anywhere at any hour of the day.

This helps in bolstering customer relationships.

Instant response assures them that you are here to help them in overcoming their business challenges.

This increases the prospect’s interest level in your product or service.

With a CRM on your mobile, you can effortlessly track your sales activities, manage sales deals and schedule meetings even when you are away from the desktop environment.

In addition to this, a mobile CRM app has many more benefits that can help you in nurturing and closing your deals.

Top Mobile CRM benefits for your growing business:

Below are seven mobile CRM benefits that can help in expanding the profit margins of your small business:

1. Increase your productivity

Time is crucial in sales, so it is necessary to turn your dead time into productive hours.

Tasks like, updating records or following up with clients get delayed when you spend most of the hours in meeting prospective clients.

With a mobile CRM, effortlessly complete these tasks while traveling in a cab or waiting for a client.

You can use the dead time for analyzing the sales pipeline to identify the areas that need extra attention.

CRM mobility enhances productivity and minimizes inefficiency by giving you the flexibility to work remotely without any hindrance.

As per a study by Nuclear Research, mobile access to CRM increases team productivity by an average of 14.6% with a further 3 in 10 mobile CRM app users reporting productivity improvement by more than 20%.

2. Avoid missing out on valuable data

Data is of paramount importance to push a deal forward.

You cannot afford to miss any point mentioned by a potential prospect in a meeting.

However, a human mind cannot remember each detail for long.

You might forget most of the information by the time you reach your office desk.

Mobile CRM eases your work; you can directly update the data in your CRM during the meeting.

This improves the quality of data and eliminates the possibility of missing out on an opportunity.

According to a survey, 82% of sales professionals accessing their CRM believe mobile CRM improves the quality of CRM data.

3. Flexibility to select the device of your choice

Limitations often hamper performance.

You just cannot confine yourself to the office desk if your job profile demands you to move outside your office space frequently.

You will require a technology that gives the flexibility to work from any device.

With CRM mobility, this is possible.

You can access your Customer Relationship Management software through multiple devices be it your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

All the data is synced and easily accessible.

This helps in toggling on and off the field without any constraints.

4. Increase in sales

Mobile CRM solutions help businesses in managing sales more efficiently.

Fostering customer relationships is essential for increasing sales.

Companies display interest in dealing with an organization that understands their business pain points and is responsive.

With the right mobile CRM in place, you can stay abreast of critical customer information and get notified when it’s time to follow-up.

Personalize your customer experience with a mobile CRM and give your prospects more reasons to deal with you.

With every detail of your prospect on a device that you use 24X7, you can give more attention to their specific requirement and quickly convert them into your customers.

5. Facilitates access to crucial information

When you are out on the field, you need more information about a prospect apart from just their name and contact details.

With CRM mobility, you can get access to a wealth of information regardless of your geographical location.

This includes the status of your sales deals, historical records of a prospect and details of the scheduled meetings.

You can track the past interaction of the client with your company from your mobile CRM to stay on track while communicating next.

Moreover, you can quickly log emails, calls, and activities in your mobile CRM.

6. Less stalled deals that smoothly move through the pipeline

CRM on mobile helps you in keeping an eye on your sales deals to ensure they don’t slip through the cracks.

You can keep track of their movement to push them quickly through different stages of the sales pipeline.

When deals are given attention at the right time, there are fewer chances of it getting stalled.

They remain hot and easily glide down the sales pipeline.

7. Better collaboration and data sharing

You need to work as a team to enhance your company’s image and increase its revenue.

Mobile CRM boosts collaborative productivity and helps you to connect as well as share information with your teammates in different locations or time zone.

For instance, marketing personnel can easily share a client’s information with a sales rep on the field through mobile CRM.

It helps in maintaining transparency within the team by keeping everyone on the same page.

Moreover, you can rest assured that there is always someone to handle the deal in the absence of a sales rep.

Concluding thoughts

In this competitive era, CRM mobility is necessary to work better and faster.

Nowadays sales reps are spending more time away from their workplace, so they need a technology that keeps them connected with their customers and teammates.

Salesmate mobile CRM is one such technology that keeps you connected and helps you in improving your sales numbers.

It is a smart way to deal with modern business sales challenges.

Need to know more about Salesmate?

Get in touch with our team they will guide you.


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