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SaaS churn is a dreaded term for every business.
Find a way around this hurdle and optimize your
strategies to retain your existing customers.


We have researched and compiled some of the techniques that will come in handy for business owners across the globe while tackling the SaaS churn issue.

  • Differences between good and bad churn
  • Optimization of various churn stages
  • Different calculation of SaaS churn
  • Reducing customer churn

    Optimize the three crucial SaaS churn stages

    Churn rate is the percentage at which your existing customers cancel their subscription or opt-out from the purchase cycle.

    To grow consistently, it’s crucial to reduce the churn rate. Here’s how you can calculate churn rate – Divide the customers churned by total customers acquired during that time interval.

    For example – 20 customers opted out of your subscription, and during that time you acquired 200 customers.

    20 ÷ 200 = 0.1

    Now, Multiply 0.1 with 100 = 10% churn rate.

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    I have tried many CRM for my real estate business, and found none like Salesmate. Really impressed with its excellent features like email tracking, email scheduling, and workflow automation.

    Andrew James
    Andrew JamesChrome User

    After trying over 30 different CRM software, I found everything I need in Salesmate without paying over the odds. It gives flexibility to customize. Besides, they have outstanding customer support too.

    Brett Thomas
    Brett Thomas Chrome User

    Great CRM with more features than other CRMs that's triple the cost. Very user friendly interface, very friendly and responsive support.

    Alan Quan
    Alan QuanAndroid

    An absolutely outstanding CRM with built-in email and text scheduling / templates, extensive organization & customization capabilities, and robust workflow automation. And all at a great price! Very highly recommended!

    Bruce Driggers
    Bruce DriggersChrome User

    The chrome plugin (Gmail CRM) of Salesmate has been a huge help. It's incredibly simple to use and super intuitive. The support is quick and precise. Would definitely recommend.

    Nate Jones
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