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Want to build a successful sales process for your
business? Then Salesmate’s free sales pipeline template is
the perfect choice for your business.


excel sales pipeline template for your business

Why do you need a sales pipeline template?

Are you losing out on important deals? It could be due to your fragmented sales process. Without proper deal tracking, contact management, and activity tracking, it becomes difficult to manage your sales pipeline.

With a sales pipeline template, you can stay on track with your sales goals and work without any hassle. You can also track the productivity of your sales rep working with different clients. Moreover, you can create also improve your lead generation process using a sales pipeline template (or sales funnel template) and improve the productivity of your sales team.

The sales pipeline template helps sales experts to analyze various sales data and build the best sales pipeline stages.

sales pipeline excel template

Close more business with an excel 
sales pipeline template

Easy tracking

Easy tracking

Don’t let any lead fall through the crack – use an effective sales pipeline template to track all your sales leads. A clear view of your sales pipeline can help in tracking every deal and its progress, hence it helps you get a clear idea of your deal stages. Identify new, in-progress, and closed deals to identify new opportunities and build successful sales pipelines.

Get a clear view of your sales pipeline
Sort and organize important deals
Customized view

Customized view

Create a sales pipeline that’s customizable at each sales stage of your deal. Use customized sales pipeline templates to only view important fields. Filter out the fields and sort them in your sales pipeline template and focus on deals that have a higher win probability and grow your revenue.

Forecast your sales

Forecast your sales

Calculate your deal won amount, and forecast your sales based on your previous sales performance using the sales pipeline template. Moreover, you can also get the expected close date of every deal in your sales pipeline so your sales reps can stay on track.

Forecast your sales and grow your business

Download our sales pipeline template and streamline your entire sales process.

Know your deal status at every step
Win probability

Win probability

Based on your past deal closures, analyze your deal status and calculate win probability. If it’s a new lead, the win probability can be low, but if it’s a qualified lead, you can close the deal faster and with a better success rate. Win probability is determined by the stage your lead is at in the sales pipeline and their past interactions.

Quarterly progress

Quarterly progress

Every quarter will consist of varied revenue and deal closures, so based on your past business trends, you can check quarterly progress and measure the performance. You can compare different quarters and check their revenue, the number of deals closed (and lost) to find out whether you’re getting closer to your sales goal or not.

Measure and compare quarterly progress
Get actionable and helpful reports
Deal insights

Deal insights

Get actionable insights on your deals and find out which reps have closed the most deals so you can measure their productivity and train them accordingly. You can also create reports on which stage the deals are, and whether they’re close to converting or not.

Salesmate excel templates to make your business faster

Build a customizable and effective sales
pipeline with Salesmate CRM

Streamlined sales process

Create and build a customizable sales pipeline and keep a track of every sales lead. Salesmate’s easy to use drag-and-drop pipeline provides a clear view of your sales pipeline so can identify potential clients and nurture them.

Streamlined sales process

Eliminate manual tasks

Focus more time on selling by automating your manual tasks such as calling up prospects, sending follow-up emails, and tracking every client interaction.

Eliminate manual tasks

Stay connected with your customers

Reach your prospects and customers at the right time with power dialer, email automation, meeting scheduler, and text messaging feature of Salesmate.

Stay connected with your customers

Improved team collaboration

Collaborate efficiently with your sales team and stay on the same page using a shared team inbox. Share data, mention your teammates, and assign tasks right from one place.

Improved team collaboration

Actionable sales reports

Generate insightful reports for your sales performance, team productivity, revenue, goal tracking, etc, and build a better sales process.

Actionable sales reports

Streamlined sales process
Eliminate manual tasks
Stay connected with your customers
Improved team collaboration
Actionable sales reports

Do you want to move away from tedious excel sheets and manual data entry? Would you like to automate your sales process and focus on growing your revenue? You should try our CRM software. Salesmate lets you organize the sales process, engage customers, and automate the busy work.

Create a centralized sales process with Salesmate

Power Dialer
Power Dialer

Dial automatically to your contacts and improve 3x productivity

Team Inbox
Team Inbox

Connect with your teammates and boost team collaboration

Voicemail Drop
Voicemail Drop

Auto-drop all your pre-recorded messages on voicemail

Sales Automation
Sales Automation

Automate your sales processes and nurture your leads

Contact Management
Contact Management

Create a centralized database for
your contact information

Activities and automation
Sales Sequences

Send automated email and text sequences to your customers

Meeting Scheduler
Meeting Scheduler

Organize your calendar and book meetings instantly

Sales activity tracking
Sales activity tracking

Track your sales reps’ activities and assist them reach their sales goals

Sales Reporting
Sales Reporting

Make informed decisions with insightful sales reports in your CRM

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I have tried many CRM for my real estate business, and found none like Salesmate. Really impressed with its excellent features like email tracking, email scheduling, and workflow automation.

Andrew James
Andrew JamesChrome User

After trying over 30 different CRM software, I found everything I need in Salesmate without paying over the odds. It gives flexibility to customize. Besides, they have outstanding customer support too.

Brett Thomas
Brett Thomas Chrome User

Great CRM with more features than other CRMs that's triple the cost. Very user friendly interface, very friendly and responsive support.

Alan Quan
Alan QuanAndroid

An absolutely outstanding CRM with built-in email and text scheduling / templates, extensive organization & customization capabilities, and robust workflow automation. And all at a great price! Very highly recommended!

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The chrome plugin (Gmail CRM) of Salesmate has been a huge help. It's incredibly simple to use and super intuitive. The support is quick and precise. Would definitely recommend.

Nate Jones
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

What is a sales pipeline template?

 A sales pipeline template is a structured tool for visualizing and managing the sequential stages of a sales process, from initial contact with prospective customers to the final sales closure.

It outlines the steps sales teams follow to move prospects through the sales pipeline, helping to organize, track, and prioritize sales opportunities.


Why using a sales pipeline template is important?

Using a simple sales pipeline template is important for several compelling reasons, as it brings structure, clarity, and efficiency to the sales process.

Here are the key benefits of utilizing Salesmate’s free sales pipeline template:

1. Standardization of sales process:

A sales pipeline template provides a standardized framework for managing sales activities. It ensures that all sales team members follow the same process, leading to consistency in how deals are pursued and managed.

2. Improved organization and visibility:

The template organizes sales opportunities into clear stages, offering visibility to entire sales process. This organized flow helps sales teams understand what actions are needed at each pipeline stage to move deals forward.

3. Enhanced tracking and management:

With a sales pipeline review template, tracking the progress of deals becomes more straightforward. Sales teams can easily monitor which stage each deal is in, assess the health of the pipeline, and identify any stalled deals that need attention.

4. Data-driven decision making:

Businesses can use a template to manage the sales pipeline and collect valuable data on sales performance, such as conversion rates and average deal size. This data enables informed decision-making and strategic planning.

5. Efficient resource allocation:

Understanding the status and potential of deals in the pipeline allows for more efficient allocation of resources. Sales teams can focus their efforts on the most promising opportunities, ensuring that time and resources are invested wisely.

6. Accurate sales forecasting:

A well-maintained sales pipeline management template aids in accurate sales forecasting by providing a clear view of upcoming deals and their potential value. This forecasting is crucial for setting realistic sales targets and planning for future growth.

7. Identification of bottlenecks:

The template can help identify bottlenecks in the sales process where deals frequently get delayed or lost. Identifying these issues allows for targeted improvements to the sales strategy, enhancing overall sales effectiveness.

8. Increased sales productivity:

A sales pipeline template provides a clear roadmap for managing sales opportunities, reducing administrative overhead, and allowing sales teams to spend more time on high-value activities such as engaging with prospects and closing deals.

9. Facilitates collaboration:

A shared sales pipeline template promotes collaboration among team members. It ensures everyone is on the same page regarding deal status and what needs to be done to drive sales success.

10. Customization and flexibility:

Sales pipeline templates can be customized to fit a business’s unique processes and needs. This flexibility ensures that the template remains relevant and effective as the business evolves.

In summary, a sales pipeline template is critical for any sales organization. It brings discipline and efficiency to the sales process, supports strategic decision-making, and ultimately contributes to achieving better sales results.

Can I customize the sales pipeline template to fit my business needs?

You can customize the free sales pipeline template to fit your business needs. Free sales pipeline templates, whether in Excel, Google Sheet, or another format, are downloadable and designed to be flexible. Here’s how you can tailor them:

1. Modify stages:

Adjust the stages to match your sales cycle, adding or removing steps as necessary to reflect each deal stage.

2. Add custom fields:

To track sales and follow up efficiently, include fields for deal size, expected closing date, lead source, and other relevant information.

3. Adjust metrics:

Customize which metrics to track, focusing on those that align with your sales objectives, such as key sales metrics and performance metrics.

6. Enhance reporting:

Develop custom reports and dashboards that provide meaningful insights into your sales performance using a sales pipeline report template or a sales pipeline review template for detailed analysis.

Customizing your template ensures that it effectively supports your specific sales process and remains a valuable tool for managing sales activities.

How do I add or remove stages in the sales pipeline template?

This depends on your template’s format (e.g., Excel, Google Sheets). Generally, you can add or remove stages by inserting or deleting rows/columns in your sales pipeline Excel or Google Sheets templates, adjusting the corresponding labels and formulas.

Can I use a sales pipeline template if I don't have a CRM system?

Yes, you can use a sales pipeline template without a CRM system. It’s a practical way to manage and track your sales process using tools like Excel or Google Sheets, especially for small businesses or those just starting out.

Later, as you grow or scale your business, you can get CRM software and manage your entire sales process using it.

How can I improve the accuracy of my sales forecasting using a sales pipeline template?

To improve the accuracy of your sales forecasting using a sales pipeline template, ensure it is regularly updated, accurately reflects deal stages, and incorporates historical data and conversion rates for more precise forecasting.

Are there free sales pipeline templates available?

Yes, there are many free sales pipeline templates available online. You can find them in multiple formats, such as Excel, Google Sheets, and other platforms. Choose the one that suits your business needs.

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