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One of the most popular video conferencing platforms meets the most reliable CRM. You already love both the platforms, and you’re going to love it even better when they work together!

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Communicate with your leads and customers within Salesmate, that unifies all your communication channels on the same platform. Emails, calls, texts, chats and now Zoom meetings- choose anything, anytime, and sell like a pro.

Salesmate has brought everything you need right under a single umbrella- a CRM, the new meeting scheduler, and zoom virtual meetings.

When scheduling or editing activity in Salesmate, you can choose Zoom Meetings as your video conferencing option. This will auto-create a unique Zoom Meeting link and send it to invitees. Stop copy-pasting details manually and save your time.

Choose Zoom as your event location to automatically create video conference details and save them to your Salesmate meeting scheduler events. Now your invitees will get instant access to meeting details once they book meetings with you.

Quickly join the scheduled meetings from the contact and deals detail page. Have a detailed view of each meeting, its agenda; and plan your day productively.

Get the 360-degree context of the meeting and learn every detail about the contacts- ongoing email communication, notes, previous conversations, sales activities and more. Get prepared before you join the meeting and step-up your game.

You don’t need any developer assistance to set up your zoom meetings inside Salesmate CRM. Just log into your Salesmate account and start virtual selling like a pro!

Get started with the all-new native integration between Zoom and Salesmate for the best virtual selling experience.

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