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Running your ecommerce store on Shopify is just one step needed to be successful. You will have a variety of premium customers, vendors, and contacts that you will need to keep a close relationship. This is where Salesmate can help you bridge the gap with all important contacts that help you run your Shopify shop. Help your Shopify store become more efficient by using a tool that helps you stay organized.

Here is why people love using Salesmate & Shopify

  • Custom orders need organized communication
  • Keep strong relationships with your top clients
  • Organize your vendors by tagging them in our system
  • Manage your wholesale clients

If you are running a successful store on Shopify, now is the time to start using a CRM to automate, organize, and streamline your business. This happens when you use Salesmate as an affordable CRM for your store. We have seen stores increase their sales by keeping communication with their top clients and we are excited for you to try us out!

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