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Pabbly Connect is the best integration platform to connect multiple applications together for task automation. It allows you to automate the manual & routine task through fully automated workflows. This is the only service in its domain that has no limitations on automation workflows. The biggest advantages of Pabbly Connect is, you won’t need any coding or programming knowledge to use this software and even the basic plan of this software avails you all the premium features. Yes! You read it correctly, there is no restriction on using any feature in any plan.

You can automate tasks for many Salesmate triggers and actions using Pabbly Connect. You can set triggers on every new contact, company, activity, or deal. Also, you can perform many create/update actions for contacts, companies, activities and deals.

  • Add new Sendinblue subscribers to Salesmate CRM
  • Send emails when a new Salesmate activity is created
  • Create MailChimp contact from Salesmate new contact
  • Create Deals in Salesmate using Google Forms

These are just a few automation examples, you can create automation of your own at any time using Pabbly Connect.

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