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Salesmate CRM is now natively integrated with one of the favorite video conferencing tools – Google Meet. It’s easier than ever to manage your virtual meetings with this integration.

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With Google Meet integration, Salesmate now empowers all kinds of communication channels. Salesmate users are already using Emails, Calls, Texts, and Chats seamlessly. Now they’ll be able to execute virtual meetings as well!

Quickly join scheduled calls with a single click and sell face-to-face, without any extra installations.

Directly choose Google Meet as your video conferencing option while scheduling or editing Activities. No more manual entries!

Choose Google Meet as your default video conferencing option for Meeting Scheduler. Your invitees will get instant access to conference details with the booking for the meeting.

Quickly check out all the meeting details from the Contact and Details pages with the agenda. Swiftly join meetings with a click and lead conversations.

Learn everything you need to know about the prospect or customer before the call. You’ll easily find meeting agendas, participants, ongoing conversations, notes, and sales activities before executing the call.

Salesmate and Google Meet integration lets you execute calls without any external installations or developer dependencies. You’re just a few clicks away from virtual selling!

After completion of meetings, your cloud recordings are directly accessible from the Salesmate.

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