If you are a consulting firm or consultant looking for a CRM, you are in the right place. Focus on relationships and win more businesses with Salesmate CRM software for consulting services and independent consultants.

CRM for consulting companies

Simple and Lightweight CRM for your business

Why should you use Salesmate as your CRM
for your consulting business?

Having in-depth knowledge about your clients and the industries they serve helps you build your prospects profile
so you can sell them into your services.

Why should you use Salesmate as your CRM for your consulting business?

Feature- rich CRM for best deal management

  • Manage your inbound leads from your website as they will automatically go into your sales pipeline
  • Keep all your communication in one spot making it easy to follow-up with your leads in the future
  • Get timely notifications about your meetings and follow-up tasks to help you close new business
  • Get a complete view of your sales pipeline for you and your entire org
  • Easily segment and tag customers to create filtered views of your contacts
  • Setup a virtual phone system with Salesmate and handle all your sales communication with one platform
  • Create email and text message templates so you can reach out to your contacts at scale and see how they are performing over time.
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automate your business with salesmate

Your consulting business gets a boost with Salesmate.
Here’s how!

With Salesmate, you can grow your consulting business like never before. Every consulting business depends highly on the kind of
relationship that it creates with its clients, and with the right CRM, you can boost your productivity as well as clientele. Here’s how
Salesmate proves to be the best CRM for your consulting business.



Ever send an email and wonder if your prospect opened it or clicked on the link? With Salesmate our system will create alerts based on your contacts interaction. Salesmate can even create a follow-up task based on this interaction. So imagine you sent a proposal and the client opened it, but never responded. Our system will add task for a follow-up which can sync to your calendar and track everything. Now that is powerful! Learn more about email tracking

Smart timely follow-ups and tracking
Automation for increased productivity


Focus on your consulting services and not on data entry. You can remove repetitive and mundane activities by creating workflows in our system. Automate your data entry so you can increase your productive hours and focus on consulting.
Learn more about sales automation

mobile crm

mobile crm

If you are traveling for your consulting gig Salesmate will be right there with you! With our mobile apps, you can always stay connected to your clients wherever you go. Get project updates, send follow-up emails, view interaction history, schedule meetings, and get notified about activities on the go. Salesmate can be your CRM for your consulting business.
Learn more about mobile CRM

On-the-go mobile access


Use it with your favorite apps

Salesmate integrates with 700+ business apps including Google Apps, Microsoft, and Zapier


Why use Salesmate CRM for consultants?

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Integrate with various third-party applications like Google Apps, Slack, Invoice Ninja, and Webmerge to ease your consulting process.

Frequent upgrades
Frequent upgrades

Stay ahead of your competitors by using an upgraded system for your consulting business as Salesmate keeps updating its features as per the demand of the industry.

Round the clock support
Round the clock support

Connect with Salesmate’s support team at any hour of the day to solve your queries and issues.

  • No credit card required