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Wufoo Integration in Salesmate CRM

Wufoo Integration in Salesmate CRM

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’’Sales target’ is a peak that every sales team aims to reach. Every sales personnel work with a mission to achieve their high sales targets. Salesmate CRM was developed to help sales personnel in fulfilling their mission. It is an advanced technology that automates sales activities and aids sales teams in closing the deals.

To augment your productivity and give you a better experience, Salesmate CRM has integrated with Wufoo which is an easy-to-use online form builder. Through this integration, all the data you collect from Wufoo forms will automatically appear on your Salesmate CRM. It spares you from all the extra efforts and saves your valuable time. Using webhook, you can automatically push form submission from Wufoo as new contacts in Salesmate. Now you don’t need to hunt through your emails for new contacts, you can effortlessly access them from your Salesmate CRM.

Turn your contacts of Wufoo into leads in Salesmate CRM

It isn’t even difficult to sync the two applications. Just follow the below steps to integrate Wufoo with your Salesmate CRM:

  1. Navigate to your Salesmate settings by clicking on your profile icon
  2. Go to Setup > Apps & Add-ons
  3. Find the Wufoo Integration app
  4. Click Install

Integrate the two applications on Wufoo’s side:

  1. Navigate to Form Manager > Edit > Add notifications
  2. Select Another Application > WebHook
  3. Click Add Integration
  4. In the As a WebHook box, enter your WebHook URL and Handshake Key as given on the Wufoo Integration Page.
  5. Tick the Include Field and Form Structures with Entry Data checkbox
  6. Click Save and you’re done!

Tips to ensure your form fields are correctly stored in Salesmate

Salesmate will listen for Wufoo submissions and automatically create a contact by matching the following Wufoo fields:

  • The name field in Wufoo form will be stored as contact’s name in Salesmate.
  • If you want to store company’s name, add a “Text” field called “Company”, “Organisation” or “Organization”.
  • If Wufoo form field name matches with your Salesmate default field or custom field labels, then they will be mapped automatically.
  • All other fields will be stored as contact notes inside the Salesmate.

Once synced, you can access the data to build and approach new prospects. We hope this integration will add convenience to your complex sales process and take you closer to your sales target.

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