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Things to Remember While Setting SMART Sales Goals at Work

Things to Remember While Setting SMART Sales Goals at Work

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Why Set SMART Sales Goals?

The first thing that any leader does is compare the performance of his team over the past few years and try setting the goals for his sales team for the future work. If being a sales leader you have not made any such goals, then we would like to advise that you start craving those sales goals, like right now!

What most of the sales leader fail to realize is the fact that they should think more about their team’s personal goals and use them for improving the engagement and performance of the sales team.



Setting SMART sales goals is of utmost importance as it helps you in bifurcating the verticals that are required for making a successful pitch to selling the precise quantity of product and services in the designated time while achieving the team and organizational goal.

Here we are mentioning a few tips for setting SMART sales goals at work for your sales team:

  • The psychology behind setting the goal

    Understanding the psyche behind is critical, leaders scrutinize every psychological factor that plays a part in actions and outcomes before setting the sales goals. Setting team goals works effectively as it motivates the team for giving it’s best!

  • Sales goals are like any other ’’goals’’!

    Sales is another form of relationship management. If you know how to deal with relations (personal and professional), you will be able to apply the same knowledge while making your team’s sales goals.

  • Regular Feedbacks

    Setting up SMART goals is not very easy. Lots of thought and efforts are put while setting these goals but we all understand and know that no matter how much we try, things sometimes do not turn out to be perfect. While setting up goals, make sure that you have a with constructive criticism when the team achieves these goals.

  • The ’’Control’’ Factor

    Actionable Goals? No, you need ’’action-oriented’’ goals!
    As a leader, encourage your team to follow a sales regime that is ’’action-oriented’’. Leaders know the fact that if even after putting 100% efforts, you cannot control what people buy, but you can control their buying behavior by setting the ’’action-oriented’’ goals. This instills the notion that you and your team are directly responsible for achieving the goals that have been set.

  • Provide Autonomy

    What is the worth of creating goals if you do not track the progress correctly? Sometimes because of delay or procrastination in tracking the progress of the set sales goals, the team or the sales people are clueless about the progress and are only made aware regarding their ’’underperformance’’ in sales meetings, which demoralizes them.

    Most leaders must give the responsibility of tracking goals to the individuals and should partly track the progress via goal tracking software. Doing this will help the team feel more involved with their daily tasks and will motivate them to work harder for achieving the goals.

  • The Back-Up Plan!

    Failure is an inevitable consequence that is applied to every aspect of your professional life. Setbacks are negative in nature but as a leader always take them in your stride, learn from the shortcomings and use such knowledge in planning ahead so that you and your team can bounce back in time if they hit and hurdle.

Final Words

We hope that this article will be of great help to you and will let you design and develop a guideline for your smart sales team goals. Setting smart sales goals for the team is not that tough and they are worthy of the time spent on them. etoro Developing a smart sales team goal means you are binding your team together and turning them into an invincible unit. Salesmate helps you develop a working plan that you can use for your smart sales team and achieve your goals in a subtle yet swift manner.

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