In our endeavor to give you better user experience, we’ve added new functionality and enhanced a few of our web and mobile app features.

Here are some of the developments that will help you save more time and boost collaborative productivity. 

Mentions in teams 

Are you working with multiple people in the team and do you mention them together? No need to mention every person individually. You can use the team mentions now and snag their attention to an important note or activity and keep everyone informed. 

You can even collaborate with your team using Salesmate’s mobile app and mention your team members there.

Please note: The most awaited teams feature now live, and available only for boost plan subscribers. To know more about it, check our support article.

Mobile app 

Check out these latest updates we have made in our mobile apps:

Media manager

To help you power up your mobile email conversation, we’ve added a media manager to Salesmate iOS and Android app. So, now you can spice up your emails with compelling images.  Effortlessly insert the link of the images or select the images from the web media manager to make your emails more engaging. 

Enroll contacts to the sequences from mobile itself

Need to add a contact to a sequence? Now you can directly enroll it from the contact details page without any hassle. You can even enroll deals in your sequences. It makes your work easier and helps you in saving time. 

To avoid confusion, all the contact updates are systematically streamlined on a neat timeline in both the iOS and Android app. 

There is more…

Whether you are working from the office or remotely, we want you to have a seamless experience on the Salesmate mobile app.

  • Aren’t clients answering your calls? Well, now you can drop voicemails through Salesmate’s iOS and Android apps too. 
  • Want to see the unread messages? You can easily see your unread emails and text messages with just a click. 
  • Need specific information? Sort your data using the date and time filter to find whatever you need in minutes. 

If you still don’t have the Salesmate mobile app, then go ahead and download it today from the Play Store or App Store to try out our latest updates.

Happy Selling!

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