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Things to Do Before Your Sales Meeting Begins

Things to Do Before Your Sales Meeting Begins

4 Min read

Are you prepared to convert your prospects into leads?

A sales meeting with a prospect is a flame of hope that you would always wish to fuel, wouldn’t you? But sometimes our silly errors quench this flame and we end up losing a lead. We can’t predict the pitfall but we can surely be careful. We should be prepared for the worst. As a sales rep, we need to have a clear goal and agenda before stepping into the meeting premises to focus on it once we enter and commence the communication with our prospects.

Below are few things you can do before your next sales meeting to stay away from unwanted situations:

In depth product knowledge

You need to be an expert with the product that you are presenting to the prospect. It will leave a bad impression if you fumble at any product related question. Being a sales rep, you need to sound very confident with your product. So, study your product thoroughly before the meeting to avoid a blank moment.

Plan the discussion

Pre-plan the points you are going to discuss at the meeting. Sometimes, we begin with great gusto but tend to lose track if our prospects interrupt and question us. You need to be well prepared to immediately resume back to what you were saying. Jot down the questions you are going to ask or the points you need to discuss with your prospect to carry on the meeting in a smooth flow even after an interruption from the prospect’s end.

A gentle reminder

As you are in a strive to proliferate your business revenue similarly your prospects are also busy working to fulfill the same motive. In this endeavor, they might forget about your meeting, so to be on a safer side, you need to send a reminder mail to ensure they aren’t occupied at the scheduled meeting time.

Preload the business essentials

Your mind is already occupied with the things you need to discuss at the meeting, so be organized to eliminate unwanted stress. Load every material required in the meeting be it a pen drive, hard drive or a brochure beforehand to ignore issues that can distract you from successfully conveying your brand message.

Acquaint yourself with the attendees

Social media is a great platform to know the unknown. Through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles, try to gather information about the attendees of the meeting and get familiar with their faces. The first impression is the last impression, so you shouldn’t seem clueless and wonder who your prospect is when you are meeting them for the first time. Get acquainted with their face and address them confidently to show you have done your research well. Begin by speaking about your client’s interests and then gradually shift to how can your product support their business to excel in their realm.

Have a backup plan

Always be ready with a plan B, because complex situations are like an unwelcomed guest. You might be fully prepared for your sales meeting but there might be chances for minute blunders that are out of your control. For such scenarios, set up a backup plan to avoid any kind of circumstances that would be a reason for losing the deal. For instance, there might be a power cut so keep your laptop charged or your laptop might not function at that moment so keep a tablet with you, be ready for a virtual meeting if there is a water log due to heavy rains or keep a write up ready if you tend to forget something while speaking. Always be ready for the worst and never panic in such circumstances, instead stay calm and act smart.

We hope that this article has been a great help to you, though there are many different points under the title of sales meeting, we have highlighted a few of the crucial ones here.

Salesmate believes in preparing for the best while foreseeing the worst, the best sales representatives are the ones who can tread through the toughest situations and yet win a business deal, prospect or lead from a sales meeting. Happy Sales!

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