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10 things sales managers must know to improve sales performance

[Infographic] 10 statistics sales managers must know

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It is rightly said, “With great power comes great responsibility”.  Being on the driver’s seat as a sales manager, you are expected to lead your team in a lucrative direction.

The top management expects a lot from you. It would surely be exasperating to stand in front of them without an answer when your team fails to meet the sales targets.

There are many reasons why a sales team fails. Most of the sales managers don’t ponder over those reasons, which is why they aren’t able to achieve successful sales results.  

As the head of the team, it is pivotal to know what’s going on in your sales team. Where are the sales reps facing trouble? What is obstructing their path to the goals?

Keep a tab on their sales activities and see where are they headed.

Amass as much information as you can about your sales team to improve their performance.

In this infographic, we will be sharing the crucial statistics that every sales manager must have access to regarding sales performance. These statistics will act as their inspiration to enhance their overall sales performance. Because a healthy revenue will keep their businesses’ growth on track.

10 statistics Sales Managers Must Know

Takeaways: How sales managers can take smart steps to improve sales performance?

  • Set sales quotas and provide your sales team with the right tools that will help them achieve their sales goals in time.
  • Make sure your entire sales team gets training at regular intervals.
  • Implement various methodologies to reach out to the decision-makers in the buyers’ organization.
  • Align your sales and marketing department.
  • Include your competition into the sales strategy.
  • Have a proper sales playbook.
  • Keep your sales pipeline clean.
  • Stress over qualification.
  • Provide regular feedback 
  • Give them tips to handle challenging sales situations 

We are positive that as a sales manager these statistics will intrigue and push you towards enhancing your overall sales performance. Make note of the crucial takeaways mentioned above and you will be able to develop a sound sales strategy for your sales team’s convenience.

For achieving the best results, analyze your sales team’s performance by creating various sales reports. These reports will help you in collecting vital sales insights for finding the performance gaps. You’ll be able to provide better feedback to your sales reps.

There are various reporting tools that can help you in creating insightful reports. You can either choose to invest in a sperate reporting software or go for a high-end CRM like Salemsate that offers reporting and many other features for managing the sales cycle and increasing win rates. You can easily create customized reports and keep track of important sales metrics with this feature-rich system.

Salesmate has been working towards the growth and scalability of the small and mid-sized businesses for a long time. We have a great number of clients who have benefitted from the various features we provide at reasonable pricing.

Start your free trial today and experience an easy to use CRM software that allows you to streamline your sales pipeline and sales process without much manual effort.

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