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CRM for recruiters & HR

How recruitment CRM software can simplify your hiring process

Every recruiter wants to hire top talent for their company. However, recruitment is a lengthy process as you’re handling multiple candidates at the same time.  

Moreover, recruiting also requires a standardized process so every candidate you approach gets an equal chance of proving themselves. 

There are various platforms and tools that can help recruiters in managing the entire recruitment process. One such tool is recruiting CRM software

Yes, a CRM platform (aka. Candidate Relationship Management), which can automate and improve the entire recruiting process

What is a CRM in recruiting? 


Recruitment CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) is software that allows recruiters and hiring agencies to maintain relationships with past and present candidates and nurture them.  

Recruiting CRM software simplifies your entire recruiting process so you can focus on hiring the best talent for your company. 

Why do recruiters need a CRM?

As recruitment consists of various stages, we first need to discover at which step you’ll need recruitment CRM software and for what purpose.  

1. Receiving contact details of the candidate 

The first step of the recruitment process is reaching out to the interested candidates and collecting their contact details and resume.

This is where most companies end up losing important data because they don’t have a tool for organizing all the contact details. 

When you’re getting multiple applications for one job position, and you have multiple job openings, then manually handling the data won’t prove to be effective

2. Connecting with selected candidates

Once you have screened all the applications, you need to reach out to the shortlisted candidates via their preferred channel of communication.

While this seems like a simple task, there are many obstacles you may face. 

For example, some candidates may not have required documents, some may be unavailable, etc. This will lead to follow-up calls and emails, making the process extremely tiring. 

Connect seamlessly with candidates!

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3. Conducting a series of interviews 

On average, there are 3-5 rounds of interviews for a qualified position.

Moreover, you need to keep a record of all the information your team obtained from each interview round. 

For a few applicants it is manageable, but can be hactic when you’re dealing with multiple openings at the same time. It is impossible to keep track of all the applicants and which stage they’re in the interview process.

You can end up losing important information on your candidates if you don’t have any candidate relationship management software in your company. 

4. Internal communication 

From managers, team leaders, to HR, many teams and employees are a part of the recruitment process in every company or agency. Here, if you don’t have transparent communication with each other, it can cause misunderstandings and errors. 

How recruitment CRM helps streamline hiring process?

Benefits of recruitment CRM

Recruitment CRM is really crucial for businesses, especially the ones that have to hire new employees frequently. Here’s how CRM helps in managing your hiring process. 

1. Helps attract the best talent 

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to get top talented candidates for their company. And with a CRM, you can do that and much more! 

The most vital aspect for recruiters is the hiring process and being able to reach candidates through different channels.

By implementing CRM with automation, you are not only managing your data, but also automating your search. This results in an increased scope of getting the best candidates for the job role. 

This may even enable you to extend your search to other countries or regions, helping you to expand globally by enlisting top talent remotely from overseas.

2. Stay connected with candidates 

While your candidate is trying to make a strong impression, you also need to stay in touch with your candidates at every step of the hiring process. This shows professionalism and builds credibility. 

Recruiting CRM also enables you to cut down the time on the review process, hence making the entire recruitment process smoother and faster. 

3. Build strong relationships 

As you can’t hire each candidate that applied, you can surely build a strong relationship with them. This effort will help you when there’s a job opening for that specific role. 

You won’t need to find other candidates; you can easily filter through the existing list you have and get in touch with the candidates looking for a job change. CRM can be used to maintain the data of all the applicants and re-engage with them at the right time. 

4. Measure your progress 

The only way you’ll know whether your efforts are fruitful or not is by measuring them. You need to find out if your current strategy is working or not. On this basis, you can improve your recruitment process.  

A CRM provides all the required information and transparency for measuring the effectiveness of your current recruitment strategy. Here’s how you can check if your hiring process is effective or not:

  • How much time is being spent on hiring one candidate? 
  • How much time is the application review process taking? 
  • Is your team properly following the recruitment process? 
  • Which channel is bringing top talents? 
  • How often do you need to follow up with your candidates? 

Based on these factors, you can determine how efficient your recruitment process is. 

Measure, improve, repeat.

Create interactive reports with Salesmate.

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Why Salesmate is an ideal CRM for recruiters?

Candidate relationship management can be extensive, but not when you’re using Salesmate CRM! With Salesmate, you can enhance your recruiting process and work more efficiently. 

Here’s how Salesmate contributes in managing and automating the entire recruitment process.  

1. Data analysis 

Managing and analyzing data is highly crucial in recruiting, and with recruitment CRM, you can perform data analysis without any hassle!

You can track your hiring rates, time required to fill vacant positions in different departments, candidate experience, etc. You can utilize these metrics to create an improved recruitment process for your company. 

2. Structured data 

Recruiters have a lot of applications coming in on a daily basis, and without a unified channel for storing the data, you may miss out on good candidates. 

A recruitment CRM provides structured data by segmenting and classifying it.

For instance, you could be receiving applications through online recruitment platforms, social media channels, and emails. So, you need to segment them based on the job roles and the channels they came through. 

3. Provides a clear idea 

As a recruiter, you need a clear idea of every step of your recruitment process. Recruitment CRM software provides only the important information and data to help you move forward. 

A candidate relationship management software helps you get a clear vision of where your candidate stands. What are the factors affecting the selection of a specific candidate and how you can make that process easier for them.

4. Collecting new resumes automatically

Chat journey in recruitment

When you have a website and a career page, then a live chat tool with automation enables you to collect candidate information directly from your landing page.

As live chat agents can’t be available all the time, you can create automated chat journeys to your career page and initiate the conversation, get candidate information and ask them to share their resumes or contact information.

Then, you can contact them for further process. This feature doesn’t require any human interaction and gets your work done. 

Moreover, you can also moderate statistics on every step. So, you’ll always know which career stream is in most demand.

5. Connecting with the candidates automatically

Connecting with the candidates - Salesmate Sequences

It can become difficult to stay in touch with all the applicants, especially when you need to update them at each stage of the process.

Here, you can automate your texts and emails to send hiring updates and progress to your candidates.  

Automated sequences not only save you time but also help in keeping communication going so the candidates are aware of every progress. This practice creates a strong brand identity as you are keeping the applicants in a loop and providing a streamlined recruitment process. 

6. Scheduling interviews 

Scheduling interviews with Candidates

Nowadays, the majority of interviews are held online in lieu of the ongoing pandemic. In fact, this is the same scenario even when the candidate resides in a different city or state. 

Hence, Salesmate makes it easy for scheduling interviews using a meeting scheduler. This tool helps you schedule meetings, send reminders, and organize your calendar. Therefore, whenever you have to conduct multiple interview rounds, you won’t have to manually send reminders. 

7. Effective internal communication

Tagging your teammates using Shared Team Inbox

A large-size company usually has a huge HR team that is focused on monitoring the employees as well as recruitment of the new ones. Hence, you need to coordinate with other team members during the hiring process. 

With recruitment CRM software, you can send and receive documents, tag internal employees, and share updates in a unified channel. So, every team member is notified and you can collaborate using a shared inbox


CRM for recruiters has the potential of revolutionizing the entire hiring process using automation and management tool. From contact management to scheduling meetings, you can do it all with a CRM. 

Dhara Thakkar

Dhara Thakkar is a seasoned marketer at Salesmate. She thrives on trying new organic strategies to improve traffic & conversions, and has in-depth knowledge on how search works. When she's not working, you will find her travelling or binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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