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6 Questions realtors ask when choosing a CRM (Best practices for 2023)

Real estate industry is centered around clients; you are interacting with new people every day. And every piece of information is crucial when you want to scale your business. Earlier, most industries had to get more human resources to function at an optimal level. Now though, Customer Relationship Software has taken the front seat and helps every business automate their process. 

With cut-throat competition in real estate industry, it’s impossible to grow without an intuitive CRM. In fact, more and more realtors are adapting CRM for their real estate business. As per the study conducted by BuyerZone, 91% of companies with employees more than 11 have started using CRM. So, every company needs a CRM, even the start-ups. Take a glance at the below numbers just to understand the rapid increase of adoption of cloud CRM among companies. 

crm cloud adoption rate

Real Estate CRM will help you with property inquiries, communicating with clients, automating your sales process, and much more! 

Today, we’re going to discuss all the common questions that every realtor has when investing in a CRM for real estate. 

Questions every realtor asks while choosing a CRM 

Are you ready to take your business to another level by purchasing a CRM? That’s great, but hold up! We know you must be having a plethora of questions regarding CRM for brokers and how it helps you. 

Well, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of six questions that realtors ask while choosing a CRM. So, you can get insight into how a real estate CRM helps you bring more business and keep every customer satisfied. 

1.  How can I get more genuine real estate leads with this CRM? 

One major challenge that every listing agent face is bringing more leads. If you’re new in the business, you must be wondering how other real estate agents find clients? With the advent of technology, the key is to have a website that attracts the audience and eventually converts them into customers. 

You can collect leads from your website and nurture every client. Resources such as web forms are highly beneficial in capturing leads directly. In fact, this practice also proves helpful in building a connection with your visitors.  

And suppose you have been using other applications or platforms such as Wufoo or Formstack to collect data. In that case, certain CRM software also provides an option to integrate your preferred applications with the CRM so you don’t have to swivel between multiple platforms. 

Now, let’s take a look at best practices of how you can nurture every lead. 

Best Practices: 

  • Lead segmentation – When you segment your database, you can create a personalized experience for each demographic audience. Divide your audience into different groups according to their preferences and make lucrative offers that are bound to get more customers. 
  • Send emails and text at the right time – Don’t miss out on any opportunity; automate your tasks and set up a timeframe for when you want to shoot an email to your clients. Maintain a personal touch with every visitor and build lasting relationships. 
  • Set your lead qualification score – The more your lead engages with your company, the more they’re likely to become a paying customer. Lead qualification score bifurcates your prospects and gives you a clear result of interested prospects that you can approach. Therefore, score your leads and prioritize them accordingly. 

Deliver better values to your customers with these practices for nurturing leads. You can only grow when you’ve got a strong CRM to back you up. Therefore, learn, adapt, and score more leads! 

2. Can this CRM help me to be more proactive?

Real estate is an industry that changes with the change in consumer preference; therefore, there’s vast competition among realtors. Either you engage with your clients, or you lose them to another agent. Now you wouldn’t want that, would you? 

Then, you must actively engage with your prospects through various online communication modes such as emails, social media, calls or texts. Moreover, you can also attract more clients with Livechat on your website. Hence, get a CRM that helps you track conversations, record calls, and emails so that you can get more context and delight each customer so they don’t have to repeat their queries. 

It’s found that 85% people find it annoying to repeat information when working with other businesses. In fact, 75% even stopped dealing with a company and connected with a competitor due to an unorganized process. This reflects the scenario of every customer and how their interaction with your company affects the brand value. Therefore, you must continuously stay in touch with each one of your prospects. 

Best practices: 

  • Be active on multiple channels – These days, you can capture leads from any social media platform. So, from social media platforms, emails and calls/texts to live chat tools, you need to implement it all for a better customer experience. 

              Customers now prefer human interaction, and when they’re coming to you for assistance, they expect quick replies. Social media and live chat software on websites are an excellent more of connecting customers to companies.  

  • Analyze and determine your key channel – Does your target audience mainly like to visit websites? Then make your live chat tool powerful and provide excellent services. If you believe that your prospects are more active on various social media platforms, then divert your customer care team towards that channel. Figure out where you can find your target audience and put more efforts into that. 
  • Automate every conversation with a human touch – We agree that Chatbots are helpful, but only to kick-off the initial conversation. Chatbots can be of great help and tackle commonly asked questions, however, you also need to provide human interaction in order to solve complex issues. It would help if you had a powerful team to back your customer care that connects with every visitor on your website. 

3. I am always running out of time. How can I achieve more in less time?  

 Are you always short of time? Or missing out on important tasks or appointments due to fragmented process? 

You must be wondering how do real estate agents manage their time when there’s so much work to do. Well, fret not! All you need is a CRM that offers seamless automation that helps you put your daily tasks on auto-pilot so you can stay more productive. You must be dealing with multiple clients on daily basis, visiting properties and closing deals.  

 All this requires a streamlined method for managing deals, tasks, and keeping tracking of the properties, if you want to delight every client. An insightful CRM helps a realtor get a clear view of their activity for the day to not miss out on any opportunity. With features such as power dialer and smart queue, you can simply add in your day’s tasks, and the activities will run on their own. 

So, now there’s no need to write to-do lists manually. Just enter your tasks for the next day; appointments, meetings, follow-ups, cold calls, and the CRM will run the tasks as per the schedule so you utilize every minute of your day. 

Best practices: 

  • Task automation A real estate agent has a lot on their plate; listings, meeting clients, open house, etc. Therefore, with an intuitive CRM with advanced features, you can automate your task for the entire day. This not only saves you time, but it also helps you achieve your targets and stay productive. So, now go beyond setting reminders. Let your CRM automate the tasks so you only have to focus on closing more deals. 
  • Prioritize the deals – To avoid mismanagement, prioritize the activities you want to perform first. If the deal is near closure, engage with that contact first and finalize the process. Power dialer is one of the most essential features of any CRM. With this feature, you can just set up the series of calls you want to make and keep the gap between each to streamline your calling process. 
  • Have all activities under control – Take charge of your activities, skip or reschedule meetings as per your convenience. Doing such can prove beneficial in managing the activities; if you skip a meeting, you can go through the other tasks and work on the next in the list so you don’t waste your time just because a meeting got canceled. 

4. How do I manage and track opportunities and leads with a CRM? 

Companies often face challenges when they’re trying to capture more leads. With a mismanaged sales process, you might miss out on important leads and lose them to a competitor. This results from unorganized, manual paperwork and miscommunication that takes place due to a lack of CRM. 

Therefore, with advanced customer relationship management software, you can get insight into where your prospect is on the sales pipeline and track your performance. This way, you can focus on hot and high-value leads and push them towards closure. In fact, you can assign leads to other team members that require more effort. Sales pipeline management is crucial for every business at it provides detailed information about every deal and how you can put effort into closing it. 

Best practices: 

  • Follow-up closely – To crush your sales quota, you need to follow-up without any hesitation. It’s said that 44% sales reps give up after 1st follow-up. In order to win deals, you must reach out to your prospects via calls, emails, or texts. Prospects will only show interest in your company if they realize that you are actively helping them resolve their problems. You can also use these excellent cold calling tips for B2B sales call success. 
  • Review sales pipeline – Get visual data of your sales pipeline to see where you need improvement and analyze which stage needs more effort. Suppose, you have a deal that hasn’t moved for the last three months. This information alerts you to take the necessary action and you can use resources to push the deal forward. 

With a CRM, you can take a glance at the deals that you’ve won, the amount gained from the deal, and which deals have been stuck for days. Analyze the trends, connect with the customers and crush your sales quota! 

  • Provide relevant content – When you provide helpful information at the top of the funnel, it increases the chances of getting the prospects engaged and eventually converting them into customers. People crave information; information that is beneficial for their company. So, when you provide a resource that will make their work easier, they’ll be more inclined towards purchasing your product/service. 

5. How can I simplify my real estate business with automation? 

Get rid of the manual dependency at work; automate the sales process, and streamline your work. Whether it’s meeting up with a client, putting a house on rent/sale, update the status of property, or sending offers to prospects, you need an automation software for your business. Don’t let your sales pipeline become stagnant with disorganized data. Keep moving and growing with sales automation that does-it-all for you. 

How sales automation helps realtors

Automate your process, inspect houses faster so you can move onto the next task. Moreover, you can automate inspection agreements, set reminders for follow-up with clients, and notify the right people involved. The automation process in any CRM is vital to analyze the performance and create detailed reports to accelerate sales. 

Best practices: 

  • Automating sales follow-ups – Use automation to set follow-up emails and personalize them to connect with each prospect. Personalized messages and follow-ups shorten the sales cycles and help you close deals faster. 
  • Set reminders and notifications – Get instant notifications whenever any deal moves through the pipeline and push it towards closure. Set reminders for any meeting or a task, so you don’t miss out in between work. 
  • Assign leads to the respective team member – Automatically assign leads or set triggers that go off whenever the deal needs to be assigned to the next agent. This action saves time and improves the productivity of everyone on the team. 

6. How I can enhance collaboration and encourage teamwork  

The central aspect of any business is its team. Without a unified way of working and motivated team members, it isn’t easy to achieve your goals. A collaborative team is more likely to achieve higher sales than the one that doesn’t have a proper communication channel. 

A seamless marketing channel includes effective communication between listing agents, support teams, and buyer’s agents. Real estate is a complex industry; every tiny detail plays a vital role in closing the deal; therefore, every channel must have a clear idea about its role.  

Team inbox lets you collaborate with team members from a different department right within the CRM. So, you no longer have to use other devices to connect with team members; collaborate effectively with each team member with Team Inbox and solve any customer query within minutes. 

Best practices –  

  • Divide responsibilities – Ensure that you assign and divide responsibilities among team members and departments for higher productivity. With every team member on board and ready to tackle the tasks, your work will be done in no time! 
  • Regular training – A monthly training can do wonders for agents. Sharing new tactics and knowledge with other realtors in the team can help boost the performance, and they can close more deals. It’s proven that the team that shares knowledge and new improvements with others is more likely to grow.  
  • Team collaboration – A highly essential factor, team collaboration can be achieved with a shared team inbox and help you perform better. 

Well, we hope these best practices were enlightening for you and your team. In a competitive industry such as Real Estate, it’s mandatory to adopt a CRM for the business. 

Let’s find out how Salesmate CRM can prove beneficial for your real estate business. 

Salesmate CRM for your real estate business 

Salesmate CRM is cloud-based software, developed especially for growing businesses. Choosing an intuitive CRM for Real Estate that automates your sales process, provides lead management, sales pipeline, and activity tracking, among other exclusive features is really very important. And Salesmate’s CRM exactly helps realtors with all these tasks. 

With Salesmate CRM, organize and capture your leads, reach out to your prospects and personalize every conversation with automation, calling feature, and contact management. Now, don’t let even a single deal fall through the cracks; seize every opportunity and build clients with Salesmate CRM. 

Let’s find out the features of Salesmate CRM 

Salesmate CRM features to help you close more deals and increase productivity

Capture and manage leads seamlessly

Now, managing leads is easier than ever! Manage your leads from your website and different listing platforms and bring them right inside Salesmate CRM. Assign leads to the respective team members and start reaching out in no time. 

Nurture your leads with personalized follow-ups 

Personalize every follow-up and build lasting relationships with your customers. Engage with them and nurture your leads so they will be automatically inclined to become your customers. Use email sequences, automated workflows, and email templates to engage better. 

Virtual phone numbers to connect with customers 

Gone are the days where you needed to use multiple devices, cell phones, and tablets to call or text customers. With Salesmate’s virtual phone number, you can purchase local numbers of different countries so you can appear local and close deals faster. Moreover, you can also use a power dialer to increase your calling productivity as it automatically dials contacts from selected activities. 

Visibility of sales pipeline

Track every deal and activities, and get a clear view of your tasks and activities of the open house, listings, property showings, and follow-ups with pipeline management. 

Automated workflow for improved performance 

Now, focus on important deals while Salesmate CRM automates your sales process for you! From assigning leads, scheduling meetings to sending emails, an intuitive CRM like Salesmate does all the manual tasks. 

Do more with Mobile CRM 

You don’t need to be confined to your cubicle to stay productive. Salesmate Mobile CRM makes remote working more effortless than ever! Use Salesmate Mobile app and get access to all your deals and activities with just a few clicks. So, you can keep working even during field visits and traveling for work. 

Realtors are constantly visiting properties and meeting with clients, so often times schedules change and the clients doesn’t show up for meetings. In that case, real estate agents can use navigation feature of Salesmate Mobile CRM that uses geolocation and tracks other clients that are available in nearby area. 

So, get Salesmate CRM for your Real Estate business now and grow abundantly! 

Final thoughts

Real estate industry is ever-evolving, so you must invest in the right CRM and grow your business. Conquer every challenge as a team with Salesmate CRM; automate your workflow, connect with your customers, and boost productivity.

Dhara Thakkar

Dhara Thakkar is a seasoned marketer at Salesmate. She thrives on trying new organic strategies to improve traffic & conversions, and has in-depth knowledge on how search works. When she's not working, you will find her travelling or binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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