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Lead tracking software

9 Best lead tracking software to boost sales in 2024!

Key Takeaways
  • Lead tracking and management software is a tool to monitor and manage potential customers as they progress through the sales pipeline.
  • A lead management system guides marketing and sales teams to focus on only the best prospects.
  • Lead tracking CRM (customer relationship management) platforms provide insights on lead quality, interests, responsiveness, and sales lead conversion.
  • Lead tracking tool boosts marketing with features like lead capture, segmentation, personalization, automation, and analytics.

Did you know? 80% of the leads do not convert into sales! This means that even with a robust lead generation strategy, your business may still find it challenging to thrive and survive.   

There can be two main reasons for poor lead conversion – Either the leads generated are not the right fit for your business, or you lack the proper nurturing to turn them into sales! 

To avoid this chaos, you need a beacon – a way to identify promising leads and nurture them into customers swiftly. This is where lead tracking software comes into the game. 

An ideal lead tracking and management system will work as a compass, guiding you to the most profitable opportunities. 

We’ve handpicked the top 9 lead tracking software solutions that are robust in driving business growth. 

These are recommended by experts and C-level executives in the HARO pitches we received in our survey. Also, these lead tracking systems are highly rated on trusted review sites (G2 and Capterra). 

This list presents the top choices of industry leaders to help you find the best lead tracking system for your unique business needs. 

So, let’s start with the basics of lead tracking.

What is lead tracking software? 

Lead tracking software is a tool designed to monitor and manage potential customers (leads) as they progress through the sales pipeline.

It captures and organizes data related to lead interactions, allowing businesses to track engagement, analyze behavior, and assess the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts.

A powerful lead tracking system encompasses a range of features, including lead generation, lead management, lead qualification, and beyond.

The image below illustrates the key features of the robust lead tracking software:

Key features of lead tracking system

Our research has shown that today, businesses are opting for a CRM with a lead tracking system to manage all their operations – from lead generation to closing the deal effectively. 

This helps them track potential customers and ultimately convert them into paying clients, making it an essential tool for any business. 

In fact, Amanda Sexton, founder of Focus Works Marketing, said they used to struggle with unorganized lead data. But, investing in a CRM with a lead tracking feature became a game changer for them.

The visual sales pipeline helped prioritize sales efforts, and behavioral insights enabled hyper-personalized pitches, enhancing conversions. 

In all, lead tracking software empowers businesses to optimize their marketing and sales strategies with valuable insights into lead quality, interests, and responsiveness. 

Want to experience success with lead tracking?

Want to experience success with lead tracking?

Salesmate is your powerful lead tracking and management CRM to streamline your marketing and sales in a centralized system.

Start your free trial

9 Best lead tracking software to win more conversions faster

Based on expert opinions and user reviews from trusted platforms such as G2 and Capterra, these software options stand out as the most effective lead management tools available.  

Get a closer look at the details of each lead tracking software in our comparison table below:

Best lead tracking software Pricing starts at Free trial G2 rating 
Salesmate $23/month Yes 4.6/5  
Salesforce CRM $25/month Yes 4.3/5  
Dynamics 365 sales $65/month No 3.8/5  
HubSpot CRM $20/month Yes 4.4/5  
Keap $159/month Yes 4.2/5 
Pipedrive $9.90 Yes 4.2/5  
Zendesk Sell $19/month Yes 4.2/5  
Monday CRM $30/month Yes 4.6/5  
Pipeliner CRM $65/month Yes  4.6/5  

Note: Pricing is subject to change. 

1. Salesmate 


Salesmate is a one-stop CRM and the easiest lead tracking system to enhance your sales opportunity and boost productivity.

With its powerful CRM and automation capabilities, it is serving the marketing, sales, and customer service teams of various businesses.  

If you want to streamline your sales and marketing teams in terms of better lead management, improved sales conversion, and decision-making, Salesmate fulfills all business needs! 

Here are the top features of Salesmate that make it a robust lead tracking CRM software for you:

  • Lead generation and capturing with built-in tools: You will get powerful lead generation tools such as Web Forms, Live Chat/Chatbot system, and Meeting Scheduler to capture leads directly from your website. 
  • Lead management: Once a lead enters your Salesmate CRM platform, you can easily manage and organize your leads, ensuring easy access to crucial details for further targeting. 
  • Lead qualification: Salesmate comes with smart, automated lead scoring to prioritize hot leads for your sales team. 
  • Lead assignment and distribution: Now, your marketing-qualified leads (having a high lead score) are assigned automatically to available reps for sales conversations. 
  • Lead nurturing: The platform is a one-stop solution with omnichannel communication features (Calls, Smart Emails, and SMS) 
  • Sales pipeline management: Create custom pipelines and have a bird’s-eye view of your sales process. Track each lead stage within your sales process with the sales pipeline management system. 
  • Email tracking and automation: You can monitor all your past email interactions, receive notifications upon email opening and link clicks, and automate follow-ups using sequences for improved communication efficiency. 
  • Task and activity tracking: This feature enables users to schedule tasks, set reminders, and assist with sales activity tracking. It ensures that important follow-ups and engagements with leads and clients are not overlooked. 
  • Reporting and analytics: You can get detailed reports on sales performance, lead conversion rates, and team activities, enabling strategic decision-making. 

Additional key features of Salesmate 

  • Marketing and sales automation to save time and boost your team’s potential to drive more business. 
  • Campaign software to build personalized and targeted campaigns automatically. 
  • Workflow automation to save time, streamline processes, and improve productivity. 
  • Sales forecasting software to boost revenue and optimize sales performance. 
  • Mobile CRM to run your business functions when your laptop isn’t around.  

Let’s see what people are saying about Salesmate: 

“Best CRM I ever worked.” 

Best bundle of segments like email tracking system and call tracking system.  

After the lead got captured, if I need to fetch specific fields of leads so I can make a custom filter, it’s very useful. 

Source: G2 review 

Salesmate limitations: 

It has a steep learning curve for people using CRM for the first time.  

Pricing: Billed annually

  • Basic: $23/user/month 
  • Pro: $39/user/month 
  • Business: $63/user/month 
  • Enterprise: Custom
Take your business to new heights of success!

Take your business to new heights of success!

Start your free trial

2. Keap 


Keap is a powerful CRM that offers simple lead tracking software. You can capture leads coming from various resources using tools like Forms and landing pages.

The CRM offers smart contact management to keep track and manage all your leads, client activity, data, and communications in a centralized, accessible place.

With Keap, you can easily enrich your leads with additional information and implement lead scoring to ensure that you only focus on high-quality leads, which are most likely to convert quickly.

It helps to boost your sales potential with automation and sales pipeline features. You can keep track of all your leads throughout the customer journey and avoid missing sales opportunities while boosting productivity.

Additional key features of Keap 

  • Dedicated mobile number to facilitate text and calling right from your CRM 
  • Powerful email marketing with capabilities like broadcasts and automation 
  • Text marketing with the power of automation 
  • Mobile app functionality 

Let’s see what people are saying about Keap:

“Guaranteed Effectiveness for CRM and Sales Automation” 

One of the many qualities I like most about this product is lead capture and tracking. 

Source: G2 review 

Keap CRM limitations: 

The primary lead tracking and management features, lead source tracking and lead scoring, come with the Max plan. Also, the automatic lead assigning feature (Sales round robin) comes with the Max Classic plan.  

Pricing: Billed annually 

  • Pro: $159/2 users/month 
  • Max: $229/3 users/month 
  • Max Classic: Ask sales 

3. Salesforce CRM 

Salesforce CRM

Sales Cloud by Salesforce is a comprehensive cloud-based CRM solution designed for businesses with high ambitions and big budgets.  

It is one of the leading CRM platforms that offer advanced lead tracking, automation, and reporting capabilities.  

With Sales Cloud, tracking leads becomes a breeze, as it simplifies the process of capturing and organizing potential customers into different categories.  

With real-time analytics, lead scoring, and routing, Sales Cloud will help you improve lead performance, boost your revenue, and give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed. 

Additional key features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Third-party apps and integrations through AppExchange  
  • Community Cloud for collaboration with customers and partners 
  • Service Cloud for customer support and case management 
  • Marketing Cloud enables personalized marketing and campaign management 
  • Einstein AI provides data-driven insights and automation 

Let’s see what people are saying about Salesforce Sales Cloud: 

“Salesforce makes it easier.” 

It gives you a 360 view of information that you may need to follow through sales and lead management. The only offside I can think of is the complexity of implementing and training part of using the tool. 

Source: G2 review 

Salesforce CRM limitations: 

It is too pricey for small businesses if you want access to lead tracking features. Essential features like lead scoring, workflow automation, advanced pipeline management & tracking come with the Enterprise plan. Moreover, lead scoring is only offered with the Unlimited plan


  •  Starter – $25/user/month  
  • Professional – $80/user/month  
  • Enterprise – $165/user/month  
  • Unlimited – $330/user/month  
Your feature rich CRM at $23/month only!

Your feature rich CRM at $23/month only!

Explore the power of lead tracking, automation, and sales growth with the Salesmate CRM solution.

Start your free trial

4. Dynamics 365 Sales 

Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is a comprehensive CRM solution offered by Microsoft. 

It offers a lead and opportunity management system to keep track of your leads from the moment they enter your CRM. 

It lets you create targeted mapping to grab opportunities and build customer interactions.   

The platform enables seamless integration with other Microsoft products like Office 365, allowing for enhanced collaboration and communication.   

Additionally, it offers AI-driven insights to help sales professionals make data-driven decisions, ultimately resulting in improved customer relationships and increased sales efficiency.   

Additional key features of Dynamics 365 Sales

  •  Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for lead generation 
  • Sales playbooks and guided selling to streamline the sales process 
  • Mobile app for on-the-go access and productivity 

Let’s see what people are saying about Dynamic 365 Sales: 

“It completely changes the way you keep track of your leads and sales.” 

Its broad customization is definitely helpful in caravan every customer’s needs. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to know which functionalities to use. 

Source: G2 review 

Dynamics 365 Sales limitations: 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can be costly, with licensing, implementation, and maintenance expenses. Some users may face performance issues and integration challenges with other apps, especially with large datasets


  • Professional – $65/user/month 
  • Enterprise – $95/user/month 
  • Premium – $135/user/month 
  • Microsoft relationship sales – $165/user/month 

5. HubSpot CRM 

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot Sales Hub is a versatile CRM and online lead tracking software that streamlines customer interactions and relationships.

It’s like a digital command center for organizing contacts, keeping track of interactions, and automating sales and marketing tasks. 

You’ll find all the essentials here, like contact management, email integration, and lead tracking.

It gives you insights into customer behavior, supercharging your lead conversions and boosting the overall customer journey.

HubSpot CRM made it easy for businesses to create a seamless customer experience with its marketing and sales tools. 

Additional features of HubSpot CRM 

  •  Contact and user management  
  • List segmentation and email automation 
  • Omnichannel marketing automation 
  • Campaign tracking and reporting 
  • Integration with various third-party applications 

Let’s see what people are saying about HubSpot CRM: 

“Great CRM” 

One of the features I use most is tasks. I am big on follow up, so the tasks are a great way to stay on top of follow up, especially when having thousands of contacts.  

Source: G2 review  

HubSpot CRM limitations: 

If you want all the key lead tracking features, HubSpot CRM becomes pricey as you can get access at a professional plan. Features like lead scoring, automation, and custom reporting are offered with businesses and enterprise plans. 


  •  CRM suite starter – $18/month 
  • Professional – $1600/month 
  • Enterprise – $5000/month 

6. Pipedrive  


Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM platform that helps businesses track and manage leads, deals, and contacts.  

With Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on, you can generate more leads to grow opportunities. 

It is quite popular for its customizable pipeline management system that ensures transparency and accountability.  

By automating lead assignment and customizing pipelines, Pipedrive helps prevent bottlenecks, improve lead scoring, increase response times, and accelerate the sales cycle.  

Additional key features of Pipedrive 

  •  Sales reporting and analytics for data-driven decision-making 
  • Email tracking and automation for efficient communication 
  • Integrations with popular third-party apps and services 
  • Mobile apps for on-the-go sales management 

Let’s see what people are saying about Pipedrive: 

Pipedrive- One of the best CRM” 

You can easily create and be able to track where certain deals or leads are and can view all the activities and touchpoints that have been made to that lead, deal, or contact.   

Source: G2 review 

Pipedrive limitations: 

Limited in terms of reporting capability, and this feature is offered from the Professional plan. The built-in calling feature is going to be unavailable after December 31, 2023. So, you need to rely on third-party integration for calling! 


  • Essential – 9.90/user/month 
  • Advanced – 19.90/user/month 
  • Professional – 39.90/user/month 
  • Power – 49.90/user/month 
  • Enterprise – $59.90/user/month  

 7. Zendesk Sell 

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a user-friendly CRM platform that simplifies the process of tracking potential customers.  

Customizable sales pipelines, smart lists, and workflow automation will let you stay on top of every lead and deal-related activity.  

Zendesk Sell comes with powerful sales reporting and analytics features.  It allows you to predict deal volume, forecast revenue growth, and improve sales strategy. 

Additional features of Zendesk Sell

  •  A centralized platform to manage and access information 
  • Productivity with power dialer, sequences, and workflow automation 
  • Mobile app to stay connected with prospects anywhere, anytime 
  • Integration and API 

Let’s see what people are saying about Zendesk Sell: 

“A solid tool for sales management” 

We also love the tool that allows us to organize and track our lead lists, which helps us close deals more efficiently. 

Source: G2 review 

Zendesk Sell limitations: 

Lead scoring and automation are crucial, but these features are available at a higher plan (Sell Professional), making it hard for growth teams with limited budgets to prioritize leads. Limited in terms of marketing automation, you need to rely on integrations. 


  • Sell Team – $19/agent/month 
  • Sell Growth – $55/agent/month 
  • Sell Professional – $115/agent/month 
The best lead management software for just $23/month!

The best lead management software for just $23/month!

Salesmate is a CRM smart lead management software that boosts sales conversion with powerful features.

Start your free trial

8. Monday CRM  

Monday CRM

Monday Sales CRM platform simplifies lead tracking, deal management, and customer relationship building.  

You can capture leads using Forms and Facebook. The platform lets you track leads, automatically score them, and view communication history to improve your sales process.  

With Monday Sales CRM, you can take charge of your lead management process by automating various steps and centralizing your data. This will allow you to achieve better analytics and make informed decisions.

Additional features of Monday CRM

  • AI-assisted email composition 
  • Activity tracking and management 
  • Sales forecasting  
  • Custom dashboards  

Let’s see what people are saying about Monday CRM: 

“Sales CRM was an easy implementation for us and quickly adopted by our sales team.” 

It is easy to set up and use. Our sellers can easily manage their leads and opportunities. 

Source: G2 review 

Monday CRM limitations: 

The tool’s full potential unfolds at higher plans. Lead and deal management starts at the Standard level, lead scoring becomes available at the Enterprise plan, and email tracking and integration are unlocked with the Pro plan.  


  • Basic CRM – $30/month 
  • Standard CRM – $42/month 
  • Pro CRM – $81/month 
  • Enterprise CRM – Contact sales 

9. Pipeliner CRM 

Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM is a reliable platform to keep track of your leads, opportunities, accounts, and contacts, giving you a comprehensive view of where each lead stands in your pipeline.  

You can customize your sales process to match your unique business requirements, making it your own. Additionally, automation allows you to save time and focus on relationships and closing deals.

The platform offers advanced sales analytics and reporting tools to help you make informed decisions. 

Additional key features of Pipeliner CRM 

  •  Email automation 
  • Integrations with popular business apps and platforms 
  • AI-driven sales insights and forecasting 
  • Mobile app for quick and on-the-go access 

Let’s see what people are saying about Pipeliner CRM: 

“Basic but Solid CRM” 

Pipeliner had a nice visual appeal and served us well for basic CRM tasks. As referenced by the name, the strongest feature was tracking sales leads using pipelines in a Kan Ban view. 

Source: G2 review 

Pipeliner CRM limitations: 

For small businesses, the cost can be daunting. It has a steep learning curve for newbie CRM users. Some people reported that the ease of integration is poor. 


  • Start plan – $25/user/month 
  • Develop – $33/user/month 
  • Grow – $49/user/month 

How did we pick and test the above lead tracking software? 

Every software discussed above offers a lead tracking and management system. Actually, they are more than just a system for lead tracking; rather, a complete solution to manage and grow your business. 

As you noticed, we only picked CRM software that supports lead tracking and management. 

Now, the difference between CRM and lead tracking software lies in their primary function and scope. See the table below: 

Feature CRM software Lead tracking software 
Primary function Focuses on: Tracking and managing leads Facilitating sales communication Streamlining your entire sales cycle from lead generation to deal closing  Focuses on tracking and managing leads. 
Scope Broad (Covers the entire customer lifecycle.) Narrow (Primarily deals with lead generation and management.) 

The above table reveals that lead tracking software is a core feature of CRM software. 

Ben Stewart, owner of Rusty Rooster Fabrication & Design, highlights the importance of their CRM system in their business.

It captures leads from various platforms and assigns them to the relevant team members, resulting in a faster response time to customers.

Moreover, it helps them track customer interactions to gather feedback, enabling efficient allocation of resources. 

So, to save your money on investing in multiple software for various tasks, we’ve picked CRM that offers everything to grow your revenue and relationships. 

Mind it that these lead tracking platforms aren’t picked randomly, but we ran our survey on HARO. 

We asked sales and marketing professionals, business owners, and leading experts to come up with their suggestions on two primary questions: 

  • Which CRM platform are you currently utilizing to track leads? 
  • Which alternatives did you explore before settling on your present CRM lead tracking system? 

Next, we explored the trusted review sites for software technologies, such as G2 and Capterra, to gain deeper insights into users’ experiences with the tool. 

Upon exploring the real time user reviews, we finalized the best 9 CRM lead tracking software from the list of 20. 

Adding more to this, to help you get the true picture of the tool’s potential, we took a free trial of each platform. 

How do marketing teams leverage lead tracking software?

Lead tracking software helps marketing teams capture and segment leads, automate campaigns, and track engagement.  

You can also call it marketing lead tracking software, as it streamlines lead generation, lead scoring, and nurturing, leading to increased sales and revenue.  

Here are the best ways marketing teams can utilize lead tracking software: 

  • Lead capture and organization: Marketing teams can use lead tracking software to capture and organize leads from various sources, ensuring no potential opportunities are overlooked. 
  • Segmentation and personalization: You can segment leads based on criteria like behavior and demographics, improving personalized and targeted marketing campaigns. 
  • Campaign optimization: It lets your marketing team analyze lead behavior and campaign performance to optimize strategies and improve conversion rates. 
  • Automation and efficiency: Lead tracking software enables automated marketing workflows, such as lead capturing, lead scoring, lead distribution, saving time, and improving lead nurturing. 
  • Data-driven insights: Lead tracking software provides data-driven insights to help you find the most promising channels for quality lead generation. This allows marketing teams to allocate resources effectively and refine their strategies based on real-time performance metrics. 

How do sales teams leverage lead tracking software?

A sales lead tracking system serves as a compass to provide direction for the next steps in your sales process. 

For instance, communication and opportunity tracking can help identify the lead’s stage in your sales cycle.   

Here are the top roles of a sales lead tracking software: 

  • Lead prioritization for sales communication: Sales teams can prioritize outreach with lead tracking software, identifying engaged leads that are more likely to convert.
  • Communication tracking: Your sales team can access the complete communication history with your leads. This information empowers sales representatives to have more informed and tailored conversations, addressing specific pain points and needs.  
  • Timely follow up: It assists your sales reps in taking automated follow ups with sales sequences. 
  • Performance assessment: Lead tracking software provides a clear overview of sales team performance and the effectiveness of their strategies. This allows sales managers to evaluate individual and team progress, identify areas for improvement, and refine sales tactics for optimal results. 
Power up your business potential - Try Salesmate!

Power up your business potential - Try Salesmate!

Manage, qualify, and convert leads seamlessly with our lead management CRM.

Explore Lead Management Software

How to choose the best lead tracking system for your business – Quick tips! 

Choosing the best lead tracking software is pivotal for streamlining your lead management process and ensuring sales and marketing success.  

It is crucial to carefully evaluate how well the software integrates with your existing systems, contributing successfully to you as a true lead management solution. 

To make the right choice, consider the following factors: 

1. Identify your needs: Begin by understanding what you require from lead tracking software. Are you focusing on lead generation, scoring, or nurturing? 

2. Compatibility and integration: Ensure the software can seamlessly integrate with your several existing business apps, like lead generation software, CRM, or marketing automation platform. 

3. User-friendly interface: Opt for software that is easy to use. Your team should be able to adapt quickly without dealing with a steep learning curve. 

4. Customization options: Look for software that can be tailored to match your unique business processes and requirements. 

5. Lead qualification and nurturing: If lead nurturing plays an essential role in your sales process, select a software that supports these efforts effectively. 

6. Reporting capabilities: Ensure the software offers robust reporting and analytics so that you can gain insights into the performance of your leads and strategies. 

7. Mobile accessibility: Access on the go is essential. A mobile app or mobile-friendly web interface can help your team manage leads while away from the office. 

8. Budget considerations: Stay within your budget. Compare pricing and features to find a solution that offers value for your investment. 

9. User feedback and references: Conduct thorough research by reading user reviews and seeking references from businesses similar to yours. 

10. Data security assurance: Verify that the software places a high priority on data security to protect your lead information. 

11. Try before you commit: Many providers offer free trials or demos. Take advantage of these opportunities to assess how well the software aligns with your requirements. 


In today’s competitive business landscape, effective lead tracking is the cornerstone of successful lead management systems.  

From capturing the initial interactions to nurturing relationships and converting leads into loyal customers, the right CRM software can make all the difference. 

For businesses of all sizes, a robust CRM with a lead tracking system is essential to streamline operations and personalize engagement. 

The best lead tracking CRM platforms offer features such as lead scoring, automation, and analytics for informed decision-making and optimized sales strategies. 

By embracing the power of lead tracking software, businesses can pave the way for enhanced productivity, improved conversion rates, and, ultimately, a more prosperous future.  

Frequently asked questions 

What is lead tracking?

Lead tracking is the key to turning potential customers into paying ones. It’s the process of monitoring and managing leads as they move through your sales pipeline. With lead tracking, you can focus your efforts where they matter most – on leads with the highest potential for conversion.

What’s the best way to track your leads? 

The best way to track leads is through a robust CRM system like Salesforce or HubSpot CRM. It centralizes lead data, helps prioritize high-value leads, and streamlines nurturing with automation.

It’s the secret weapon for sales success, ensuring you don’t miss any opportunity. 

How do you create a lead tracking system?

To create an effective lead tracking system, follow these steps: 

  1. The best way to track leads depends on the size and complexity of your business, but here are some common practices: 
  2. Use software like Salesmate, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, or HubSpot CRM as your CRM lead management solutions. 
  3. Implement lead scoring to prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert. 
  4. Create a standardized process for lead data entry and update. 
  5. Use automation to streamline lead nurturing, such as email sequences. 
  6. Regularly analyze lead tracking data to refine your sales strategies. 
What is a lead management tool?

Lead management software is a technological solution that streamlines the process of tracking, engaging, and nurturing leads.

The lead management software helps to organize lead data, assesses lead quality, and automates follow-ups, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

What are the benefits of lead tracking software?

Here are the five benefits you should know about having lead tracking software: 

1. Utilizing lead tracking software results in enhanced lead quality through the identification and prioritization of prospects showing the greatest potential. 

2. Implementing a lead tracking software system paves the way for an enriched lead nurturing experience, fostering personalized interactions and tailored communication strategies. 

3. Harnessing the power of data-driven insights, lead tracking software empowers businesses to make well-informed decisions, optimizing their sales and marketing approaches for optimal outcomes. 

4. Businesses experience heightened productivity and more efficient time allocation as lead tracking software streamlines processes, enabling teams to focus efforts on leads that matter most. 

5. Lead tracking software contributes to higher conversion rates by enabling businesses to understand lead behavior, preferences, and pain points, facilitating more targeted and persuasive interactions.

Sonali Negi

Sonali is a writer born out of her utmost passion for writing. She is working with a passionate team of content creators at Salesmate. She enjoys learning about new ideas in marketing and sales. She is an optimistic girl and endeavors to bring the best out of every situation. In her free time, she loves to introspect and observe people.

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