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How to keep your sales pipeline full

How to keep your sales pipeline full

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A sales pipeline filled with quality deals is synonymous with a healthy pipeline. The more opportunities in your sales pipeline, the better are your chances of achieving the sales quota. 

Sadly, there isn’t any magic that will fill your sales pipeline with quality deals overnight. Stringent efforts day in and day out can help in keeping the sale pipeline full. 

63% of professionals agree to the fact that companies do a bad job in managing their sales pipeline 

The pipeline needs more attention to prevent the sales graph from declining. 

Ways to keeps your pipeline full and flowing 

Sales success is the result of hard work. Investing time and effort in keeping your sales pipeline full can help reap fruitful results. 

Read on to find ways to keep your sales pipeline full and healthy. 

Keep an eye on the ground – Always be prospecting 

Consistency counts!

The best way to keep the sales pipeline full is by making prospecting a daily habit. 

Just like skipping food can affect your body, skipping prospecting can hurt your sales. 

Prospecting is the art of establishing a new relationship that’s nurtured and converted into sales later. 

Setting aside two days every day for prospecting can help in maintaining a healthy sales pipeline. 

Prospecting needs firm determination. Don’t take shortcuts. Yes, prospecting might seem time-consuming, but it can acquaint you with lucrative opportunities. So, develop a prospecting list and plan your prospecting. 

Make the most of social networking sites – Use social media

More than half of the world is on social media; you can even find your potential prospects there. It is one of the major lead sources. 

Social media not only helps in keeping the sales pipeline full but even in nurturing and converting the leads into sales. 

Try to build strong networks on various social media sites. Engage potential buyers by keeping your social feed stocked with interesting and helpful posts. Position yourself as the subject matter expert so that your prospects can trust and connect with you.  Follow potential buyers and try to interact with them. 

Hit the right target – Approach the people who will buy from you

To keep your sales pipeline full, you must target the right people. There is no point casting the net wide and selling to everyone. So, make sure you have a buyer persona to target the right people who will buy from you.

Ensure you have a clear understanding of which pain points your product can solve. Accordingly, target the right buyer and present your product as a solution to resolve their ongoing problem. 

Collaborate for the best  – Work closely with the marketing team 

The marketing team plays an important role in generating leads. So, to keep the sales pipeline full, you need to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Collaborate and discuss your goals.

Be clear about the number of leads required to fulfill the monthly or quarterly targets. Make sure the doors of communication are open. Rather than working in silos, implement one shared vision. Ensure the marketing team has clarity over the target audience you are trying to approach. Keep providing suggestions to the marketing team to fill your sales pipeline with high-quality leads. 

Tap into referrals – Approach happy client for referrals 

Your happy customers are the route to reach new opportunities. So use it wisely. Approach the customer who is satisfied using your product. Do not hesitate to ask for referrals. 

Ask your happy customers what do they like about your product. Check if they are comfortable sharing their positive feedback with others through social media posts or testimonials. Word mouth is very powerful. It builds s trust and credibility. 

92% of respondents reported that a positive recommendation from a friend, family member, or someone they trust is the biggest influence on whether they buy a product or service

Tweak and test – Keep analyzing and optimizing your pipeline 

Keep track of your sales pipeline. Ensure the sales pipeline isn’t clogged with dead deals. Remove the deals that won’t convert into the sale in real-time. 

Optimize your sales pipeline strategy.  Analyze your sales pipeline and check which approach isn’t working and what needs to be changed. 

Don’t miss out on any opportunity – Cross-sell your product 

If you are selling multiple products, do not miss any cross-sell opportunities. Each product has its strengths. The benefits double when used with another product. 

So, convey this to your potential prospects and encourage them to buy more products. Make an appropriate offer that captures the interest of the potential buyer. Help them visualize how their life will get easier by using the two products together. 


A full and flowing sales pipeline is a pleasant sight for any sales professionals. However, a lot of hard work goes into keeping the sales pipeline full. Keep tracking your sales pipeline and explore ways to keep it full and healthy. Analyze your sales pipeline regularly and remove the dead deals to keep the sales pipeline clean. 

Embrace modern technology to make the task of managing the sales pipeline easier. A tool like Salesmate CRM provides a pipeline view to track each deal. You can know how many deals are there in the pipeline and how many more you need to fulfill your targets. You can easily spot the problem areas and act in real-time to maintain a healthy sales pipeline. Besides managing your sales pipeline, you can do a lot more with Salesmate CRM for managing, nurturing, and closing deals quickly. 

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