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Fuel Your Revenue Growth with a Perfect Sales Process

Fuel revenue growth – A perfect sales process [Infographic]

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A perfect sales process can ameliorate effectiveness and improve your profit margins.

A systematic sales process is essential for the success of your sales efforts.

Your efficiency increases when there is a pattern in the way you carry out your work.

The same happens with an organized process in case of sales.

Defining the whole sales process, from the first contact to the final signing of the contract, helps you achieve positive results. 

As a sales team, you need to have a sales process in front of you for completing the sales journey successfully.

Though there are various sales methodologies followed by different companies yet crux is almost the same.

In the below infographic, we have stated the main points that you need for creating your perfect sales process.


Having a standardized sales process is essential to increase effectiveness.

However, managing the sales process is equally important for the revenue growth of the company.

Let’s understand what this infographic wants you to understand about having a perfect sales process.

Successful prospecting

50% of sales time gets wasted in unproductive prospecting

  • Know that time is of the essence in your sales process.
  • If you spend too much time on prospecting, you will lose precious selling time.
  • Time that could be used for closing more deals and increase the revenue of your business.

Connections that are impactful

Just 13% of customers believe that sales professionals completely understand their needs

  • Make the prospect feel like a number in your spreadsheet.
  • Never give the impression that you are “just talking” to them.
  • Your prospects must never feel they are means to an end; “revenue-generating customers”.
  • Delve deeper into what their problems are and match your offerings against the problems.
  • You have to take a consultative approach, not a sales representative one!


Getting appointments takes up around 75% of the sales efforts!

  • As sales professionals, you cannot sell to prospects until you have had a face-to-face conversation.
  • All the outreach efforts are in vain if you are not able to attract the customer at this stage.
  • Making a first impression and leaving the prospect asking for more after the meeting is your motto.
  • Choose a suitable time, prefer lunch or high-tea!
  • Pitch your solution, but in an informative and concerned manner.
  • Make good use of words, use the information you have on the prospect from your CRM to guide the conversation.
  • Choose the words in your sales pitch wisely, keep a balance between casual and formal tone.

The demo

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 faster than words!

My, my, and you thought that the prospects were interested in jargon!

A demo is not just about helping prospects understand what your solution is, it is about showing the prospects what they will gain by purchasing it.

  • When you do the demo with your prospect, present a solution!
  • Nobody wants to sit in a demo to have technicality thrown at them.
  • Take the help of visual presentation for giving a demo of your product/service.
  • Engage their attention with graphs, facts, and figures.

Objections galore

The success rate is 64% if your buyer’s objection is satisfied.

  • Tackling sales objections is art.
  • Stay calm, listen to what your prospecting is objecting about.
  • Come up with a feasible solution.
  • Never counter objections with abrupt replies.
  • Do not take your competitors’ name in a bad manner.
  • Must never portray your offering as a cheaper alternative.

Tread carefully towards closure

The national sales closing rate is 27%

  • This is a crucial point in your sales process.
  • You will make a deal or break a deal.
  • Discuss the whole deal with your prospect at length.
  • Cover every ground and every requirement your prospect demands.
  • Keep your customer and your business’s profit margin balanced for a successful closure.

Concluding thoughts

Gain full control over data inside CRM software and use it for building a perfect sales process with this high-end sales solution.

Embracing a sales management software like Salesmate CRM can help you in boosting your sales numbers.

It renders clear visibility of your sales pipeline and helps you in managing, nurturing and converting deals for quickly achieving success in sales.

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