Stalled deals are as suffocating as fish bone stuck in our throat, if they aren’t removed they can cause significant problems. The longer the deal stays in a pipeline, the moldier it gets with time. Pipeline clogged with stalled deals is the most dreadful scenario to watch, isn’t it? How long will you see it on the same stage? Isn’t it frustrating? Your deal has relaxed at one stage, making you restless. Push the deal, or it will affect your performance.

Below are few steps to keep the ball rolling:

Quit avoiding

’’Patience’ is a word that every sales professional need to keep in mind while selling a product or service. Due to your strict monthly targets, you are in a rush to close a deal. You do whatever it takes to complete your targets. You dial new numbers, try to mail new prospects, but you forget about the old ones. Just because you didn’t hear from them since long, you tend to assume they aren’t interested and you focus on approaching new contacts. There must be some feature of your product or service that attracted them, so they chose to enter the pipeline, but due to some reason, they got stuck at a stage. Don’t ignore it, delve deep and try to find the reason for their halt and approach them again to keep them in motion.

Devote time

Spare some time from your busy schedule and pay attention to the deals that have been resting for long in your pipeline. Your new opportunities shouldn’t be affected because of the stagnant deals, so systematically plan your routine by allotting a specific time slot to approach these deals. Study these deals and try to examine the reason for their lack of interest. Resume the last conversation by contacting them again and try to understand what stopped them from moving ahead.

Remove pressure

We tend to get demotivated when we are stuck at a point without progressing forward. We gradually lose interest and get tensed. The stalled deals are hampering your progress. But building pressure won’t keep the ball rolling; you need to act wisely. Identify the obstacles and work on it patiently. Don’t let your past efforts go in vain. Even if you feel you are going to receive a negative response, don’t give up, try and approach them with an optimistic mindset, you never know when things might work in your favor.

Add humor

In this corporate aura of seriousness, a little humor can change the game. Will you like to eat the same food every day? It is boring, right? Break the chain of monotonous conversations and try to be more creative and humorous while contacting your deals. A little tweak can grab their attention and push them forward in the sales pipeline.

Stay focused

Don’t ever shift your priorities. We tend to jump for better opportunities, ignoring our goals. When you have set a goal, stay focused towards achieving it. You can only keep a deal in motion if you aren’t distracted. You will lose a deal as soon as your attention is diverted. So, always stay ardent towards your deals to successfully move them through the sales pipeline.

We hope these tips will help you keep your deals in motion. Now, you can effortlessly push them from one stage to another through Salesmate, a high-end CRM specially designed to manage your sales pipeline and activities. Salesmate CRM offers a unique opportunity to manage deals in more effective manner.

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Sruti Raizada

Digital Marketing Manager

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