The value proposition of your business is what fuels your sales. But, how do you reach a stage where you get interested leads to make more sales? To crush your sales quota, you must engage with all the prospects that visit your website. And to gather visitor data, web forms come into the picture. 

Whether you want more customer information, understand their preferences, or help them connect with you, web forms play a vital role in any website. 

In fact, 74% of companies are using web forms to generate more leads, with 49.7% saying that online forms are their highest converting tools. 

At Salesmate, we strive to provide advanced tools and resources to our customers and visitors. On this note, we’re thrilled to announce that with Salesmate CRM, you can now easily create smart web forms and start capturing leads directly from your website or emails!

Salesmate Web Forms

Interesting, right? Now, you no longer need to code for creating online forms or use third-party plugins and tools. Salesmate is here with a simplified solution for all your web form needs. 

Benefits of using online web forms

Web form is one of the most effective tools for capturing leads and nurturing them to build a lasting relationship. Earlier, creating forms used to be complex, but now, it’s simpler than ever! So, let’s find out how you can benefit from using smart web forms and get started!

  • Increase conversion rate – By embedding web forms to your landing pages, you can capture leads instantly and convert them into paying customers by approaching them. 
  • Collect accurate information – Since the prospect themself is filling out the details, you don’t have to rely on third-party platforms for data. You can get accurate data right inside your CRM. 
  • Send relevant information – Once you’re familiar with your prospects’ preferences, you can send targeted emails or messages for offers that might benefit them. 
  • Offer immediate assistance – For web forms such as “contact us,” you can immediately notify the sales or customer success teams and take quick action on the inquiry. 

Salesmate web forms to capture high-quality leads

Salesmate web forms enable you to create customizable and attractive online forms for your visitors according to your business brand. You can collect lead information through Salesmate’s web forms by embedding them on the pages that drive more traffic. Or, you can also add the form URL and place it inside your emails.

Collect data within minutes

You can keep your focus intact on selling more while web forms capture all the leads for you. Salesmate’s web forms directly collect and deploy visitors’ data into the CRM for you. You can build a solid database with the information submitted through various web forms and process it to reach more hot leads.

Customize and build eye-catching forms

Salesmate lets you create forms that represent your brand. You can customize fields, mark fields mandatory, or change the color of submit button to make it more clickbaity. You can add more fields if you need to create a detailed form or hide certain fields that aren’t relevant. 

Once the user submits the form, you can add a customized message or redirect them to a specific URL. For example, if you’ve created a web form for event registration, you can redirect your visitors to the event itinerary page so they can gather more information. 

Set notification triggers and start engaging

 Want to know when a user submits the form? We’ve got you covered! Get email notifications whenever a form is submitted so you can start prospecting right away. 

Get notified for every web form inquiry that gets submitted; set up triggers if you want to get a notification or send an automated email in response. 

Get detailed insights and perform better 

Analyze whether you’re able to divert more leads through web forms or not. Get a global insight into the number of forms submitted on a daily basis and analyze your strategies in detail.

Find out how many customers are filling-up forms, which page is providing high-conversion, and optimize the same, so you don’t miss out on any leads.

Automate activities and nurture leads

Salesmate web forms are built for all the sales reps and marketing teams. It connects with your CRM and acts on the triggers of specific actions. For instance, if you have set up a form to download an eBook guide.

Once the visitor clicks on the download tab, you can send them a personalized email with the link to the eBook and other relevant resources. To sum up, you can also nurture leads and bring the top-of-the-funnel traffic into the conversion funnel.

Let your visitors take charge of the conversation

There’s nothing more irritating than getting spam emails from companies that you’ve not subscribed for. So, obtain positive consent from your visitors when they’re filling a form, and then initiate a conversation. Stay compliant with the privacy laws and close more deals.

Moreover, the Salesmate web form lets you add reCAPTCHA at the end of your form to make sure bots are not filling up the forms.

You can also define tags for each web form so that you can filter the leads later within the CRM and segment them based on their preferences. 

Use Salesmate’s latest web form feature to capture more leads. With a robust combination of Salesmate CRM and web forms, you can achieve now manage your leads with better precision and stay organized. 

Check out our support article to know more about how to create your first web form inside Salesmate.

Now a Salesmate user yet? Try it for free for 15 days and boost productivity.

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