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BigCommerce Marketing Automation

BigCommerce Marketing Automation Guide to Boost Sales

Key Takeaways
  • Picking the right marketing automation tool is critical. The wrong one can cause inefficiency, poor ROI, and significant revenue loss.
  • Marketing automation simplifies communication and boosts customer relationships with segmentation, personalization, and automation.
  • A marketing automation platform includes lead scoring, prospect nurturing, analytics, and more to enhance customer engagement. - Salesmate has it all!
  • Invest in BigCommerce marketing automation for better campaigns and business scaling.

BigCommerce marketing automation is not just a buzzword; it’s a pivotal integration for every BigCommerce store aiming for exponential growth. 

As the eCommerce landscape becomes more competitive, businesses need to harness the power of eCommerce marketing automation for BigCommerce to stay ahead. 

This guide will delve deep into the nuances of marketing automation, providing eCommerce store owners with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. 

First, let us learn what are the needs and benefits of BigCommerce marketing automation. 

Why use marketing automation for your BigCommerce store? 

With the surge in eCommerce competition, your BigCommerce store requires advanced marketing strategies. 

By 2026, the eCommerce market will rise to a total over $8.1 trillion. 

With such rising figures, you cannot waste time on each task. Hence, automating your marketing activities is your go-to solution. 

The BigCommerce marketing automation software can offer multiple benefits: 

Save time and boost efficiency 

Automate tasks like lead generation, email marketing for BigCommerce, and reporting. Automation allows businesses to focus on what they do best, leaving repetitive tasks to the platform. 

Enhance personalized customer experience 

BigCommerce email marketing app allows for tailored product recommendations and targeted campaigns. With the right customer data platform, businesses can ensure they’re sending the right message to the right person, increasing engagement and sales. 

BigCommerce marketing agency 

Collaborating with a specialized agency can provide expert insights and strategies tailored for BigCommerce platforms. These agencies have a wealth of experience working with BigCommerce stores, ensuring that marketing efforts are optimized for success. 

BigCommerce biggest clients 

Learning from the marketing strategies of BigCommerce’s biggest clients can offer valuable insights into your store. These clients have achieved success by leveraging the power of marketing automation, and their approach can serve as a blueprint for other businesses. 

BigCommerce marketing automation: Getting started

To harness the full potential of BigCommerce marketing apps and tools, follow these steps: 

5 Steps to BigCommerce marketing automation

1. Set clear goals  

Understand and be clear with your purpose of investing in marketing automation. Your eCommerce business may require automation for different purposes, such as email campaigns or lead management. 

Knowing your marketing and business goals will help you choose the BigCommerce marketing automation platform.  

For instance, if your priority is automating email campaigns and tracking their performance, opt for a tool with strong email automation and reporting features.   

On the other hand, if you want to improve lead collection, storage, and qualification, focus on tools with robust lead management capabilities.  

With various marketing automation software options available, clarifying your objectives is essential to making an informed choice.   

Successful brands always start by setting clear goals before selecting a marketing automation solution. This ensures that the chosen tool aligns perfectly with your business needs and objectives.  

2. Pick the right marketing automation platform from the BigCommerce app marketplace

Explore the BigCommerce App Marketplace to find automation tools and integrations that suit your needs.  

As your contacts list grows, you must manage the increasing communication processes.    

So, investing in an ideal marketing automation tool that meets your business needs is imperative to grow effectively.   

It can help you keep up with all the tedious but crucial processes, such as lead scoring, distribution, prioritization, and segmentation.    

You must look for a marketing automation platform that integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce and offers the features you need to execute your automation strategy effectively.  

Consider key factors like email marketing capabilities, customer journey mapping, and reporting and analytics tools.  

Make sure to go for a BigCommerce marketing automation platform that fits your budget and is user-friendly. It must offer seamless integration with other business tools for adaptability to changing business needs.  

3. Segment your leads   

A robust BigCommerce marketing automation software enables you to segment your leads based on various behavioral data and preferences. 

Segmenting helps you to run targeted campaigns and gain valuable insights into your audience.

You can categorize your leads based on demographics, campaign objectives, purchase history, and more for personalized targeting.

Stats reveal that 80% of audiences prefer doing business with brands that personalize their experience.

Moreover, with tailored campaigns, you can enhance your customer experience, which leads to more conversions.

Integrating your BigCommerce store with Salesmate can help you efficiently manage your data, prioritize leads, and increase sales through personalized drip campaigns.

4. Create automated marketing campaigns

With your goals set, leads segmented, and the right automation platform in place, it’s time to create your automated marketing campaigns.

This process enables you to interact with your customers in a personalized and efficient way. Here’s how you can implement it for your BigCommerce store:

  • Automated email sequences: Send welcome emails or product recommendations automatically to new customers or recent buyers.
  • Segmentation and personalization made easy: Segment your leads based on various criteria and target them with personalized messages.
  • Hyper-personalization: Target with highly customized emails based on customer actions and preferences automatically. 

5. Analyze automated campaigns to optimize   

Are you looking to maximize the success of your automated marketing campaigns? Then, it’s crucial to analyze their performance continuously.   

This includes tracking key metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROI.   

Use the insights gained from this analysis to make data-driven optimizations for your campaigns.  

It’s great to use A/B testing to experiment with different marketing campaign variations and optimize the process.  

For instance, if you find that your email open rates are lower than expected for a specific segment, you can experiment with different subject lines or content to see if it improves engagement.  

In summary, experiment, and optimize – that’s your mantra for ensuring your automated campaigns not only reach your audience but truly connect with them. 

Also, if you’re partnering with a BigCommerce marketing agency, they can provide valuable insights and expertise in this analytical phase, helping to tweak strategies for better performance. 

Elevate your marketing game with Salesmate!

Elevate your marketing game with Salesmate!

Execute automated target marketing campaigns and nurture prospects with timely follow-ups.

Start your free trial

Top BigCommerce marketing automation platforms

We have handpicked a few popular BigCommerce marketing automation software for you: 

Best BigCommerce marketing automation software Pricing  G2 ratings 
Salesmate Starts at $23/month 4.6/5 
Klaviyo Custom pricing 4.6/5 
Remarkety Starts at $25/month 4.4/5 
Justuno Starts at $24/month 4.3/5 
ActiveCampaign Starts at $29/month 4.5/5 

1. Salesmate 


A holistic BigCommerce marketing automation platform that offers CRM, email marketing, and more. Salesmate integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce, allowing businesses to automate workflows and engage with customers effectively. 

It allows you to store and manage data in one place with powerful contact management software.  

You can create custom lead scoring models to prioritize high-quality leads for your sales teams. Further, nurture and close more leads to achieve business goals.   

Furthermore, it lets you craft captivating campaigns in minutes with an easy drag-and-drop email builder. Moreover, you can schedule your emails and text campaigns to stay in touch with your promising leads.     

Salesmate offers omnichannel communication, along with emailing; you can also do BigCommerce SMS marketing.

Key features  

  • Automate your lead generation and capturing with built-in tools like Web Forms, Live Chat, and Meeting Scheduler.  
  • You can create a custom lead scoring system to qualify leads automatically.  
  • Create personalized emails and automate targeting with email marketing automation.   
  • It has Smart Emails and an email builder feature to level up your email game.    
  • Map your BigCommerce order statuses with Salesmate pipelines to grab more sales opportunities.  
  • You can save time on mundane tasks with sales and Workflow Automation.  
  • Build custom sales reports and dashboards to gain valuable insights for optimizing strategies. 
  • Mobile CRM app to engage timely at any time from anywhere. 

2. Klaviyo 


A top-rated platform for BigCommerce email marketing. Klaviyo specializes in email campaigns, ensuring businesses can reach customers with personalized and relevant content. 

Key features 

  • It offers bulk email and SMS features. 
  • You can automate your conversations and close more deals. 
  • It lets you run campaigns effortlessly. 

3. Remarkety 


Best suited for email marketing campaigns. Remarkety focuses on abandoned cart recovery, helping businesses recapture lost sales and boost revenue. 

Key features 

  • It offers an email management feature to segment and personalize campaigns.   
  • It lets you automate your outreach and optimize with run A/B testing.  
  • Reports to evaluate campaign performance.   

4. HubSpot 


A comprehensive CRM solution with robust BigCommerce marketing apps integration. HubSpot offers a range of tools, from email marketing to lead tracking, ensuring that companies have everything they need to succeed.

Key features 

  • It allows omni-channel marketing automation.  
  • Like Salesmate, it offers sequences to automate your conversation. 
  • It offers reports and insights to help you evaluate your strategies.  

5. ActiveCampaign 


Known for its personalized email campaigns and customer journey mapping. ActiveCampaign helps businesses engage with their customers at every stage of the buying process, from lead generation to post-purchase follow-up.

Key features 

  • It lets you automate your email responses.  
  • The platform offers lead management to track and manage leads.  
  • You can evaluate your marketing activities with reports and analytics features.
Don't let customers slip away!

Don't let customers slip away!

Create personalized win-back emails to drive more sales conversion with the power of automation.

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Use cases of marketing automation for BigCommerce stores 

Marketing automation isn’t just about sending emails or SMS campaigns; it’s about creating a cohesive and personalized shopping experience for every customer. 

Here are some practical use cases for BigCommerce stores: 

Personalized product recommendations 

By analyzing customer data and purchase histories, marketing automation platforms can generate personalized product recommendations for each user. This ensures that customers receive suggestions tailored to their preferences, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. 

Benefits: Enhances the shopping experience, boosts sales, and increases average order value. 

Abandoned cart recovery 

If a customer adds products to their cart but still needs to complete the purchase, automated reminders can be sent to encourage them to finalize their order. These reminders can be in emails, SMS messages, or retargeted ads. 

Benefits: Recaptures potential lost sales, increases conversion rates, and maintains customer engagement. 

Loyalty programs and reward campaigns 

Marketing automation can help manage and promote loyalty programs. Automated messages can inform customers about their loyalty points, offer exclusive discounts, or even celebrate customer milestones. 

Benefits: Enhances customer retention, encourages repeat purchases, and fosters brand loyalty. 

Post-purchase follow-up 

After a purchase, automated workflows can send thank-you emails, request product reviews, or offer discounts on future purchases. This post-purchase engagement ensures customers feel valued and appreciated. 

Benefits: Builds strong customer relationships, gathers valuable feedback, and promotes repeat business. 

Segmented marketing campaigns 

Based on customer data, businesses can segment their audience into specific groups. These segments can then receive targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring the content is relevant and engaging for each group. 

Benefits: Increases campaign effectiveness, reduces unsubscribe rates, and ensures a personalized marketing approach. 

Automated inventory alerts 

Automated alerts can inform customers if a popular product is running low in stock or has been restocked. This is especially useful for items in high demand or with a waiting list. 

Benefits: Drives sales, improves customer satisfaction, and manages inventory efficiently. 

Customer lifecycle tracking 

Marketing automation platforms can track customers’ journeys, from store visits to post-purchase interactions. This lifecycle tracking allows businesses to engage with customers at critical touchpoints, enhancing their overall experience. 

Benefits: Provides valuable insights, optimizes marketing efforts, and ensures consistent customer engagement. 

By understanding and implementing these use cases, BigCommerce stores can leverage marketing automation to its fullest potential, ensuring every customer’s seamless and personalized shopping experience. 

BigCommerce marketing tools and strategies  

The success of a BigCommerce store hinges on the right mix of marketing tools and strategies. 

From leveraging the BigCommerce marketing tool for analytics to implementing a robust BigCommerce digital marketing strategy, every aspect counts. 

Furthermore, understanding the needs of BigCommerce’s biggest clients can offer a roadmap for smaller businesses to emulate and adapt successful strategies. 

Interested in automating your BigCommerce marketing?

Interested in automating your BigCommerce marketing?

Discover how Salesmate can help you with it!

Start your free trial

BigCommerce marketing automation journeys with Salesmate!  

Marketing automation offers tons of perks for businesses. With Salesmate’s Automation Journeys, you can enhance your customer engagement and conversions.  

Here are the most commonly used marketing automation journeys that you build with Salesmate:  

1. Automation journeys example for abandoned cart recovery emails   

You can set automated reminder emails for customers who leave abandoned carts or forget to checkout from the cart page. 

This is how the simplest automation journey for that looks in Salesmate:  

Automation journeys example for abandoned cart recovery emails

2. Automation journeys example for promotional emails  

Let’s say a few customers signed up for your newsletter. 

So, you can set up an automated welcome email, thanking them for their interest and include a promotional offer for one of your products. 

This will begin the nurturing process and help push them down the marketing funnel.    

Here’s what the automation journey looks like for that on Salesmate:  

Automation journeys example for promotional emails

Once a new signup is triggered, the system checks if the name and email address of the contact aren’t empty and then sends the pre-installed ‘welcome email.’  

3. Automation journeys example for win-back emails  

Win-back emails are sent to re-engage inactive contacts who have purchased or subscribed to your email list but have stopped opening them.    

The right time to send this email depends on the type of products you’re selling and the sales cycle length.    

Instead of filtering inactive contacts out, consider re-engaging them with the following types of emails.   

  • A reminder email about your business: You can remind your customers about the products/services you offer. Or you could also say ‘hello’!   
  • An incentive email: Offering an incentive can persuade your customers to buy again.    
  • Feedback request: Even if your customers last purchased from you a long time ago, you could still use their thoughts and opinions about your product/service.     
  • Unsubscribe reminder email: Unless they respond, give subscribers a final reminder that you’re about to unsubscribe them from the list. This can help keep customers who still want to buy from you and don’t want to opt out of your emails.    

4. Automation journeys example for life-event emails  

Life-event emails are for personal birthdays or anniversaries.   

You can send special greetings or offers to those customers to show them you care.   

For example, see Salesmate’s automation journeys for a birthday email:  

Automation journeys example for life-event emails

5. Automation journeys example for purchase orders or receipt emails  

This is an essential process to automate for eCommerce brands. Customers love instant updates and support, especially when they have paid for a product/service.    

When customers purchase something, they must instantly notify them of their order status.    

For example, on Salesmate CRM, you can email and text a customer instantly once they have placed an order.    

Here, a customer has placed an order for a coffee brewing machine and will receive a purchase order receipt through email and text.  

Automation journeys example for purchase orders or receipt emails

Interesting read: 14 Types of BigCommerce email to send [With templates] 

6. Chat journeys to enhance your customer experience  

Chat Journeys lets you deliver tailored customer experiences, ensuring your web visitors get the attention they deserve. You can use these Chat flows for 24/5 customer support for your BigCommerce store.  

With chatbot flows, your customer interactions become personal, efficient, and simply awesome.  

Here are the two most relevant examples of Chat Journeys that you can create:    

  • Engaging with a new visitor   

Let’s say you run a hardware store that markets to B2B and B2C customers.   

If a new visitor lands on your page, you can create an automation journey to help them get assistance for a problem or resolve a query.   

Automation Journey - Engaging with a new visitor
  • Converting a customer from the pricing page  

You can set an interactive chat journey as follows when a customer visits your website’s pricing page to qualify and capture promising leads for sales targeting.   

Here’s is an example of Chat Journeys with Salesmate:  

Chat Journeys with Salesmate
Turn prospects into leads with Chat Journeys!

Turn prospects into leads with Chat Journeys!

Use Salesmate to create interactive chat journeys that capture qualified leads automatically from your website.

Start your free trial


BigCommerce marketing automation is the future of eCommerce success. Businesses can ensure growth and a strong market presence with BigCommerce.

But, with Salesmate in collaboration, enjoy more consistency in growth and a stronger market presence by integrating the right BigCommerce marketing automation software and strategies.


Does BigCommerce have email automation?

Yes, BigCommerce offers native email automation, but integrating with specialized BigCommerce marketing apps can enhance capabilities.

These integrations allow for more advanced email campaigns, including cart abandonment and personalized product recommendations resulting in a higher conversion rate.

What is the impact of automation on BigCommerce marketing?

Automation streamlines marketing efforts, ensuring timely and personalized outreach and a better conversion rate. Businesses can focus on strategy and engagement by automating repetitive tasks, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

How can SMS marketing complement email marketing for BigCommerce?

SMS marketing offers a direct and immediate channel of communication with customers. While email marketing is great for detailed content and promotions, SMS can be used for timely alerts, reminders, and limited-time offers.

Integrating email and SMS marketing ensures a multi-channel approach, reaching customers wherever they are. 

How does abandoned cart recovery work in BigCommerce marketing automation?

Abandoned cart recovery involves tracking customers who add products to their cart but leave without completing the purchase.

Marketing automation platforms can send targeted email campaigns to these customers, reminding them of their abandoned carts and offering incentives to complete the purchase. This strategy helps recapture lost sales and boost revenue.

What are the key features to look for in a BigCommerce marketing automation platform?

Essential features include email marketing, SMS marketing, lead segmentation, customer data analytics, abandoned cart recovery, and integration capabilities with other BigCommerce apps.

The right platform should also offer scalability to accommodate the growth of the eCommerce company. 

How do integrations enhance the capabilities of a BigCommerce marketing automation platform?

Integrations allow businesses to connect their marketing automation platform with other tools and apps, creating a cohesive ecosystem.

This interconnectedness ensures data consistency, streamlined workflows, and enhanced automation capabilities, from lead generation to post-purchase engagement. 


Mehul Shah, a digital marketer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection. Mehul has been writing about how Salesmate CRM helps small and medium business, for a long time now! He is a digital marketer and a geek in the Inbound marketing, who likes to spend most of his time researching ways technology is influencing your daily life (positively).

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