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Real estate CRM- Listicle

10 Best real estate CRM software for 2023! 

Do you know? Around 60% of real estate agents who earn at least $100,000/year use CRM software.  

Curious how they managed to do so?  

Well, just by having the right real estate CRM as their constant support. 

Also, around 26% of realtors claim that CRM software increases productivity.   

Well, having a CRM tool or the right CRM platform are two different things.  

The best real estate CRM right fit for your real estate business if it;

  • Aligns with your business goals
  • Simplifies your daily hustle with automation.
  • Helps you overcome challenges to sell more and more properties.

So, you can also earn $100,000/year or more with the best real estate CRM.  

However, finding the one that matches your process and goal is daunting yet crucial.  

Don’t go anywhere! This blog covers must-have features of the best real estate CRM and a list of the 10 best real estate CRM tools to try out.

So, let’s dive deep in. 

What is a real estate CRM? 

Real estate CRM software is a one-stop solution for managing your real estate business operations entirely, helping you sell more properties. 

Apart from selling, it provides a centralized database to store crucial data, track communications, follow up and manage marketing campaigns.

A real estate CRM enhances productivity by automating tasks and thus improving client engagement.  

The right CRM will help you streamline your process, close more deals, and increase revenues.  

Let’s find the key features a real estate CRM system must possess.  

5 must-have features to look for while choosing a real estate CRM software

As a realtor choosing the right CRM can be misleading with so many options.  

However, if you begin filtering based on how they can ease your real estate tasks using certain core features, it would be easy to get the best one.    

To help you in this, here are the five must-have features to look for in a real estate CRM: 

1. Pipeline management 

Pipeline management for real estate is crucial to increase efficiency, identify which deal stage leads are dropping, forecast sales, and streamline the entire sales process.  

Pipeline management CRM allows you to track and manage your sales cycle, from generating leads to closing deals.  

You can quickly identify the lead stage in the sales cycle and take the necessary actions to move them further.  

This lets you prioritize and focus on the leads most likely to become your paying customers.  

Ultimately, sales pipeline management allows you to increase your efficiency and conversion rate. 

2. Automation capabilities 

You’re stuck with many mundane tasks that consume your productive hours as a realtor.

Thus, automation capabilities can help you streamline your real estate business to achieve massive success.  

Having a real estate CRM with workflow automation lets you automate repetitive tasks like follow-up, appointment scheduling, and lead assigning, helping you focus more on the major task- property selling.  

Marketing automation enables you to generate, capture and qualify leads on autopilot. Plus, it allows you to create targeted campaigns to nurture leads.  

Further, sales automation lets you manage the sales pipeline more efficiently, track deals opportunity and set up automated personalized follow-up.  

These features help you and your agents stay organized, improve efficiency, and ultimately close more deals. Hence, you must adopt a real estate CRM with automation and workflows. 

3. Customizable dashboards & reports 

Real estate CRM dashboards and reports are another crucial feature that contributes to identifying more property selling opportunities.  

CRM with custom dashboards and reports provide valuable insights into their sales process, lead management, and nurturing campaign performance.   

With customizable dashboards, you can easily view key metrics and track your agent’s progress towards their sales and marketing goals.   

Plus, it allows you to gain valuable insights into your performance and make data-driven decisions.  

Further, custom reports help you track the entire sales pipeline to identify opportunities and roadblocks to make smarter decisions.

4. Mobile App 

A CRM with Mobile App gives you and your agents more flexibility in managing real estate chores.  

Having a CRM with a mobile app allows you to stay connected with your prospects even when you’re busy with property shows or attending industry events.  

You can respond to their inquiries and manage the sales pipeline from anywhere without interrupting productivity and responsiveness.  

With access to critical business values like lead management, calendar integration, property listings etc., a Mobile CRM can be a saver to manage your real estate business anytime, anywhere. 

5. Integrations 

Finally, you must look for a real estate CRM that offers integration. A real estate CRM integration allows your agents to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.  

It helps you and your team to unify communications. E.g., a real estate CRM that integrates with G suite will help you access all your google applications from one software.  

This eliminates the need to switch back and forth between different applications and manually transfer data, reducing the risk of errors and saving time.  

The integration allows you to leverage the full capabilities of tools and software, enabling them to provide your clients with a more personalized and practical experience.  

In all, integration is critical for maximizing the value of a real estate CRM and ensuring its seamless integration with an existing technology stack. 

Hope this was helpful!  

Moreover, if you still want to know more about selecting the right CRM, here’s a detailed guide on choosing the best CRM in 2023! 

Moving on to this blog’s most necessary section-top 10 real estate CRM software. Let’s dive deep in. 

10 Best real estate CRM software for your business 

To ease your research, we’ve handpicked the industry’s best real estate CRMs that you can choose from. 

Go thoroughly through the detailed discussion and compare real estate CRM tools to pick the best CRM system. Let’s begin.

1. Salesmate 

Salesmate Real Estate CRM

Salesmate is a real CRM supporting realtors/agents to save time with its automation suite and boost revenue with its values added features. 

It centralizes all the sales channels and customer communication processes in a single platform to help you provide an exceptional customer journey. 

Its best-in-class values, like omnichannel communication, contact management, automation journeys, pipeline management, sequences and many more, justify its place at the top of this list. 

If you’re a real estate business with issues like: 

  • Scattered leads across various platforms  
  • Poor lead generation and unable to track leads   
  • Trapped in mundane tasks and lacking time to nurture potential leads   
  • Poor follow-ups, which feel like leaving money on the table  
  • Deals falling through the crack  
  • Lack of visibility in team performance 

Then, Salesmate can be your one-stop CRM solution.

With Salesmate, you can; 

Lastly, it gives you the mobility and feasibility of selling from anywhere via its Mobile CRM.   

Other features include: 

  • Contact Management 
  • Bulk texting and emailing 
  • Power Dialer 
  • Call recording and voicemail drop  
  • Pre-built Text and Email templates 
  • Shared Team Inbox 
  • Sales Sequences 
  • Sales Forecasting 

Marketing automation tools, Sequences, and Workflows are the reasons that make Salesmate a realtor’s favorite CRM, as you can replace hard worth with smart work. 

Workflow automation


  • Extremely adaptable 
  • Feature-rich real estate CRM tool 
  • Affordable and powerful software for every realtor 

Customer review: 

“Easy to use, feature-packed affordable CRM platform!” 

Pricing (Billed-annually): 

Salesmate plans start at just $12/month/ per user.  

2. LionDesk 

LionDesk Real Estate CRM

LionDesk is a real estate CRM that enables realtors to execute their tasks quickly. In addition, it offers a contact management feature that helps you to manage all your contacts.  

It further lets you schedule your text and emails like Salesmate to ensure you save time and never miss any conversation.  

LionDesk ensures you never have to worry about forgetting any tasks with its task management feature.

There are many other values that CRM offers which make it one of the tools to consider while adopting one. 


  • Some users reported that the platform is usually glitchy and unusable in functioning 
  • It even has sync problems with google contacts 
  • High on pricing and less on features 

Pricing (Billed-annually): 

Its plan starts at $25/month. 

Salesmate vs. LionDesk comparison table: 

Features  Salesmate Lion Desk 
Built in Calling Yes Yes 
Power Dialer Starts at $40/user/month Add on $99/month 
Bulk texting Yes Yes 
Live Chat  Via Add on No  
Meeting Schedular Yes Via Zapier 
Shared Team Inbox Yes No  
Contact Management Yes Yes 
Lead Management Yes Yes 
Deal Management Yes Yes 
Marketing Automation Yes Yes 
Automated Lead Distribution Yes  Yes (round robin) 
Email Automation Yes Yes 
Sales Pipeline Yes  Yes 
Sales Activity Management Yes Yes 
Reporting Yes  Yes 
Call recording Yes  Add on $99/month 
Pre-defined email and text template Yes Yes 
Scheduled Emails & Texts Yes Yes 
Email and text sequences Starts at $24/user/month No  
Web Forms Yes Yes 
Email tracking Yes Yes 
Autoresponders Yes Yes 
Voicemail Drop Yes Add on $99/month 
Mobile CRM Yes Yes 
24/5 Customer Support Yes  Yes 
Pricing Starts at $12/month Starts at $25/month 

3. Follow Up Boss 

Follow Up Boss CRM

Follow Up Boss is a CRM designed especially for real estate professionals. It offers vast room to execute your tasks efficiently.   

You can sell better using its dialer, texting, and email features. You can automate these tasks and nurture leads with automation.  

Further, it also allows you to track your activities and prioritize the potential ones. In addition, you also have access to actionable reports to help you perform better. 

In all, it’s a great CRM but consists of certain drawbacks. 


  • It becomes highly expensive with costly add-on charges to avail basic features  
  • It offers limited features and relies on integrations 
  • The reporting tool can be improved in terms of customization 

Pricing (Billed-annually): 

The plans start at $57/month.  

Salesmate vs. Follow Up Boss comparison table: 

Features   Salesmate  Follow up Boss   
Built in Calling  Yes  Add on $39/user/month  
Power Dialer  Starts at $40/user/month  Add on $39/user  
Bulk texting  Yes  Via integration  
Live Chat   Via Add on  Yes   
Meeting Scheduler  Yes  Yes  
Shared Team Inbox  Yes  Yes  
Contact Management  Yes  Yes  
Lead Management  Yes  Yes  
Deal Management  Yes  Yes  
Marketing Automation  Yes  Yes  
Automated Lead Distribution  Yes   Yes  
Email Automation  Yes  Yes  
Sales Pipeline  Yes   Yes  
Sales Activity Management  Yes  Yes  
Reporting  Yes   Yes  
Call recording  Yes   Add on $39/user/month  
Pre-defined email and text template  Yes  Yes  
Scheduled Emails & Texts  Yes  No  
Email and text sequences  Starts at $24/user/month  Yes   
Web Forms  Yes  No  
Email tracking  Yes  Yes  
Autoresponders  Yes  Yes   
Voicemail drop  Yes  Via integration  
Mobile CRM  Yes  Yes  
24/5 Customer Support  Yes   Yes  
Pricing  Starts at $12/month  Starts at $57/month 
Take Your Sales Success to the Next Level

Take Your Sales Success to the Next Level

Get Actionable Insights with Salesmate Custom Reports and Dashboards to make data-driven decisions.

Start your free trial

4. Wise Agent 

Wise Agent Real Estate CRM

Wise Agent is a sane CRM made by real estate agents and offers various features to ease your daily tasks.  

You can manage your lead efficiently using their lead automation function. It also provides a contact management feature to organize and simplify your communications.

You can manage your marketing activities with the marketing function it offers. Overall, it’s a good real estate CRM with certain disadvantages.  


  • Using the browser to get phone accessibility is a day-to-day grind 
  • The real estate platform lacks features like live chat and multiple pipeline management 
  • The pricing seems higher compared to the features it offers 

Pricing (Billed-annually): 

The plans start at $32/user/month. 

Salesmate vs. Wise Agent comparison table: 

Features   Salesmate   Wise Agent   
Built-In Calling   Yes   Yes   
Power Dialer   Starts at $40/user/month  Add on ($99/month)   
Messaging & Bulk Texting   Yes   Yes   
Email Marketing   Yes   Yes   
Meeting Scheduler   Yes   Yes   
Multiple Pipeline Management   Yes   No   
Deal Management   Yes   Yes   
Sales Goal Tracking   Yes   Yes   
Reporting   Yes   Yes   
Email Campaign Tracking   Yes   Yes   
Sales Activity Management   Yes   Yes   
Automatic lead Distribution   Yes   Yes   
Marketing Automation   Yes   Yes   
Sales sequence   Yes   Yes   
Pre-Built Email & Text templates   Yes   Email templates only   
Text and Email Alerts   Yes   Yes   
Voicemail drop   Starts at $40/user/month  Add on $99/month   
Call recording   Yes   Add on $99/month   
Web Forms   Yes   Yes   
Chatbot   Yes   Yes   
Live Chat   Add on   No   
Mobile Accessibility   App   Connect via Web    
Customer Support    Yes   Yes   
Pricing   Starts at $12/month   Starts at $32/month 

5. RealGeeks  

RealGeeks Real Estate CRM

RealGeeks is a real estate CRM formed to make agents close more deals. It offers various features to help you sell better.   

The track lead activity feature allows your agents to monitor their activity and keep track of tasks. In addition, you can automatically assign or re-assign leads using its agent lead routing.  

In addition, you can schedule appointments and get reminders, so you never miss any meetings.  

However, we encountered some inevitable issues with the tool as per customer reviews on platforms like G2, Capterra or Software Advice customers. 


  • Some users reported that the CRM isn’t user friendly 
  • Unlike Salesmate, you cannot view all the lead detail on one page 
  • Highly expensive compared to the other potential CRM options  

Pricing (Billed-annually): 

The plan starts at $299/month. 

Salesmate vs. RealGeeks comparison table: 

Features   Salesmate   RealGeeks    
Pipeline Management   Yes   Yes   
Reporting Dashboard   Yes   Yes   
Tag Management   Yes   Yes   
Custom Pipeline & Stages   Yes   No   
Custom Deal Win Probability   Yes   No   
Deal Insights   Yes   No   
Deal Management   Yes   Yes   
Bulk Emails   Yes   Yes   
Bulk Texting   Yes   No   
Built-In Calling   Yes   Yes   
Web Forms   Yes   No   
Mobile App   Yes   Yes   
Termination Fee         
Early Termination Fee   None   $500 early termination fee.   
G2 Reviews         
Ease of Setup   9.2   7.4   
Ease of Admin   9.5   7.9   
G2 Ratings   4.6   4.3   
Pricing   Starts at $12/month  Starts at $299/month   
Spend Less and Sell More!

Spend Less and Sell More!

Boost real estate sales with Salesmate- A one-stop CRM only starts at $12/month. Witness your sales boost!

Start your free trial

6. BoomTown 

BoomTown Real Estate CRM

BoomTown is one of the go-to options when selecting a real estate CRM. This is an integrated platform to manage all your activities.  

The tool offers smart prospecting tools to help you identify potential leads and reach out to them. It further allows you to distribute leads through round-robin or agent-on-duty models.  

It also offers mobile CRM for easy accessibility. In all, BoomTown is a great tool but has some downfalls. 


  • Some users feel that the platform fails at doing justice to the price it charges 
  • It doesn’t offer a good customer service  
  • As per G2 and Capterra customer reviews, the platform is expensive 

Pricing (Billed-annually): 

BoomTown has custom pricing, so you need to contact the sales team. 

Salesmate vs. BoomTown comparison table: 

Features Salesmate Boomtown 
Pipeline Management Yes Available from Core Plan 
Reporting Dashboard Yes Available from Core Plan 
Tag Management Yes Available from Core Plan 
Custom Pipeline & Stages Yes No 
Custom Deal Win Probability Yes No 
Deal Insights Yes Yes 
Deal Management Yes Yes 
Bulk Emails Yes Yes 
Bulk Texting Yes Yes 
Built-In Calling Yes Yes 
Web Forms Yes No 
Mobile App Yes Yes 
Termination Fee   
Early Termination Fee None None 
G2 Reviews   
Ease of Setup 9.2 
Ease of Admin 9.5 9.3 
G2 Ratings 4.6 4.8 
Pricing Starts at $12/month Unavailable on Website 
Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets!

Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets!

Streamline your sales process with Salesmate. Create multiple sales pipelines to grab more selling opportunities.

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7. kvCORE 

kvCORE Real Estate CRM

kvCORE is a smart CRM platform with powerful automation to engage with leads and close more deals.   

This platform is a centralized tool to manage and nurture all your leads. Further, it makes communication easy and ensures you get the right insights.   

You can automate your follow-ups and save time by organizing your tasks. 

However, the platform has some limitations.  


  • The platform isn’t much intuitive and user friendly  
  • Customer support isn’t up to the mark 
  • Some customers reported that the standards promised by the tool aren’t met  

Pricing (Billed-annually): 

Sorry, we couldn’t get the pricing, as it is not mentioned on the site. 

Salesmate vs. kvCORE comparison table: 

Features  Salesmate  kvCORE  
Contact Management  Yes  Yes  
Deal Management  Yes  Yes  
Reporting  Yes  Yes  
Reporting Dashboard  Yes  Via Integration  
Pipeline management  Yes  Yes   
Meeting Scheduler  Yes  Via Integration  
Bulk email and texting  Yes  Yes   
Power Dialer  Yes  Yes  
Pre-built text and email templates  Yes  Yes  
Marketing Automation  Yes  Yes  
Sequences  Yes  Yes   
Voicemail Drop  Yes  Yes   
Web Forms  Yes  Via Integration  
Chatbot  Yes  Via Integration  
Mobile App  Yes  Yes  
Overall ratings (Capterra)      
Ease of Use  4.7  4.2  
Customer Service  4.9  4.4  
Value for money  4.8  4.4  
Pricing Starts at $12/month Not Disclosed 

8. Top Producer 

Top Producer Real Estate CRM

Top Producer is a profound CRM in real estate industry that helps you deliver a better customer experience. 

You get a 360-degree contact view to help you find all customer details on the go. 

It offers various prospecting and leads nurturing features.  

You can speed up your follow-up process with built-in texting and integrated email. Further, never miss meetings by syncing your everyday calendar, contact, and emails. 

While Top Producer CRM is a reputable CRM tool with so many efficient features, there are certain areas the platform needs to improve.


  • The mobile app has limited features 
  • The user experience is avoided to an extend 
  • Poor customer service and too expensive for basic features 

Pricing (Billed-annually): 

The plan starts at $109/user/month. 

Salesmate vs. Top Producer comparison table: 

Features Salesmate Top Producer 
Deal Management Yes Yes 
Multiple Pipeline Management Yes No 
Tag Management Yes Yes 
Sales Forecasting Yes No 
Dashboard & Reports Yes Yes 
Custom Deal Win Probability Yes No 
Bulk Emails Yes Yes 
Built-In Calling Yes Yes 
Built-In Texting Yes Yes 
Web Forms Yes Yes 
Call Reporting Yes Yes 
Shared Team Inbox Available from $24/user/month No 
Live Chat Add On Yes 
Automation Journeys Add On Yes 
Meeting Scheduler Yes No 
Mobile App Yes Yes 
G2 Ratings   
Meets Requirements 8.9 6.1 
Ease of Use 5.7 
Ease of Setup 9.2 5.6 
Ease of Admin 9.5 
Quality of Support 8.6 6.7 
Pricing Starts at $12/month Starts at $109/month 
Save More Money, Get More Leads, and Sell More Deals!

Save More Money, Get More Leads, and Sell More Deals!

Salesmate is a unified customer platform starting at just $12/month. It lets you generate hot leads and nurture via omnichannel to close faster.

Start your free trial

9. Pipedrive 

Pipedrive CRM for Real Estate

Pipedrive is a sane sales CRM for realtors. It offers valuable features to enhance your sales goals. In addition, CRM provides various tools to ease your sales.   

Its top sales features include automation, customization, integrations, and reports. Your reps can close more deals and automate the process.   

Lastly, create customized sales reports. Though Pipedrive is a solid CRM platform with so many positive facets, some aspects still need improvement. 


  • The CRM offers limited features, e.g., it lacks a shared inbox 
  • Lacks good data visualization tools for more satisfactory reports 
  • The tool offers poor customer service 

Pricing (Billed-annually): 

The essential plan starts from $14.90/user/month.  

Salesmate vs. Pipedrive comparison table: 

Features Salesmate Pipedrive 
Deal Management Yes  Starts at $ 19.90 
Multiple Pipeline Management Yes Yes 
Sequences Yes Starts at $19.90 
Sales Forecasting Yes Starts at $ 39.90 
Reports Yes Yes (Limited) 
Power Dialer Yes Via Integration 
Bulk Emails Yes Starts at $19.90 
Built-In Calling Yes Starts at $39.90 
Built-In Texting Yes No 
Web Forms Yes Add-on 
Text Reports Yes No 
Shared Team Inbox Available from $24/user/month No 
Live Chat Add On Add On 
Workflow Automation Yes  Starts at $19.90 
Meeting Scheduler Yes Starts at $19.90 
Mobile App Yes Yes 
G2 Ratings   
Ease of Use 8.9 
Ease of Setup 9.2 8.7 
Quality of Support 8.6 8.3 
Pricing $12/month $14.90/month 

10. Nutshell 

Nutshell Real Estate CRM

Nutshell is a great real estate CRM to help you close deals faster. It offers various features to help you and your agents save time and resources.   

It offers sales automation to enhance your sales process and save you time. You can automate tasks right from initial qualification to final negotiations.  

It also offers easy-to-use and customizable reports to help you get the required insights.  

You can even meet marketing goals with beautifully designed emails to your prospects. However, there are some areas the tool needs to work upon.

If you are running a real-estate agency, using an agency CRM is advisable that is specifically designed to cater the needs of agencies.


  • Some users have noted that customer support is weak 
  • Occasional bugs and glitches in mobile and web applications 
  • Nutshell CRM’s pricing seems higher than other market options 

Pricing (Billed-annually): 

The plans start at $16/user/month. 

Salesmate vs. Nutshell comparison table: 

Features Salesmate Nutshell 
Marketing Automation Add On Via Integration 
Workflow Automation Yes  Starts at $42 
Multiple Pipeline Management Yes Starts at $42/user/month 
Sequences Yes Starts at $42/user/month 
Sales Forecasting Yes Starts at $42/user/month 
Reports Yes Yes (limited) 
Text Reports Yes No 
Bulk Emails Yes Yes 
Built-In Calling Yes Yes 
Text Messaging  Yes Via integration 
Web Forms Yes Via Integration 
Live Chat Add On Via Integration 
Meeting Scheduler Yes Via Integration 
Mobile App Yes Yes 
G2 Ratings   
Ease of Use 8.7 
Ease of Setup 9.2 8.5 
Quality of Support 8.6 8.6 
Pricing Starts at $12/month Starts at $16/month 
Experience Success Like Never Before- 5000+ clients Endorse!

Experience Success Like Never Before- 5000+ clients Endorse!

Say goodbye to clunky sales software and hello to a streamlined sales experience with Salesmate.

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Hope this was insightful! 

Wrapping Up 

A real estate CRM is a powerful tool to help realtors streamline their workflow, manage leads, and close more deals.   

Also, building a good customer relationship to get more selling opportunities is a top priority of a real estate agent. And the best real estate CRM tool can help you achieve this success.

Now, you know the features to consider when selecting the best real estate CRM. You can easily pick the right one from the list of real estate platforms mentioned.   

If you want to set your real estate business on autopilot to get more opportunities, try Salesmate at just $12/user/month.   

So, witness your real estate business growth with our 15-day FREE trial.   


1. What is a real estate CRM?  

Real estate CRM software is a one-stop solution for managing your real estate business operations entirely, helping you sell more properties.

2. What features should the best real estate CRM software have? 

Apart from the 5 core features mentioned in this blog, there’s much to consider when selecting the best real estate CRM. Ensure the CRM you’re adopting must-have these 7 features:  

  • Calling integration   
  • Lead generation   
  • Campaign tracking   
  • Email marketing   
  • Marketing automation 
  • Transaction Management
  • Social media integration 
3. Which are the top 3 real estate CRM?  

Here are the 3 top realtor CRM solutions that real estate businesses must try:

  1. Salesmate  
  2. LionDesk  
  3. Follow Up Boss  
4. What should a real estate CRM do?

A real estate CRM must be capable of the following:

  • Storing and managing contacts  
  • Tracking and executing customer interactions  
  • Setting tasks and remainders for various events  
  • Ease sales and marketing activities by automating mundane tasks  
  • Provide actionable reports and dashboards to track performance  
  • Be easily accessible at your fingertips  

All these are the core responsibility of a real estate CRM. 

5. What are the benefits of having a real estate CRM?  

A real estate CRM is of great benefit to a realtor. Here are some perks of real estate CRM:  

  • Effective management of leads and deals   
  • Unify all the information on one platform 
  • Enhances customer experience   
  • Increases conversion rate   
  • Streamlines communication  
  • Better marketing execution  
  • Get detailed reporting and analytics  
6. Why must a real estate CRM have a mobile app?  

As a realtor, you must access the information, contacts, and conversation at your fingertips. And a mobile CRM is the perfect tool to do so.   

So, even when you’re out of your cubicle or at an open house, you can still stay connected with your other customers and teammates.

7. How to choose the best real estate CRM?

Following these six steps, you can easily choose the right real estate CRM for your business. 

  1. Identify your business needs/problems  
  2. Look for a feature-rich CRM that can potentially solve your problem
  3. Take a free trial and request free product demos
  4. Filter the best options & look for customer reviews.  
  5. Let your team try each CRM
  6. Pick the best one! 

Dhanashree Pal

Dhanashree has been into writing since her teens. She believes writing is the best way to express and explain everything happening in this world. Reading and imagining are something she can do for hours. Enthusiastic about exploring new places and food. Young and hopeful of becoming better with every passing day.

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