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AI tools for Sales

21 AI sales tools to boost sales in 2024 [Reviewed & tested]

Key Takeaways
  • As per an HBR study, businesses using AI for sales have increased leads by more than 50% and lowered costs by 40-60%.
  • AI sales assistant tools empower your sales and marketing teams with personalized customer engagement, automation, and decision-making.
  • With this AI-powered sales software, sales representatives and leaders can be more productive by automating their tedious day-to-day tasks.
  • AI sales conversational tools enable your sales teams to facilitate personalized prospect interactions.

AI has achieved great leaps forward in making marketing and sales operations easier and stress-free. 

But even so, only 35% of businesses have incorporated AI in their operations as of 2022.  

Now the noteworthy stat is that, as per Harvard Business Review (HBR) study, businesses that use AI for sales increased leads by more than 50% and reduced costs by 40-60%.  

If you aim to boost your sales rep’s efficiency and are searching for the best ai sales software, you’re at the right place.

We’ve covered the top 21 industry best AI tools for sales you can pick from!  

But let’s start with the basics.

What is an AI sales tool?  

AI sales tool (also known as AI sales assistant tool) supports sales teams’ operations leveraging artificial intelligence.   

AI virtual sales assistant tools assist sales reps by automating tedious and repetitive tasks like cold email writing, data entry, prospecting, meeting scheduling, pipeline management, follow-ups, etc.  

The prime goal of AI sales tools is to make the sales process quicker, helping sales reps/managers to be more productive and ultimately enabling them to focus more on closing more deals.  

The high rising demand made us think in the direction of discovering what value these AI sales tools are adding that every sales team is exploring or after it.

Worry not; the next discussion will answer this.   

Why do you need AI sales tools for your business?  

Incorporating AI sales tools in your sales process can enhance various aspects of your sales operations. So, here are a few top benefits of using an AI sales platform.

Enhanced sales productivity and efficiency  

AI sales software tools automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks like email outreach, data entry, lead scoring, contact management, etc.

Moreover, an AI sales software tool scale your business with automation and can improve your decision making impressively.

If you have any idea of building an AI tool and need assistance developing it, you can hire AI developers to help you launch your AI tool.

By offloading these manual tasks to AI, sales teams can focus on key tasks like building customer relationships and closing more deals.  

Improved reporting and analytics  

AI sales tools leverage data analysis and machine learning algorithms to provide actionable insights.   

By harnessing these insights, businesses can make data-driven decisions regarding sales strategies, pricing optimization, product development, and customer engagement.  

Enhanced personalization at scale  

AI-powered tools can analyze customer preferences, browsing patterns, and purchase history to provide personalized recommendations and tailored messaging.   

This level of personalization helps sales teams deliver relevant and targeted content to prospects, fostering stronger connections and increasing the likelihood of conversions.  

What to look for in AI sales assistant tools?  

The pain is that an average sales rep spends 41% of their workday on non-revenue generating activities.   

So, AI sales tools can significantly help you overcome such pain.

Some AI sales software can help you boost the effectiveness of your sales communication (like writing cold emails) and answering web queries (AI-powered chatbots), while others are to increase your sales team efficiency with automation to perform faster.  

You must look for AI sales software that can assist you in…  

Automating lead generation and qualification: These AI-powered tools discover and capture potential leads. Moreover, they qualify and prioritize sales-worthy leads for your sales reps. 

Automating your sales conversations and improving your customer service experiences: Popular writing tools and chatbot falls into this. AI chatbots can assist in communicating with prospects and solving their queries to24/7 to qualify for further in the sales pipeline and enhancing customer service experiences.

Automating your sales tedious and non-revenue generating tasks: AI software that helps with automatic lead distribution, task assigning, meeting scheduling, follow-ups, and data management have become the sales team’s forever sales assistant.  

Automating sales pipeline evaluation to give insights: AI sales assistants are analyzing your pipeline and presenting significant insights that will help you close deals faster or optimize your selling strategy. 

Automating your sales analysis: AI-powered tools reporting and sales forecasting platforms are helping significantly to improve sales strategy and make data-driven decisions.  

Next, we have the top 21 AI sales tools tested and reviewed by high-achieving sales teams.

Moreover, to help you find the right AI sales tool, we have categorized AI sales assistant software depending on their use case. 

21 Best AI sales tools that your sales teams must try  

Here are the top-rated and best user-experience AI sales assistant tools to help you shorten your sales cycle and boost your revenue.

S.No. AI Sales tools Best use of the AI sales tool 
1. WARMER.AI Write and personalize your cold emails. 
2. NarratoWorkspace for AI content creation. 
3. Tavus Personalize videos at scale. 
4. Lyne Write and send personalized emails. 
5. Apollo.io Find contact details online and engage.  
6. Reply Build ideal prospect lists and create multichannel sequences.  
7. Namora.ai Conduct research, prospecting, and messaging. 
8. Saile Assist with prospecting tasks 
9. Luna Find leads and engage with personalized emails 
10. Bardeen Automate repetitive tasks 
11. Rollio Facilitate prospecting and forecasting 
12. Levity Streamline workflow automation 
13. Exceed by Genesys Automate sales conversations with email and Chatbot 
14. Momentum Automate conversations and manage pipelines 
15. Botgate.ai Facilitate communication via chatbot 
16. Yellow.ai Deliver personalized experiences and communication 
17. Gryphon.ai   Get real-time conversation intelligence 
18. AnswerRocket Obtain insights into your business efforts 
19. Immersa Get data intelligence to drive more sales 
20. Humantic.ai Leverage buyer intelligence to drive revenue 
21. Tellius Get automated insights with decision intelligence 

Top AI sales software for content 

These tools are leading in their domain and can save time by producing better sales content with AI. Let’s check them out. 



WARMER.AI is a platform that helps write good cold emails with the help of AI. Using its powerful AI, it personalizes emails quite quickly. 

In three simple steps, you can craft personalized emails automatically. 

  • Step 1: Choose your email objective (Book a meeting, drive web traffic, or more for available options). 
  • Step 2: Enter your recipient’s LinkedIn or website link to personalize your emails. 
  • Step 3: Hit send! 

Pricing plans: 

  • Pricing is unavailable on the website

Link → 

2. Narrato

Narrato AI is an integrated workspace for AI content creation that can help sales teams plan, create, and optimize sales enablement content.

There are several use cases of the AI writing assistant that are particularly useful in sales. The AI email writer lets you craft catchy subject lines and engaging cold outreach emails and promotional emails.

The QnA and FAQ use cases can help you find relevant questions that customers may ask, and answer them as well.

Since most marketing assets also serve as great sales enablement content, Narrato AI can prove to be doubly helpful. The AI blog writer helps create entire blog articles from just a topic or outline.

There are several templates for web copywriting as well, such as web page copy, ad copy, product description generator, and more. You can also generate scripts for your product demo videos using AI.

Use cases like Local Business Description can help generate impactful and appealing USPs for your business.

Pricing plans: 

  • Pro: $36/month
  • Business: $76/month 
  • Custom: Build your own pricing plan for your enterprise
  • Free trial on all plans

3. Tavus 

Tavus tool

Tavus is a great AI-powered video platform that helps businesses personalize their videos at scale.

The platform’s AI algorithms learn from the first video you upload and then personalize all the next ones you wish to create.

Tavus utilizes AI algorithms to personalize and automate video outreach, helping businesses with video making and marketing efforts.

With Tavus, you only need to create 1 video using the platform, and the platform can personalize the following 1,000,000 videos.

Pricing plans: 

  • Business: Request for a demo to access pricing 

Link →

4. Lyne 

Lyne software

Lyne is AI-powered software that helps sales reps to send personalized cold emails at mass.

This tool leverages AI and machine learning for more profound research to craft the most promising emails to drive better responses.

Moreover, you can automate, scale, and improve cold emailing with Lyne.

This is a true competitor of WARMER.AI, so if you’re looking for the best cold email writing tools, you can choose either.

Pricing plans: 

  • Free: $0 Forever 
  • Custom: $120/month (1200 Lynes / month) 

Link → 

Top AI sales software for prospecting, engagement, and nurture 

To answer web queries, communicate well with prospects, and boost potential customer engagement, the tools below serve right.  

5. Apollo.io 

Apollo.io AI tool

Apollo is an AI-enabled platform that helps businesses find necessary contact information online. You can find, contact, and close your ideal prospects with it.

With Apollo’s AI, which is built over a database of over 265M+ contacts and millions of sales engagement data points, you can easily find the necessary information from the platform. 

Plus, you can write hyper-personalized emails using Appolo’s AI writing assistant. Also, you can get AI assistance in email analysis with auto-generated follow-ups to help you win a meeting with prospects. 

Pricing plans: 

  • Free: $0 
  • Basic: $39/user/month 
  • Professional: $79/user/month 
  • Organization: $79/min. Five users/month (At the time of research, the price was) 

Link →  

Upgrade your sales outreach with automation!

Upgrade your sales outreach with automation!

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6. Reply 

Reply tool

Reply is an AI-enabled engagement platform that lets sales teams create new opportunities with automation. 

It provides an AI writing assistant that helps make suggestions on how to write the most impressive sales emails.

It simplifies your outbound sales communication with AI-driven automation. Also, it supports multi-channel outreach, allowing you to leverage social platforms like LinkedIn for outreach in a semi-automated manner. 

It streamlines your outreach game through smart email campaigns, social media touchpoints, and personalized follow-ups.  

Pricing plans: 

  • Free 
  • Starter: $60/user/month 
  • Professional: $90/user/month 
  • Custom: Talk to sales 

Link →  

7. Namora.ai 

Namora.ai tool

Namora.ai is a platform with integrated GPT 4, acting as the copilot for SDRs.

Namora.ai is a great helping hand for account executives and sales development reps, as it helps run smart playbooks, helps drive research, and crafts personalized messages at scale for enhanced productivity. 

Just like ChatGPT, Namora.ai also functions with commands. Just type in “add the newly created contacts to a sequence with sales templates,” and the contacts are added in a new sequence – as easy as that. 

Pricing plans: 

  • Pricing is unavailable on the website

Link →  

8. Saile 

Saile software

Saile is an AI driven sales prospecting solution enabling you to automate your entire revenue lifecycle with personality-driven AI and digital labor.

Sailebots assist your reps from discovery to setting appointments. Moreover, it helps you identify and engage promising leads to drive sales opportunities at your table.

Pricing plans: 

  • Pricing is unavailable on the website 

Link →  

9. Luna 

Luna tool

Luna is helping businesses to serve hassle-free prospecting experiences to their prospects.  

Luna uses AI-powered to find high-quality leads and engage with them by building highly personalized emails that drive promising results. 

Luna is a must try platform as it suggests potential leads to fill your sales pipeline and allows you to improve the suggestion based on your feedback. 

You can make the most out of the platform by integrating it with a powerful CRM tool that helps to streamline your entire sales process.

Pricing plans: 

  • Free: Free
  • Start: $100/month
  • Maintain: $190/month 
  • Grow: $360/month
  • Accelerate: $825/month
  • Scale: $1,500/month 

Link →  

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Drive sales with the most advanced CRM starting at just $23!

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Top AI sales tools for automation 

Juggling with your day-to-day sales task? We have the best sales automation tools that you must try and will never regret. 

10. Bardeen  

Bardeen AI sales tool

Bardeen is an AI sales assistant tool that can automate mundane and repetitive tasks, empowering your sales teams to work efficiently like never before.

Moreover, it eliminates manual data entry by extracting information from various only sources and populating it into your integrated CRM system.  

The platform’s AI algorithms analyze your contact data, giving deeper insights that help to personalize sales approaches and optimize your strategies.

Bardeen’s AI algorithms are continuously enhancing accuracy over time.

Your sales reps can shift their focus more on building customer relationships and nurturing sales leads by setting the non-revenue generating tasks on autopilot. 

Pricing plans: 

  • Starter: Free 
  • Professional: $10/month  

Link →  

11. Rollio 

Rollio platform

Rollio empowers your sales team with AI and automation to overcome data solos and workforce inefficiencies.

It is an efficient platform that assists in selling, prospecting, and forecasting to improve your sales process.

So, using the tool, you can save more time and boost productivity with workflow automation.

Pricing plans: 

  • Unavailable on the website 

Link → 

12. Levity 

Levity tool

Levity is an AI-driven workflow automation platform that assists you in managing your daily business task efficiently.

It automates tasks like content email outreach responses, content moderation, inventory management, etc., eliminating the manual operating hustle.

Moreover, it offers integration with various business tools like Gmail, Dropbox, ChatGPT, Intercom, etc.

Pricing plans: 

  • Startup: $49/month 
  • Business: $139/month 
  • Enterprise: Custom 

Link →  

13. Momentum 

Momentum tool

Momentum is an AI-driven sales automation platform helping businesses to improve their pipeline management and closing rates.

Its AI captures your call summaries, field updates & tasks. Moreover, it seamlessly syncs your workflow with Salesforce and Slack to facilitate sales management tasks.

It eliminates repetitive tasks like lead qualification and data entry, freeing your sales reps to focus on boosting sales counts and building revenue.

Momentum analyzes customer data and provides valuable insights and intelligent recommendations, enabling informed decision-making.

Pricing plans: 

  • Unavailable on the website 

Link →

Top AI conversational sales software  

Get free from the manual responsibility of relying on answering prospects’ endless queries with these best AI conversational tools. 

14. Exceed by Genesys 

Exceed by Genesys software

Elevate your lead conversion process with the dynamic power of Conversational AI with Exceed platform.

This innovative platform revolutionizes how businesses can automate and manage their conversations throughout the revenue cycle.

Seamlessly capturing, engaging, qualifying, and scheduling meetings with leads at scale empowers your organizations to interact effortlessly across different communication channels, including email, chat, and SMS.   

Pricing plans: 

  • Request a quote from Exceed to know the pricing

Link →

15. Botgate.ai 


Botgate.ai platform helps sales teams to book more qualified meetings quickly.

It is a conversational AI technology that offers real-time visibility and analytics.

Moreover, the communication tool prioritizes your target clients, boosting productivity and helping you close deals faster.

Its conversational abilities present more engaging and interactive experiences across various channels.

With AI analytics, businesses gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling improved decision-making.

Pricing plans: 

  • Free
  • Starter: 23 Euro/month 
  • Growth: 63 Euro/month 
  • Scale: 159 Euro/month  
  • Enterprise: Connect for a customized plan  

Link →

16. Yellow.ai 

Yellow.ai tool

Yellow.ai is a conversational AI platform that enhances efforts like customer interactions and engagement enabling you to drive sales growth.

Moreover, it allows you to automate 24/7 with AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants.

NL (natural language) processing offers personalized and engaging conversational experiences across multiple channels.

You can set your lead-generating and order-managing activities on autopilot, freeing up your reps for more essential business tasks.

It has powerful analytics and reporting features that provide valuable insights into your prospect’s buying behavior enabling data-driven decision-making.  

Pricing plans: 

  • Free
  • Enterprise: Usage-based pricing 

Top AI sales tools for reporting and insights  

 17. Gryphon.ai

Gryphon.ai tool

With the Gryphon platform, businesses can drive revenue and enhance customer satisfaction. Gryphon has AI-powered sales intelligence and real-time guided coaching capabilities. 

The platform ensures compliance and risk management, ensuring businesses adhere to industry regulations and avoid pitfalls. 

Because of this capability, it can deliver clear, commendable, and highly effective sales calls. 

Pricing plans: 

  • Pricing is unavailable on the website

Link → 

Want to make the decision that drives business?

Want to make the decision that drives business?

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18. AnswerRocket 

AnswerRocket software

AnswerRocket is an AI sales assistant software that helps businesses with data analysis to get deeper insights that help in decision-making.

It aims to help companies to move forward from Excel (the old way of analyzing data).

AnswerRocket utilizes AI and machine learning to enable you to get from raw data to actionable insights in an instant.

Pricing plans: 

  • Pricing is unavailable on the website

Link →  

19. Immersa 

Immersa software

With Immersa, leverage the power of product data to enhance sales and customer satisfaction by integrating it with CRM information.

By seamlessly merging product usage insights with CRM data, identify and automatically deliver valuable leads primed for action directly to your CRM platform.

Pricing plans: 

  • Starter: $500/month ($1000 setup) 
  • Growth: $2000/month ($2000 setup) 
  • Scale: Volume discount ($4000+: Negotiated pricing) 

Link → 

20. Humantic.ai 

Humantic.ai tool

Humantic AI is a platform that predicts human behavior with great precision.

With its Personality AI, top revenue teams use it to identify early adopters, personalize their outreach, and give customer insights for every deal.

You can use the tool to strengthen relationships with your prospects as you have insight into their buying behavior and preferences to give them personalized experiences. 

Pricing plans: 

  • Startup: Unavailable
  • Growth: Unavailable
  • Enterprise: Unavailable

Link → 

21. Tellius 

Tellius tool

Tellius uses decision intelligence to give you the most actionable insights to drive revenue growth. It automates data analysis, uncovering hidden patterns and correlations in real time.

With AI capabilities, it can assist sales professionals in forecasting trends and identifying potential sales opportunities.

It empowers sales teams to make data-driven decisions, optimize strategies, and achieve better results. Moreover, the platform can explain specific insights and recommendations.

Pricing plans: 

  • Premium: 495/month [Upto 5 users] 
  • Enterprise: Customized pricing [Unlimited users] 

Link →


You must leverage these AI-driven tools to streamline your communication, optimize your sales strategy, and drive promising opportunities at your door.

Moreover, an AI sales software tool scale your business with automation and can improve your decision making impressively.

AI sales tools can offer invaluable support throughout your sales cycle, so you should leverage them!

Frequently asked questions 

How is AI used in sales?  

AI sales tools are extensively used in sales processes to boost productivity. Sales managers and reps nowadays use software like AI-powered writing tools, AI-Bots (virtual assistants), and AI-powered sales intelligence software.

Can AI make sales calls?

Yes, AI can make sales calls using AI-virtual voice assistants. These tools potentially engage in natural language conversations with prospective customers, capturing their information. But, it can only handle up to a certain level but can’t match human interaction skills.

What are the best AI sales enablement tools?

These are the best AI sales enablement software that you must try:

  1. Gong.io
  2. Chorus.ai 
  3. SecondNature 
  4. Salesloft 
  5. Brainshark 
What are the new AI tools?

Here are the best new AI-powered tools for your sales and marketing departments.

  • Conversational tools to facilitate personalized customer interactions via chat or voice. 
  • Sales intelligence platforms to evaluate sales performance and give real-time insights to optimize. 
  • Content-generating platforms for crafting well-researched marketing and sales content quickly. 
  • AI-powered tools to automate your mundane sales tasks like data management, task distribution, and follow-ups. 

Devansh Jolapara

Devansh Jolapara is a copywriter with a passion for crafting compelling content that captures the attention of readers. He has honed his skills in writing copy that not only informs but also entertains and inspires. When he's not busy conjuring up new ideas, he likes to binge-watch 'The Office', and plot for his next adventure.

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