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A Comprehensive guide to next-gen Mobile CRM

In these times where remote working has become the new norm, it’s also imperative to switch your business from the conventional method of working from desktop to using cloud CRM. It allows access to all your crucial data from anywhere at any time. After all, a desktop can only do so much.  Seize every opportunity that comes your way without any barrier of accessibility. Schedule appointments, record field trips, revert to your customers, and crush your sales quota using Mobile CRM.

Your team needs a Mobile CRM so that they can stay on top of their game and utilize their time productively. If you’re in a quandary and haven’t implemented a Mobile CRM in your business yet, this guide will give you a detailed insight into its impact on every aspect of the business.

What is mobile CRM and why is it important?

The majority of internet users have migrated from their desktops to mobiles and tablets. The functionality of a Mobile CRM is equivalent to the CRM you have been using till now. In fact, it’s only fair to say that it provides even more benefits and therefore boosts the productivity of your team. When your sales reps are out in the field, having access to the CRM system can prove highly beneficial to connect with prospects, track sales activities, nurture relationships and quickly move the deals through the sales pipeline.

Every growing business needs a tool that will add value to their company. A traditional CRM approach is well and good, but how about taking it one step further? Mobile CRM is important for businesses that constantly need to stay connected with their prospects. It provides all data handling and tracking activities just from your mobile.

Growth of mobile CRM

Although most companies had started adapting to CRM software, there was still a setback in the everyday tasks of sales reps. With the rapid growth in mobile usage, more and more companies started leaning towards adopting a Mobile CRM solution. 

Gradually, every team member started using CRM on mobile, and do you know what part was the most surprising? In addition to being able to use CRM on the move, the equation between team members improved drastically, which led to higher productivity. With the ease of use and quick access to any data, reps were able to tackle more tasks and crush more deals.

Statistics reflect that from the companies which implemented Mobile CRM, 65% witnessed more productivity and achieved their sales quotas.

So, by now you must be wondering how Mobile CRM can help you grow your business. Well, we’ve got you covered! Keep on reading to find out the benefits of Mobile CRM for every business.  

Benefits of using mobile CRM

Mobile CRM is much more than a convenience; it helps in growing your business. Read below points to find out how mobile CRM can be beneficial for your business! 

1. Improved productivity

Gone are the days when multitasking was a hassle for sales reps. With various features of mobile CRM, you can set appointments, track activities, connect with prospects, nurture them, and follow-up. Yes, you can do every single task mentioned (and much more!) using just one device. Let mobile CRM do the manual tasks so you can close more deals.

2. Higher closure percentage

Yes, you read that right! We know you are capable of closing deals, however, how about going one step further and achieving the unachievable? Automated features and on the go CRM app not only provide access to client data; but also help in tracking the deals for faster closure. . Therefore, this versatile tool is designed only for the benefit of your company.

3. Shortened sales cycle

When you’ve got too much on your plate, you need a streamlined approach. And Mobile CRM does just that; shorten the sales cycle and close more deals with less interaction and more action! Also, don’t forget to pay heed to your client’s special requirements to keep them delighted.

4. Nurture relationships

The key motive behind every business is to flourish their customer relationships. And with automated features of Mobile CRM, you can capture and nurture contacts to build long-lasting relationships. 

5. Excellent data quality

Have you ever forgotten about a crucial point after a client meeting? And then wishing you had written it down? Well, such fragmented information hampers the data quality. Using a CRM will help you get rid of all such obstacles and let you record every little detail.  

6. Gives you an edge over competitors

When you want to win a deal, your efforts must reflect your intention. Salesmate’s CRM gives you an added advantage of adding notes and crucial information about clients in real-time. Even if you’re on-site, you can check your sales pipeline to get an insight into the status of your deal. 

Mobile CRM has evolved as a platform for its users and apart from the company revenue, it also helps your sales reps when they’re on the field and meeting clients. Here’s how it can make your sales rep’s job more productive.

How sales reps can work more productively with mobile CRM

Now you no more have to limit yourself to your cubicle. With mobile CRM, you can get access to every single client and deal information with just a few clicks on your mobile. So, let’s see how mobile CRM can help you!

Overview of daily tasks

Sales reps have multiple tasks that they need to complete in a day. So, getting an overview of their route for the day can help in better time management. Your sales rep can make things happen in a specific order so he doesn’t miss out on any meeting and make the most out of his day. 

Schedule meetings and automated notifications

For a sales rep, every deal holds high value, so to not miss out on any deal, he can opt for automated reminder notifications. After every meeting, a sales rep can add reminders for the follow-ups and the app will do the rest of the work.  

Never miss any important information from the meeting 

Let’s be real, it’s almost impossible to remember all the crucial information from the meeting. And it’s not convenient to grab your laptop and start working on it in the middle of a conversation. Therefore, the most reliable option you’ve got is using CRM from your mobile to log all the important data. 

Easy tracking with geolocation 

Your rep may often get done with the meeting a little early, so here they can utilize this extra time in interacting with a client nearby. Geolocation lets you track leads that are available nearby to initiate further contact.

Dhara Thakkar

Dhara Thakkar is a seasoned marketer at Salesmate. She thrives on trying new organic strategies to improve traffic & conversions, and has in-depth knowledge on how search works. When she's not working, you will find her travelling or binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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