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Looking to enhance your sales forecasting but not quite ready for CRM? This sales forecasting template is designed specifically for you. 


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What can you do with this Forecasting template?

With Salesmate’s free sales forecasting template you can accelerate your sales processes without wasting time on manual tasks such as template creation, deal tracking, and much more. Salesmate is here to make your day more productive! 

Track your sales deals

Track your sales deals

Start tracking new, in-progress, and closed deals into this sales forecasting excel template to build your own pipeline, and accurately forecast your sales. 

Forecast your sales revenue

Forecast your sales revenue

Forecasting your sales revenue is important for two main reasons. It allows you to set targets for your sales team and it provides information that can be used to make strategic decisions about your business. 

Customize the Forecasting Weights

Customize the Forecasting Weights

You can personalise the deal stages to match your sales process. Adjust the winning probabilities for each deal stage as well to improve forecasting template. 

Report on Sales Trends

Report on Sales Trends

Understand how many deals have been lost, won, or are in the process, how many deals your sales reps are working on, and how much revenue the deals are generating each quarter. 

The sales forecasting template is great during early stage of your business when every dollar counts. If you are handling more than
10 deals, we would recommend you to checkout our sales software, Salesmate. It lets you organize your sales pipeline, forecast
sales, and engage with customers in a snap. And it is very affordable.

Salesmate excel templates to make your business faster

It’s powerful, fun, and fully customizable
for your business

Build your sales pipeline

Track all your sales deals and activities for all customers in one place. You can automate it too. The software’s intuitive interface allows you to visualize and manage your full sales pipeline and forecasting – all on one screen.

Organize your sales process

Track on all sales activities

Save time from grunt work of logging sales activities manually. Salesmate will automatically log emails, calls, and meetings, leaving more time on your day.
Track on all sales activities

Built-in email

Use Salesmate’s in-built email tracking, and automation capabilities to interact with prospects and customers. Send bulk emails, track the opened emails and also streamline the communication.
Built-in email

Make informed decisions using sales insights

Do you know how accurate are your sales forecasts? Which sales reps are performing well and what activities results into sales? Improve sales performance using Salesmate’s built-in sales reports and dashboards or build your own.
Make informed decisions using sales insights

Build your sales pipeline
Track on all sales activities
Built-in email
Make informed decisions using sales insights

Not enough? Here is more

  • Simple drag-n-drop interface
  • Track Sales from Mobile Devices
  • Built-in email & calling
  • Affordable – starting at $23/month

Happy & Growing Customers

I have tried many CRM for my real estate business, and found none like Salesmate. Really impressed with its excellent features like email tracking, email scheduling, and workflow automation.

Andrew James
Andrew JamesChrome User

After trying over 30 different CRM software, I found everything I need in Salesmate without paying over the odds. It gives flexibility to customize. Besides, they have outstanding customer support too.

Brett Thomas
Brett Thomas Chrome User

Great CRM with more features than other CRMs that's triple the cost. Very user friendly interface, very friendly and responsive support

Alan Quan
Alan QuanAndroid

An absolutely outstanding CRM with built-in email and text scheduling / templates, extensive organization & customization capabilities, and robust workflow automation. And all at a great price! Very highly recommended!

Bruce Driggers
Bruce DriggersChrome User

The chrome plugin (Gmail CRM) of Salesmate has been a huge help. It's incredibly simple to use and super intuitive. The support is quick and precise. Would definitely recommend.

Nate Jones
Nate JonesChrome User

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

How to create sales forecasting template?

Forecasting your sales is a critical part of running a business. Without accurate sales projections, it’s difficult to set achievable goals, track progress, and make sound decisions about where to allocate resources. The good news is, there are many great free sales forecasting templates available online that can make the process easier. 

Once you’ve selected a template, the next step is to input your data. This will typically include information like past sales figures, current trends, seasonality, and any other factors that might impact future sales. Once you have this data, you can start projecting your sales. 

Sales forecasting is an essential tool for any business, so don’t wait to get started. Use Salesmate’s free sales forecasting template to make the process easy and ensure that your forecast is accurate.  

The projected sales template can be used to predict different aspects of sales such as the number of sales, revenue, profit, etc. This can be done through using various formulas in Excel.  

Creating a sales forecast doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little time and effort, you can develop an accurate sales forecast that will help you make better decisions and achieve your business goals. Use a sales forecasting template to get started today. 

When to use a forecasting template?

An individual product sales forecast template can be used by businesses that sell one product, service or projecting sales of a new (or any single) product or service.

This forecast indicates how you expect the product to perform based on units sold and price per unit on a monthly basis. 

The template has separate tabs for each product and/or service, and columns for monthly sales revenue and units sold. Use sales forecasting spreadsheet to track and compare the performance of each product or service over time. 

What are the key features of sales forecasting template?

Sales forecasting templates can help sales managers track historical sales data and performance, set sales goals, and create actionable plans to increase sales.  

Some key features of sales forecasting templates include:  

– The ability to track sales data and performance over time 

– The ability to set sales goals and target specific markets 

– The ability to create actionable plans to increase sales 

– The ability to track sales progress and compare sales results against goals 

Monthly sales forecast template can be created in Excel or spreadsheet software, and they can be customized to fit the specific needs of a sales team. Try out Salesmate free sales forecasting template. 

What are the benefits of using a sales forecasting template?

Sales forecasting is not only about predicting your sales numbers – it’s about having the necessary information on hand to make better decisions for your business. A sales forecast template can give you the data you need to: 

– Know when you need to invest in more inventory 

– Understand which products are selling well and which ones aren’t 

– Make marketing decisions based on projected sales 

– Track your progress towards sales goals 

Creating a sales forecast may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of a sales forecasting template, it can be much easier than you think. A projected sales template will provide you with a structure for inputting your data and organizing it in a way that makes sense for your business.  

There are a number of different sales forecasting templates available online, so be sure to find one that meets the specific needs of your business. Once you have a forecasting template that you’re happy with, simply input your data on a monthly or quarterly basis to keep your forecast up-to-date. 

If you’re not sure where to start, consider using a monthly sales forecast template. This type of template can be especially helpful if you’re just getting started with sales forecasting. Once you have a better understanding of how sales forecasting works, you can move on to a more complex template, such as a quarterly sales forecast template. 

Whatever type of sales forecasting template you choose, be sure to update it on a regular basis so that you always have the most accurate information on hand. This will help you make better decisions for your business and ensure that you meet your sales goals. 

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