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Want to make a solid first impression in front of your sales team? Then you need to download our extensive 30 60 90 day sales plan excel template!



Why do you need to create a 30 60 90 day sales plan?

Managing your new sales tasks and responsibilities can be difficult, and that’s where you need to implement an organized process. If you want to hit your sales goals, then creating a 30 60 90 day sales plan is a must!

Improved productivity

Improved productivity

Plan and organize your schedule by using a 30-60-90 day sales template to stay on top of your tasks and increase productivity.

Prioritizing sales goals

Prioritizing sales goals

Identify important goals and prioritize them based on your task list to achieve your targets faster and stay efficient.

Streamlined process

Streamlined process

Using a 30 60 90 sales plan template can help you streamline your entire process so that you can get a headstart on your work.

Building relationships

Building relationships

When you have prepared a comprehensive checklist for your sales plan, you have an opportunity to build connections with key accounts and nurture relationships.

Measuring performance

Measuring performance

Once you’ve achieved your list of targets and completed the tasks, you can measure the performance and identify any roadblocks along the way.

In our 30-60-90 day sales plan template, you will find a list of important tasks and goals
that will help you make a lasting first impression.

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I have tried many CRM for my real estate business, and found none like Salesmate. Really impressed with its excellent features like email tracking, email scheduling, and workflow automation.

Andrew James
Andrew JamesChrome User

After trying over 30 different CRM software, I found everything I need in Salesmate without paying over the odds. It gives flexibility to customize. Besides, they have outstanding customer support too.

Brett Thomas
Brett Thomas Chrome User

Great CRM with more features than other CRMs that's triple the cost. Very user friendly interface, very friendly and responsive support

Alan Quan
Alan QuanAndroid

An absolutely outstanding CRM with built-in email and text scheduling / templates, extensive organization & customization capabilities, and robust workflow automation. And all at a great price! Very highly recommended!

Bruce Driggers
Bruce DriggersChrome User

The chrome plugin (Gmail CRM) of Salesmate has been a huge help. It's incredibly simple to use and super intuitive. The support is quick and precise. Would definitely recommend.

Nate Jones
Nate JonesChrome User

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

What is a sales pipeline template?

A sales pipeline template is a tool designed to help sales teams track and manage their sales process from initial contact with a prospect to the final sale.

It provides a structured framework to visualize and monitor each stage of the sales funnel, allowing sales reps to keep track of potential deals, their stages, and their estimated value.

A well-designed sales pipeline management template can streamline the sales process, improve forecasting, and enhance overall sales efficiency.

Can I customize the sales pipeline template to fit my business needs?

Yes, you can customize the free sales pipeline template to fit your business needs. These templates, available in Excel, Google Sheets, or other formats, are designed to be flexible. You can:

1. Modify Stages: Adjust the stages to match your sales cycle.

2. Add Custom Fields: Include fields for deal size, expected closing date, lead source, etc.

3. Adjust Metrics: Focus on key sales and performance metrics.

4. Enhance Reporting: Develop custom reports and dashboards for detailed analysis.

Customizing your template ensures it effectively supports your specific sales process and aids in managing sales activities efficiently.

When to use a spreadsheet as a sales pipeline template?

Using a spreadsheet as a sales pipeline template is ideal for small sales teams or startups that need a simple and cost-effective way to manage their sales pipeline.

Spreadsheets like Excel and Google Sheets offer flexibility and customization options, allowing sales reps to tailor the template to their needs.

A sales pipeline Excel template or Google Sheets sales pipeline template can be particularly useful for tracking sales metrics, forecasting sales, and keeping detailed records without the need for expensive CRM software.

However, as the sales process grows more complex, transitioning to a CRM system may be beneficial for enhanced functionality and automation.

How to create a sales pipeline management template in Excel?

To create a detailed sales pipeline management template in Excel:

1. Open the template in Excel.

2. Enter your sales stages and criteria for each stage.

3. Add your deals along with details such as contact information, deal value, expected closing date, and win probability.

4. Use the template’s built-in formulas to calculate the weighted forecast and other key metrics.

5. Regularly update the template with new data to keep your pipeline up to date.

6. Use the insights from the template to make informed decisions about resource allocation and sales strategies.

What is the formula for the sales pipeline?

To calculate pipeline coverage, use the following formula:

Pipeline Coverage Ratio = Value of Opportunities in Pipeline / Revenue Target * 100

This formula helps you determine the percentage of your revenue target that is covered by the current opportunities in your sales pipeline.

How can I optimize my sales process with Salesmate’s free sales pipeline templates?

Optimizing your sales process with Salesmate’s free sales pipeline templates involves leveraging the structured framework provided by the templates to streamline each stage of your sales funnel.

By using these templates, sales reps can easily track deals, monitor progress, and forecast sales more accurately.

The templates help in organizing sales data, assigning tasks, and setting expected close dates for deals.

Salesmate’s templates also include features for calculating win probability, which aids in prioritizing high-potential deals and focusing efforts on the most promising opportunities.

This systematic approach enhances overall sales efficiency and increases the likelihood of closing more deals.

Analyze with beautiful and insightful sales reports from Salesmate.

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