Squarespace CRM Integration

Are you currently using Squarespace for your website and you want to start capturing your form submissions into a CRM? Salesmate is a great solution for you. We are an affordable CRM solution where every time a potential prospect submits a form on your website it will be saved into our CRM as a contact or a deal.

Why you should use Salesmate & Squarespace

  • Organize all your leads you receive from your website
  • Assign Sales Reps to potential deals
  • Track the status of the potential sale in different stages
  • Project your sales forecast
  • Close deals faster

Start closing business faster by organizing all your leads that you generate from your Squarespace website. Here are support docs on how you can use Salesmate & Squarespace. When you are ready, reach out to our team and we can set you up for free!