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Supercharged ⚡ Dashboard and Reports for more in-depth sales analytics

In October’s product update, we are excited to present to you Report 2.0 and Dashboard 2.0, with advanced functionalities for more in-depth and powerful analytics.

We know what actionable insights can do to your team’s performance and sales results. So, we decided to improve our reporting capabilities and offer a more intuitive dashboard. 

Enhanced reporting 

Experience more detailed analytics to make data-driven decisions. Get a clear visual representation of your sales team’s performance. Now see the dynamics of sales for different periods and compare them. Analyze changes over time, spot improvement areas, and track the progress of your team.

Enhanced reporting

A report library to save your time 

Why waste time when you have a report library with 20 plus standard reports covering vivid sales areas. With a single glance, you can know what’s happening in your team. 

Easily find out which sales rep is completing more activities or how many meetings are booked in a day. All you need to do is go to the report library, search for the report you need, and add it to your dashboard. Simple, isn’t it?

A report library to save your time

Create your reports and play freely with customization 

Do you want to customize your reports as per your unique business needs? Well, now get that flexibility too. Decide what you want to display in your reports and how you want it to look. 

Choose from a wide array of options like a pie chart, area chart, donut, bar chart, etc. 

Change the color, layout, or view to create compelling visuals for your data the way you want it.

Create your reports and play freely with customization

Save, mark as favorite or export reports

Once you turn your sales data into insightful reports, you can save them or mark them as favorites for accessing them quickly whenever you want. You can even export or share them with your teammates at any hour.

A more interactive dashboard

The new update gives you more control over your dashboard to see vital insights that matter for your sales. Either create a dashboard from scratch that shows you what you want to see or choose the templates to ease your work. 

Drag and drop report on the dashboard to quickly view crucial insights when you log into the system. Now you can see in minutes what more needs to be done to improve sales results; that’s the upgraded dashboard’s magic.

Drill down into specifics

Find answers to performance-related questions by drilling down into specific data. You can play around with the reports by applying smart filters on the dashboard and compare different sales reps’ performance.

Stay informed with multiple widgets 

Whether you want to see if you are growing or are behind compared to your past sales figures or want to see your deals’ status, everything is now visible on your dashboard. From deal performance to daily agenda, you can add multiple widgets to your dashboard.

Email your dashboard

Through emails, the dashboard can be shared with multiple users. 

Do you want updates about your team’s performance in your inbox every day? Well, through recurring emails, you can receive reports with the insights you want to see every day at your preferred time.

We are not stopping here 

This is just the beginning; a lot more is yet to come. The brainstorming is on; we will be enhancing our Reports and Dashboard even further. Many more pre-built reports will be added to the report library soon. So, do not stop expecting and keep sharing your feedback. 

To know more about Report 2.0 and Dashboard 2.0, check out the support article.


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