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Top 12 Lead nurturing software to close more deals

Top 12 Lead nurturing software to close more deals 

Lead nurturing is basically the process of building and maintaining a strong relationship with your leads at different stages of their customer journey.

In simple words, it can also be understood as the process that keeps the leads moving forward in the sales pipeline.

However, manually practicing lead nurturing is time-consuming and makes the team bear the opportunity cost as it steals time for some other profitable activity. In fact, 74% of marketers have mentioned that the biggest benefit of using automation is saving time.

This is where lead nurturing software enters the picture.

In this article, we have curated a list of the top 12 lead nurturing software that you can consider if you want to increase your customer base.

What is lead nurturing software?  

The main purpose of lead nurturing software is to help businesses build lasting relationships with their leads by creating and automating different lead nurturing strategies.

Lead nurturing software works very closely with CRMs or marketing automation software, as they all are customer-centric tools and focus on turning visitors into leads and finally into paying customers.

Using CRM as lead nurturing software allows you to customize and deliver a personalized experience to every potential customer. 

So, you must be wondering, what are the main features of an effective lead nurturing software? Well, we’ve listed down the top features of lead nurturing software that you can look out for when choosing a lead nurturing tool.

Key features of lead nurturing software

Let’s learn the most important features to consider while selecting the lead nurturing software for your business.

features of lead nurturing software

1. Automation

It is important to consider the efficiency of automation while choosing the right software. When you have automation in your lead nurturing software, you can easily assign leads, track the progress, automate emails, and do much more with little effort!

2. Customization  

Flexible lead nurturing tools help you deliver a personalized experience that will delight your customers by making them feel valued and providing helpful information.

You can level up your customer experience by making the required addition and personalization based on the client’s characteristics and preferences. 

3. Lead scoring 

Lead Scoring is an essential feature when choosing the right software. This feature helps you know which leads needs more attention and score them accordingly.  

You can assign value to your leads on the basis of their engagement and stage in the sales process. By implementing lead scoring, you can close more sales-ready leads and improve conversion rates.

Identify your most potential leads!

Identify your most potential leads!

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4. Integrations

Integrations are here to streamline your process of lead nurturing. By integrating your desired app with the software, you can perform different tasks right from your lead nurturing CRM, and avoid the hassle of switching back and forth.

5. Analytics 

Without numbers, you can never measure your task performance. Therefore, a good lead nurturing tool comes with reports and analytics to track your progress.  

Sales Reports are one such feature of lead nurturing software. This feature helps you get an insight into your lead account and helps you measure the entire sales funnel from tapping the lead till closure.

6. Customer relationship management (CRM)

Having CRM in place to perform lead nurturing activities is the best tool to yield fruitful results.  

CRM offers multiple functions for sales, marketing, and customer service activities. And this makes things a lot easier for your sales reps. So, when you get a CRM with lead nurturing software.

After learning the key features of lead nurturing software, let’s look at the top 12 best lead nurturing platforms available.

12 Best lead nurturing software to close more deals

Here’s a comparison table to help you compare the list of best lead nurturing platforms –

Features  Automation Sequences  Lead Scoring Department Integrations Analytics Capterra Ratings Price/month 
Salesmate Yes Yes Yes Sales, Marketing & Customer support   Yes 4.7 stars $12  
EngageBay Via Integration No  Yes Sales & Marketing Yes 4.6 Stars $12  
Freshsales Yes Yes Yes Sales & Marketing Yes 4.6 Stars $15  
Nutshell Via Integration Yes Yes Sales & Marketing   Yes 4.2 Stars $16  
Zendesk Higher plans Yes Yes Sales & Marketing Higher plans 4.4 Stars $19  
Pipeline CRM Higher plans No  No Sales  Higher plans 4.4 Stars $25  
LeadSquared Higher plans No  Yes Sales & Marketing Yes 4.1 Stars $25  
Cooper Higher plans Yes Yes Sales & Marketing Yes 4.4 Stars $25  
Insightly Higher plans No  Yes Sales, Marketing & Customer support   Yes 3.9 Stars $29  
SharpSpring Yes Yes Yes Sales & Marketing   Yes 4.6 Stars $449  
HubSpot Higher Plans Yes Yes Sales, Marketing & Customer support   Yes 4.5 Stars $45  
Keap Yes No  Yes Sales & Marketing Higher plans 4.1 Stars $129 

1. Salesmate


Salesmate is a unified customer platform that helps you engage prospects, boost sales, and personalize experiences for each customer.

Salesmate’s robust features enable you to automate your business processes, engage better with your customers, improve productivity, and grow your overall revenue.

You can improve your lead nurturing strategy by using features such as lead scoring, automation, lead management, email automation, 700+ integrations, and an advanced CRM to streamline your sales process.

Key features

  • Sales & Marketing Automation helps you automate your tasks and build a solid sales process to engage, convert and delight your customers.
  • Sales Sequences to improve your follow-ups and client engagement by automating texts and emails.
  • Lead scoring is a feature that helps you identify potential clients by assigning a score based on their interests.
  • Marketing Automation lets you create highly targeted marketing campaigns with trigger-based automation journeys.
  • Customization proves to be highly beneficial when you want to scale your business.
  • Sales Reports will help you visualize how deals are moving through each stage of the sales process. 
  • Integrations lets you integrate more than 700 apps integrations so you can manage every activity from one place. 


Salesmate has a Starter plan at $12/month, the Growth plan at $24/month, the most popular-Boost plan at $40/month, and the Enterprise custom plan. 

Customer review

It has been top-notch since day one, they really go out of their way to please their customers. – Miguel E.

2. Nutshell


Nutshell is an all-in-one CRM and helps B2B teams close more deals.

The best part of Nutshell is that it helps companies with pipeline management and provides basic lead nurturing features.

With Nutshell’s sales automation, you can automate lead assignment and lead advancement to task reminders. It also allows you to keep your sales outreach on autopilot.

Based on these features, you can easily create and implement your lead nurturing strategies.


  • Contact Management helps you store all your contact details, call notes, and email conversations in one place.
  • You can create and send beautifully designed marketing emails to thousands of contacts at once.
  • Pipeline Management helps sales reps, offering four ways to view and manage the pipeline. 
  • Sales Automation helps you design and execute a sales process that reduces time-consuming tasks. 
  • Reporting gives you at-a-glance insight into your business, so you can measure performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.


Nutshell Plan costs $16/month and Nutshell Pro costs $42/ month.

3. HubSpot


HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM. It helps you get a real-time view of your entire sales pipeline on a visual dashboard.

With HubSpot, you can create and schedule emails and connect with your prospect at the right time. Reps can schedule a series of tailor-made emails and improve overall productivity..

HubSpot also notifies your sales team when a prospect opens an email or visits your website, helping you track every action. 

Unfortunately, HubSpot’s affordable plans don’t give all the best features, so you have to pay more if you want all features. 


  • Email Tracking helps you know the second a lead opens an email to send perfectly-timed follow-ups and close deals. 
  • Mobile CRM lets you manage your deals from a mobile device. 
  • Contact Management helps you manage your contacts without consuming much time. 
  • Pipeline Management lets you easily add your deals, assign tasks to your team, and track your most lucrative prospects. 
  • Deal Tracking helps you understand every active deal within your pipeline. 


HubSpot Starter plan starts at $45/month, the Professional plan starts at $800/month, and the Enterprise plan at $3200/ month.

4. Keap


Keap allows you to manage your business in one place with hundreds of integrations. 

It is a lead nurturing tool that assists you from the moment a lead fills out an info form till the end of the process. 

The platform allows you to manage to lead capturing, nurturing, pipeline management, invoicing, and payment processes all in one platform.

With automated lead capturing, you can never miss out on a new lead. You can access company and contact details from the Keap’s desktop or mobile app.


  • Sales and Marketing Automation helps you spend less time manually following up with leads or copying email after email, and gives you more time to connect with customers and grow without chaos. 
  • Sales Pipeline feature helps you move leads faster, close more sales, and know the status of every deal in one place.
  • Email Marketing converts more leads with easy-to-build emails plus automation & CRM. 
  • Reports and Analytics help you visualize your performance.
  • Integration helps you connect your platform with 100s of apps. 


Keap Pro plan costs $129/ month and the Max plan costs $199/ month. 

5. SharpSpring


SharpSpring is lead nurturing software that helps you automate your marketing and sales process. It offers CRM integration, lead scoring, lead segmentation, email automation, and reporting.

It is a complete sales and marketing platform that enables you to engage with your prospects by building strong relationships. Moreover, you can also track your campaign performance with SharpSpring.


  • SharpSpring provides Integrations with your CRM system, so you can work efficiently from one platform. 
  • Lead Scoring can be performed based on the behaviors and actions of your audience.   
  • Lead Segmentation allows you to send them targeted content that is more likely to convert them into customers.
  • Email Automation allows you to create and execute automated email campaigns. 


SharpSpring pricing starts at $449 per month.

6. EngageBay


EngageBay is yet another platform that helps you nurture your lead effectively.

It has features like marketing automation, pipeline management, and customer support. With EngageBay, you can generate automated messages to nurture leads across social media, email, SMS, and the web. 

However, EngagBay’s email templates aren’t as easy to use or attractive as its competitors. 


  • Marketing Automation feature lets you automate all your marketing tasks, sales & service workflows along with lead generation activities. 
  • Email Marketing provides solutions like rich text formatting, landing page builder, email marketing templates, and so on. 
  • Email Sequences help you cut down the mechanical task of sending out follow-up emails. 
  • Lead Scoring helps you find hot leads easily with automation. 
  • Email Integration helps you to manage all your emails from one dashboard. 


The Basic plan starts at $11.99/ month, the Growth plan starts from $ 39.99/month and the Pro plan starts from $79.99/ month.

7. LeadSquared


LeadSquared CRM is an intuitive CRM for growing companies. It offers a sales execution CRM that increases the sales velocity of your business.

At the same time, it offers marketing automation that helps you push your leads faster through the sales pipeline. It offers a mobile CRM, to keep a check on your field sales team.

LeadSquared uses machine learning to fuse real lead behaviors with recorded data to comprehend the probability of conversion.

Moreover, it offers a sales performance suite that helps you easily define goals, track progress, and view results. 


  • Pipeline Reports help you track the number of leads in each stage of the pipeline for your teams and reps.
  • Sales Closure Reports let you keep a tab on all the deals your reps have closed against their commitment. 
  • Mobile CRM provides access to important data and information even when you’re on the go. 
  • Marketing Automation helps you push your leads faster down the sales funnel. 


LeadSquared CRM offers a Lite plan at $25/ month, a Pro plan at $50/ month, and a Super plan costs $100/month.

8. Zendesk 


Zendesk is a software that offers maximum productivity, helps maintain pipeline visibility, and contributes to revenue growth. 

The platform lets the salespeople build data-driven teams to unlock team productivity, keep up with customer expectations and get full pipeline visibility. 

CRM for sales teams offers contact and deal management, activity tracking, lead generation, and many such features.


  • Email sync your existing email to sell and work more efficiently with alerts, templates, and automatic tracking. 
  • Sequences help you to automatically engage with leads and streamline your outreach. 
  • Mobile Apps allow you to stay connected with your prospects and customers from anywhere.  
  • Pipeline Analysis helps you analyze lead and deal progression. 
  • Forecasting helps you predict deal volume and revenue growth. 

The initial Sales Team plan costs $19/month, the Sell Growth plan costs $49/month, the Sell Professional plan costs $99/month, and the Sell Enterprise plan costs $150/month.

9. Copper 

Copper is one of the great CRM that you can implement for nurturing the leads. It offers features like tracking deals, getting reports, organizing deals, and many more.

Cooper focuses on the most important matters like building strong business relationships.  

It focuses on tapping new leads and building relationships. With these features, you can stay connected with your prospects, manage your sales process and improve productivity.


  • Tracking Leads and deals help you capture new leads and track conversations right from your inbox.
  • Reports help you get a 360-degree view of your business.
  • Integrations help you save time by connecting various popular tools. 
  • Automations take care of tasks like logging calls, meetings, tasks, and activities, attaching files, and more. 


The Basic plan costs $25/month, the Professional plan costs $59/month, and the Business plan costs $119/ month.

10. Insightly


Insightly CRM aims at better connections with your customers. It helps you create unforgettable experiences and align teams within CRM.

It offers various features to help you reach maximum customers and sell smarter. You can reach your customers at the right time with the right message to build personalized brand experiences.

It also claims to build better customer relationships. Here are some of the features Insightly offers.


  • Send, track and save emails helps you create and send emails with few clicks, or send out bulk emails to a list of contacts or leads with ease.
  • Relationship Linking helps you build strong relationships with your customers. 
  • Lead Routing helps you track the most relevant lead information, including a rich activity timeline of marketing campaign sources.
  • Workflow Automation helps you create complex, multi-step business processes. 


Insightly Plus plan costs $29/ month, its Professional plan costs $49/ month and its Enterprise plan costs $99/ month 

11. Freshsales 


Freshsales CRM is considered among one of the best CRMs available. This CRM also has sales and marketing integration, so that you can streamline your business process. It lets you virtually operate your business by being a cloud CRM.

One of the features of Freshsales is sales automation which eases your sales process and is time effective. This CRM helps you get a 360-degree customer view as it allows integration at one single platform.


  • Contact Management helps you easily manage your contacts.
  • Cloud Telephony is a built-in telephone system to converse effectively.
  • Deal Management helps you stay on top of deals and grow revenue faster with AI-driven insights.
  • Email Integration lets you send, manage, and track sales emails right from your CRM. 
  • Sales Reports help you gain action-oriented insights into sales performance with in-depth analytics.


The Growth plan costs $15/month, the Pro plan costs $39/month, and the Enterprise plan costs $69/month.

12. Pipeline CRM

Pipeline CRM

Pipeline CRM (formerly known as PipelineDeals) is a great tool to manage your sales pipelines.

It claims to accelerate your sales pipeline from lead to customer. It offers various features that allow your sales team to focus on their most valuable tasks.


  • Emails Campaign and tracking to track all your email messages, opens, clicks, and downloads automatically as activities in your account. 
  • Integrations offer popular integrations with email providers, marketing, and sales software. 
  • Custom Deal Stages lets you choose the default titles for stages. 
  • Mobile App for iOS and android help you stay on top of your sales while you’re out doing your job.
  • Sales Forecasting will let you confidently forecast the salespeople on track to hit quota. 


The Starter plan costs $25/ month, followed by a Develop plan that costs $33/ month, and the Grow plan $49/ month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about lead nurturing software

Which is the best Lead nurturing software?

Software like Salesmate, Nutshell, HubSpot, SharpSpring, EngageBay, LeadSquared, Zendesk, Copper, Close, Pipeline CRM, Freshsales, and Keap are some of the best lead nurturing software. You can check out the comparison table above for each lead nurturing software.

Is Salesmate a lead nurturing software?

Yes, Salesmate is a lead nurturing software that enables you to stay connected with your leads and customers at every touchpoint.

What is lead nurturing in CRM?

To nurture a lead is to build a long-lasting and healthy relationship with your customers to eventually turn them into loyal paying customers. Nurturing lead with CRM focuses on turning your prospects into customers by nurturing them.  


Now that you have a list of the best lead nurturing software, you can select the right one based on your company’s requirements.

Salesmate is an all-inclusive CRM that helps you automate each step of your business process and nurture leads effectively. Try out Salesmate for Free today!

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