Nutshell is a very good starter software. What we mean by starter is managing a simple sales process and not an intense amount of leads. The more you grow, the more reporting you need. Let’s see how Salesmate can be a great alternative to Nutshell CRM.

Salesmate – A Nutshell CRM Alternative

Nutshell has always had a very clean user interface, and it’s easy to create sales workflows that work for your company. You can get your team on this system quickly so they can get back to what matters, making sales! Looking for customization? Not going to happen, not even for the big bucks, so growing as a company makes this a critical disadvantage. Users also reported that the Search function is hard to navigate, making it hard to find leads and contacts. You might also have to use a reporting system outside of Nutshell.

Comparison Between Salesmate & Nutshell

  Salesmate Minterapp
Iphone and Android Apps
Email Templates & Integration
Sales Process Automation
Available at $35 Pricing
Secure REST API's for Developers Standard APIs
Unlimited Leads, Contacts, Deals, and Tasks
Activity Reporting
Available at $35 Pricing
Custom Fields Unlimited Unlimited
Records Unlimited Unlimited
GB Storage 1 GB Per User No Storage Limits
$12/Month Per User $20/Month Per User

Customers Stories

  • This tool is great. It keeps all communication all in one place which helped me stay organized with all day-to-day operations. The support I received was amazing and I would highly recommend using this tool.

    Staci Fasano, Product Sales Specialist - Ecomdash
  • Salesmate has scaled alongside our team and our process, constantly supporting what we’re trying to accomplish as a fast-growing business.

    Alberto Sardiha, Sales Manager - Retire Places
  • Simple and easy for our sales team to use. Enough said!

    Pritesh Gajjar, Business Development - PSDCenter

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