Google Apps

Are you using Google apps? Salesmate has out-of-box integration with the Google apps you love to use. In fact, you can sign up for Salesmate using your Google account.


Do you need your existing apps to work with Salesmate? With Zapier integration you can connect Salesmate to thousands of apps including Woofoo, MailChimp, Slack, GoToMeeting, Type Forms, Gravity Forms, etc. to integrate with Salesmate without writing a single line of code.


Do you spent time doing customer research and data scraping? Use the Clearbit integration to automatically enrich your contacts and company profiles with social data, titles, addresses, contact info, website URLs, company profiles, picture, logos, etc. Put more hours back in your day by automating customer research and data enrichments using Salesmate.


Nothing out-of-box fits your integration needs? Trying to integrate your website or internal systems with Salesmate? Or have an idea to develop a new feature for your sales team that works with Salesmate? You can absolutely do that using the REST API platform.

Just drop us a line and we will get you all squared up with documentation, a test account and all the love and support you need to build on top of Salesmate.

Customers Stories

  • This tool is great. It keeps all communication all in one place which helped me stay organized with all day-to-day operations. The support I received was amazing and I would highly recommend using this tool.

    Staci Fasano, Product Sales Specialist - Ecomdash
  • Salesmate has scaled alongside our team and our process, constantly supporting what we’re trying to accomplish as a fast-growing business.

    Alberto Sardiha, Sales Manager - Retire Places
  • Simple and easy for our sales team to use. Enough said!

    Pritesh Gajjar, Business Development - PSDCenter

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