Suggested Contacts

More often than not you have a lots of rich customers contacts lost in your email systems. When you connect your emails to Salesmate, it will find and suggest you the contacts that you could choose to add or skip.

It is smart enough to parse the email signatures, shift through emails and go through contacts lists to create high quality contact suggestions.

Suggested contacts will save your time adding contacts and may be new prospects you don’t know of.

Profile Enrichments

Do not spend time scraping internet to find missing information to complete your new customers profiles? And often times you are not even successful finding useful info. Salesmate can free you up from the customer research and data entry by enriching every single customer profile automatically.

It can find social profiles, title, contact information, addresses, website URLs, email addresses, introductions, companies they belong to, etc. including a profile pics and logos. Your customer profiles are automatically enriched in seconds after your create them and you will know a lot more about them without beating up yourself. How cool is that?

Track Emails, Calls and Activities

Spend more time sending emails, making calls and taking actions, NOT logging them manually. Everything you do in Salesmate is effortlessly and automatically tracked to respective deals and contacts. The desktop app, the mobile apps and Chrome plugin (coming soon) will exponentially reduce your manual data entry labor.

Automatic Task Delegation

Liberate yourself from doing the busywork of creating and assigning deals, contacts and activities. The workflow feature can update records, assign and rotate deals, score leads, notify internal users and send emails automatically,
so that you won’t break your back or your schedule doing it manually.

Customers Stories

  • This tool is great. It keeps all communication all in one place which helped me stay organized with all day-to-day operations. The support I received was amazing and I would highly recommend using this tool.

    Staci Fasano, Product Sales Specialist - Ecomdash
  • Salesmate has scaled alongside our team and our process, constantly supporting what we’re trying to accomplish as a fast-growing business.

    Alberto Sardiha, Sales Manager - Retire Places
  • Simple and easy for our sales team to use. Enough said!

    Pritesh Gajjar, Business Development - PSDCenter

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