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Experience “Superhuman Selling – The secret to exponential growth” in our webinar
with the sales coach and founder of She Sells, Elyse Archer.

Tuesday, October 19th 2021 – 11 AM (EST)

Our webinar with Elyse Archer really evoked a fresh perspective on how we handle our beliefs and act upon them. This event was an eye-opener for every salesperson who has been feeling stuck in one way or other.

If you also want to break the barrier between your beliefs and your actual potential, you need to implement superhuman selling.

So, how do you do that?

Below are the key points on superhuman selling that are covered in the webinar.

Why do we struggle to achieve our goals?

  • Many people struggle when they’re not able to break a certain sales threshold. This is caused due to your limiting belief that’s holding you back.
  • It’s your beliefs that create your thoughts, that create feelings, determines your actions, and determines your results.
  • Your entire behavior can be divided into two parts – Conscious and subconscious mind.
  • A conscious mind is analytical and consumes all the information provided. Subconscious is where you store your habits and belief system.
  • Your belief system is responsible for 95% of your behaviors and results.
  • When you’re feeling unworthy, it’s because it’s been wired into your subconscious mind.
  • You need to practice and create new thoughts of worthiness. So, you can achieve the results that you’re potential for!
  • You need to take the quantum leap if you want to grow in a short amount of time.


  • You can be either in a beautiful state or a suffering state.
  • Beautiful state – feeling of happiness, content, gratitude, appreciation, hope, and courage.
  • Suffering state – insecurity fear, stress, anxiety, disappointment, jealousy, worry, etc.
  • On average, people spend 70% of their day in a suffering state.
  • Based on this, you need to first identify your current state – are you happy with your life? Or you’re struggling to focus on the simplest of tasks?
  • Your mind-body connection is critical when you are transitioning from suffering state to a beautiful state.

6 steps to rewire a limiting belief

A limiting belief can hamper your growth. So, to rewire your thoughts, Elyse Archer shared 6 proven steps that can help you achieve faster results!

  • Recognize that you’re in a suffering stage; your beliefs are limiting your actions.
  • Are your thoughts actually true? Is what you are thinking actually true or is it just your belief?
  • If it’s not true, then what is? Start questioning your beliefs.
  • Affirm the new belief.
  • Visualize the new belief.
  • Repeat the 4th and 5th steps until you achieve your results!

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