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Unveiling the secrets of top influencers – This is how they beat their sales competition

Sales is a tough game with many naïve and experienced players. To win in the sales industry, you need expert tips and smart strategies. How about learning it from the best sales influencers? This eBook reveals how these top sales influencers are successfully crushing their competition.

What’s inside?

This special feature is a compilation of tips and advice from top influencers of the sales industry. They have shared their experiences, expertise and valuable knowledge for helping businesses and sales reps excel in the game of sales.

It consists of –
  • Various selling skills
  • Effective sales tactics
  • Tips to keep the clients close
  • Varied sales challenges and tactics to overcome them
  • Common sales mistakes and advice to avoid them
  • Overcome the biggest sales challenges today!

Who are these sales experts?

Deb Calvert

Deb Calvert

This renowned personality is a certified sales coach and trainer. She is named in the list of 60 most influential women in business and top sales influencers.

Sales success comes from the right balance of quality human interaction and
appropriate use of supplemental tools. Deb Calvert

Ryan Dohrn

Ryan Dohrn

Acclaimed for his bestselling sales book ‘Selling Backward’, Ryan Dohrn is an eminent author, award-winning sales coach and international motivational speaker.

If all you do is sell, you will always be seen as a salesperson
Ryan Dohrn

Elinor Stutz

Elinor Stutz

She is an inspirational speaker and best-selling author globally renowned for her numerous books on sales strategy. Elinor Stutz has been named as one of “The brightest sales minds to follow on Twitter by CEO World Magazine”.

Nothing is impossible. When a good idea hits you, go for it, and you’ll have no regrets.
Elinor Stutz

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