Setting goals is the first step to turning your sales target into a tangible plan. Transform your sales team into a starving sales machine by setting actionable goals. Start tracking sales goals to spark a healthy competition and motivate everyone in your team to go above and beyond.


Track your sales goals with salesmate

Why is goal tracking so important for your business?

With goal tracking in Salesmate, you can get a 360-degree view of what your team is upto, how they are
performing individually, and what you need to do to help them reach their goals. If you have a clear idea of your
business goals, it becomes easy to reach them and move ahead.


sales goals

Building and motivating your team towards clear, tangible and quantifiable performance goals set the environment for a winning sales team. It is easy to define the sales goals for an individual, team or company for any period (monthly, quarterly, yearly) based on the number of deals.

Be ambitious, set sales goals
Turn sales into a game & find your athletes
team tracking

team tracking

Do you know who is knocking your sales quotas out of the park every single month and who is not? What is the contribution of each sales rep into team’s sales objectives? Use the sales goal insights to track the performance of your sales team against the goals set forth.

Spark the healthy sales competition within your sales team that pushes everyone to win more and win often.

goal tracking

goal tracking

You cannot achieve the goals you cannot perceive and visualize. The personalized sales rep dashboard will help your team members see their periodic sales goals, what they have achieved so far and how far they are from reaching the goal. So, start tracking sales goals and grow your

small business with CRM.

Visualize and track sales goals
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We can see our pipeline, including the sales process stages and the dollar volume at each stage. Since our inception 90 days ago, our pipeline has grown 100%

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