Sales forecasting helps you to estimate your revenue and optimize your sales performance. Take accurate and informed decisions to avoid shortcomings and increase your sales growth. Use Sales forecasting software to boost your sales performance


simple crm with powerful automation

Change the business conditions

Simplify the complicated sales process with sales forecasting software. This helps you remove your business
obstacles. Predict the number that can boost your revenue by using vital information like deals in the pipeline, targets
achieved by the sales team in last fiscal year and potential leads to be closed.

Change the business conditions

sales forecasting for better business

How does sales forcasting help you business?

Every business runs on data, and data helps in understanding what can be done right moving forward. Sales forecasting
is an essential element in selling, as it helps you prepare for better sales practices in the future.


Sales cycle

Sales forecasting software helps in taking timely actions by giving a clear view of the sales funnel. It provides statistical analysis by unveiling predictive insights from your data. This helps the management in applying better judgment while using various resources. It splits the forecasts in reps, team, periods, and pipeline. Identifies the bottleneck to enhance your performance.

Intelligent sales forecast gives a clear view of your sales cycle
sales rep management
sales rep management

sales rep management

With the aid of forecast summary, identify the topper of the team and keep a track on the strength of your sales. Set higher target to motivate the best performers and plan a strategy to achieve it. Stay abreast with rest of the reps’ performance. Identify the shortage in the sales pipeline and increase your revenue.

Dalyn Newby

After trying dozens of CRMs and getting frustrated, I found Salesmate. It’s really easy to start with and has a great mobile app that’s fast and responsive.

Dalyn Newby Software Architect

Fatih Sultan Pisgin

User friendly interface. A great mobile app. Simple. Just what you need is it. It’s redundant.

Fatih Sultan Pisgin Owner, FSP.DESIGN

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