Salesmate Partner Certification Test

As a Certified Solution Partner, you should have a good understanding of the value Salesmate brings and how your referrals can start using Salesmate for their business. You will be required to upload various screenshots with-in our Salesmate product to prove your product knowledge.
  • 1. Start a new trial

    We want you to create a new trial and invite an employee to get access to your trial.

    Signup for a Trial

    • Invite an Employee:
    • Name: Brian Salesman
    • Permissions: Admin/CEO

    Provide us your salesmate domain name below ie: $

  • 2. Syncing Your Email

    Syncing your email is one of the most foundational steps to using Salesmate. This will help you keep all your emails in your outlook, gmail, or custom mailservers organized underneath your contacts & companies in Salesmate. This way you will be organized and you can always find past outreach you have performed organized in one centralized location.


    Sync Your Email Address Google, Outlook, or Custom

    Take a screenshot of your account synced

  • 3. Syncing Your Calendar

    Syncing your calendar with Salesmate makes it super easy make sure you are not double book any sales calls or demos.

    Microsoft Calendar:

    Google Calendar:

    Sync Your Calendar Google, Outlook, or Custom

    Take a screenshot of your account synced

  • 4. Set up Your Signature

    Make yourself a professional signature that will be attached to any emails you send directly from Salesmate.


    Upload a screenshot of your signature

  • 5. Creating Contacts

    Salesmate helps you nurture your prospects and clients for current and future business. It is important to understand how to add contacts into Salesmate so you can start outreaching effectively.

    Create a contact

    • Jeff Brown |
    • Create a Company & Associate Jeff to that Company
    • Company Name: Jeff’s Bucket Shop

    Take a screenshot of the contact & upload

  • 6. Adding Contacts, Companies, and Deals

    You can add your contacts, companies, and deals in a scalable way. You can import them easily by Excel, CSV and other formats by going through our import process. This is great if your clients are migrating from a different CRM.


    Take a screenshot of where you can upload contacts, companies, and deals by CSV

  • 7. Create Tasks

    Salesmate allows users to create tasks so they can be easily reminded on what & when they need to complete something. These tasks can also be auto-generated.


    Create a Few Tasks for yourself & Upload a screenshot to this doc

  • 8. Create a Sales Pipeline for Your Business

    Every single business has different stages in their sales life cycle. So while we have the standard pipeline built for all users, companies in different industries might need different stages. So please create a pipeline


    • Create a New Pipeline
    • Name: Certification Test
    • Have Only 3 Stages:
    • Qualified
    • Interested
    • In Negotiation

    After you build your sales pipeline, take a screenshot and upload

  • 9. Create an Email Templates

    Email templates are great because it saves your team time when sending the same types of emails to your prospects & clients daily. Use the templates with custom fields as your base layout and modify and customize it before you send. The best part is you can see the metrics on how these email templates are working.

    • Create an Email Template
    • Add Firstname custom field in the title & body
    • Send an Email Template to “”
    • Title: Certification Test Email
    • Body: I use templates to help automate my sales reps outreach.

    Take a screenshot of the email template you created

  • 10. Bulk Emails, Texts, and Task Creation

    There are many use cases for doing things in a bulk way. Maybe you want to reach out to 20 of your top clients to schedule a meeting or ask for reviews. This is really easy and there are many different use cases why you might want to do this with your contact list.


    Select multiple contacts &. show how you would send bulk emails, texts, & task creation, take a screenshot and upload

  • 11. Create Filters

    Creating filters of your contacts & companies make it really easy for you to segment your contact list into different segments. Our filters can be applied to any field or custom field created in Salesmate. Sometimes you want to segment your contacts by industry, locations, or tags. You are flexible to make any filters you need.


    Create a custom filter of your contacts or companies and take a screenshot

  • 12. Built-in Calling & Texting

    Salesmate has built-in calling & texting so any new hire or employee that joins your business can hit the ground running calling & texting their prospects. This is a big selling point and makes it a great solution when working in the office or a remote environment as you will have full transparency on your sales rep's productivity. You will be able to see in the reports how many calls they are making, what is their talk time, and you also have the ability to record calls. That way managers can listen to calls for training purposes.


    Choose all options that are available in Salesmate

  • 13. Sales Automation

    Workflow management helps you to automate your business activities. They are a set of rules that are executed when certain specified conditions are met. These rules can include email alerts, tasks, field updates and webhooks that can be set as an instant action or time-based actions.


    Share with us some ideas on different types of automations that might be needed for sales teams?

  • 14. Sales Sequences

    Sequences are used for automating your outreach so you never miss a follow-up. This is helpful for education email campaigns, cold sales outreach campaigns, and more. Your sales sequences can be 100% automated or create tasks for the user to manually complete before moving to the next stage. We offer true flexibility.


    • Create a Sales Sequence & Push Live
    • Step 1 (Auto-Email)
    • Step 2 (Auto-Task)
    • Step 3 (Manual-Email)
    • Enroll contact “Brian Salesmate”

    Take a screenshot of your sequence you created

  • 15. Create a Team Inbox

    Sometimes you need a team inbox for emails like or It is hard to know who is reaching out and who is managing the influx of inbound communication. Salesmate solves this with our Team inbox.


    Create a team inbox and take a screenshot of the team inbox section

  • 16. Power Dialer & Smart Activity

    Reps can increase their productivity by using our power dialer and smart activity queue. All they have to do is pick a list of tasks or list of contacts they want to call, and Salesmate will put them into a queue to knock out one by one.


    Add a list to your queue and take a screenshot and upload

  • 17. Product Module

    Businesses can sell their services in product bundles. For example, a digital advertising company might sell: Website, SEO package, Digital Ads Package, ect.... In Salesmate you can sell products and set prices on your products for your sales reps to sell.


    • Add a product
    • Create a Deal
    • Add the product to that Deal

    Take a screenshot of the Deal with a product associated with it

  • 18. Sales Productivity Reports

    Managers need to understand their sales reps productivity. Especially if your sales team is remote. It is hard to do this without any transparency on what they are doing on a day-to-day basis. We have out of the box reporting which can show your sales goals, sales numbers, amount of deals & value in the sales pipeline, calls made, talk time, and many more.


    Take a screenshot of the sales reports repo and upload

  • 19. Adding Web Forms to Capture Leads

    Adding a form to your website is easier than ever. Here you will find out how your clients can easily add a form to their website


    Take a screenshot of where you would get the javascript to add to your website