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Top your engagement game with these live chat scripts and customer service phrases

Pre-populate live chat messages for common customer concerns

These ready-to-use live chat messages (scripts) help agents address customer queries spontaneously. We have kept in mind
the different scenarios in which the agents have to address the customer questions and have accordingly created the

First time Visitor Mesage
download the book messages
Appologizing for anissue messages
  • Immediate acknowledgment of customer problems
  • Faster response to commonly asked questions
  • Predefined scripts help you save time
  • Provide quick resolution to complex queries
  • Can immediately assign chats to the right member
  • Make the best use of the available resources
  • Help you be precise, crisp, and clear in your daily conversation

Empower your live chat agents with these
powerful handy live chat scripts

Customer’s business doesn’t sleep, and neither should your support system. Today’s customers are time-sensitive; they want a one-time solution to their requests/queries in less time. However, support is just not about being there for your customers. In fact, it’s about resolving issues or addressing requests even by not being there. This is where Live chat can be of exceptional help.

You can use these live chat messages to track and manage and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels in a live chat platform. Detect any collision and create custom statuses that suit your business workflow.

Provide quick, consistent responses to common questions. Engage, support, and retain Customers in Real-Time. Deliver an engaging customer experience in real-time across your website, web app, or mobile apps. Automatically qualify new leads and route them to the right person, book demo and sales meetings with automated messages.

Track customer interaction journey throughout the sales cycle. Execute sales and support process across multiple communication lines like live chat, video, co-browsing, and web messenger without losing the original message’s context.

Top your engagement game with these live chat scripts and customer service phrases


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