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Easily sync your Mailchimp account with your Salesmate account to learn what works and sell more.

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Sync with Sales is an integration tool by Target Robot — whose vision is to help sales and marketing work better together and sell more. So they’ve designed a tool that allows seamless Synchronization between sales and marketing apps.

Sync with Sales is more than just a simple integration tool; it helps your teams work together to learn what works for your business and sell more.

Using Sync with Sales, you can easily sync your Salesmate account with your Mailchimp account to increase efficiency and boost collaborative productivity. Enrich your Salesmate data with marketing insights.

Now is the time for your company to pull ahead by sharing insights across your teams and aligning on goals. Help sales and marketing to get smarter over time with enriched, quality data. Give your team a single source of truth despite different systems.

  • Get your contacts, companies, and deals synced across marketing and sales.
  • Sales and Marketing teams can better understand the customer journey through the sales pipeline.
  • With the deal tags in Mailchimp, Sync with Sales supports the ability for Marketing to run nurture campaigns for prospects in the sales pipeline.
  • Sales teams can get all the relevant marketing insights and background on a specific contact.
  • Marketing can collaborate with sales to learn which campaigns are working and driving leads.
  • An active Salesmate account
  • An active Mailchimp account
  • Sync with Sales
  • No credit card required
  • Cancel anytime.