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MPZMail & Salesmate can take your business to the next level. After connecting your Salesmate account with MPZMail, all your contacts will be imported directly into MPZMail. The contacts will auto-sync so you do not have to worry about exporting or importing data between the two systems.

Here are some ways you can leverage MPZMail & Salesmate

  • Send strategically timed newsletter blasts
  • Segment your synced list into segmented groups for precise targeting
  • Leverage custom templates for a professional look
  • Detailed reporting metrics
  • Create activities in Salesmate based on the user interactions (Opens, Clicks)

Here are some ways you can leverage MPZMail & Salesmate

  • Send drip sales sequences
  • Segment who should enter into the sequence
  • You can stop the sales sequence if the receiver opens the email
  • Schedule activities in Salesmate on the user interactions (Opens, Clicks)

The power of MPZMail & Salesmate can take you to the next level. So start using Salesmate & MPZMail today!

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