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Clearbit is an added intelligence to your CRM data. Integrate it with Salesmate and enrich your existing data.

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Clearbit populates your contact or company’s data using a mere email address or domain. Most of the information available on the web about the contact or company is brought into the system and it completes the contact or company profile.

This enrichment of your CRM data keep all information up to date which helps sales teams make their communication more effective and contextual. This is highly valuable for any CRM user who is trying to better serve and understand potential customers.

Once your Salesmate and Clearbit account are linked, each contact or company you create will be  fully populated with the information available from Clearbit about them. Information like related company, skype, facebook or linkedin handles, phone number, alternate email ids, category and other social media profile are fetched into the contact record.

With more information available to you about your prospect you can focus on the actual marketing aspects and filter your data on various categories to have precision targeting. A focused market to pitch your product or services to, without having to waste time over researching about the prospect.

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