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Salesmate is the unified customer platform to engage prospects, boost sales, and personalize experiences for each customer.

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All powerful tools built-in to grow your business

Salesmate offers a CRM, marketing automation, live chat, and many important tools for your team to collaborate and deliver
end-to-end customer experiences across sales, marketing, and service at each stage of the customer journey.


Generate more leads with targeted emails, texts, calls, follow-ups - all automated and personalized.

  • Email Marketing
  • Text Marketing
  • Web Forms
  • Website Tracking
  • Voicemail Drop
  • Power Dialer


Nurture your leads, prospects and customers with useful content, offers, and personalized experiences.

  • Segmentation & Lists
  • Marketing Automation
  • Event Tracking
  • Automation Templates
  • Customer Journeys
  • Lead Scoring


Fill your sales pipeline with more qualified leads, track activities, and enable your reps to win more deals faster.

  • Sales CRM
  • Pipeline Management
  • Sales Activity Tracking
  • Sales Sequences
  • Workflow Automation
  • Sales Reporting


Offer oustanding customer service that will allow you to earn their loyalty, repeat business, and referrals.

  • Live Chat
  • Chat Journeys
  • Team Inbox
  • Web Banners
  • Outbound Chats
  • Built-in email, chat, text, calls, meeting, and more
  • Stop loosing time and money on multiple apps
  • Simple and flexible to fit your unique business
  • No training needed, get started in minutes
  • Organize and automate business processes


We’re here to help at each step of your journey

Our award-winning team is here to help you take not only your first step, but every step to grow your business using our
market-leading software with all the help and guidance you will ever need.

We’re here to help at each step of your journey

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from other CRM and marketing tools

Free On-boarding

sessions to help your get started with Salesmate

Less than 5 mins

average response time to support requests

One-on-One Support

video calls to address unique needs of your business

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Reach more prospects and generate more qualified leads with targeted emails, texts, calls, follow-ups – all automated and personalized.

Automation Journeys is so amazing that we have set-up
campaigns for text, calls, email, forms etc. Love it!

Shaun Redgate
Shaun Redgate Owner at Hickory Tree Homes and Land
Reach more prospects with a personal touch
Win deals with focus, clarity & context


Track contacts, deals, sales activities, and conversations as it happens, freeing your team to focus on selling and crushing their quotas.

Since our inception 90 days ago, our sales pipeline
has grown 100%.

Jacqui Sabo
Jacqui Sabo Vice President, Faciliteq


Turn visitors into customers by helping them find products, answer questions, and make purchases. Offer exceptional email and chat support to all the customers.

  • Live Chat
  • Chat Journeys
  • Team Inbox
  • Web Banners
Engage with visitors and customers on your website
Grow your business with insights


Gain deeper insight into your team and business performance with built-in intelligence. Coach your mates with actionable insights and feedback.

  • Report Library
  • Custom Reports
  • Live View & Insights
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Goal Tracking


Get more done, scale faster, and save time
with no-code automations

Deliver personalized experience to each customer, eliminate the repetitive tasks, build reusable sales playbooks, and
automated cadences that turns your rep into a revenue machine.

Get more done, scale faster, and save time with no-code automations
Hyper Targeting

Target prospects and customers based on their profile, preferences, and engagement with your business

Multi-channel Automations

Use the drag-n-drop journey builder to orchestrate your campaigns, processes, playbooks and more across all channels

Split Testing

Target prospects and customers based on their profile, preferences, and engagement with your business

What can you automate with Salesmate?
  • 💣 Newsletter and offer email blasts
  • 📈 Automate sales follow-up
  • 🙏 Send thank you email to new inquiries
  • 🎂 Birthday and anniversary greetings
  • ✔️ Automate Sales Playbook
  • ✔️ Assign leads automatically
  • 🚀 Lead scoring
  • ⏰ Activity and meeting reminders
  • 🗒️ Conduct NPS surveys
  • 🔈 Run A/B test campaigns
  • 💬 Text Lead Generation
  • 😊 Behavior based campaigns
  • 🏊️ Set-up onboarding sequence
  • 📈️ Create and update records automatically

… endless possibilities to automate anything and everything

An award-winning software that is top-rated by customers

Hundreds of awards and thousands of customer rating across all industry outlets.

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  • 15-days free trial
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Use it with your favorite apps

Salesmate integrates with 700+ business apps including Google Apps, Microsoft, and Zapier


Save massive money with Salesmate!

You don’t have to spend thousands of bucks annually for a solid CRM. Choose from our simple plans.


Build & organize your sales function


per user/month

$144, billed annually

Or $15 per user if billed monthly

Automate sales and close more deals


per user/month

$288, billed annually

Or $30 per user if billed monthly
Most Popular

Become a revenue machine


per user/month

$480, billed annually

Or $50 per user if billed monthly

Perfect fit for enterprise sales teams


Connect with our sales team for enterprise pricing.


Our customers love Salesmate

Our sales reps have frequently reported that Salesmate has greatly helped them save a lot of time!

Chris Chira
Chris Chira Zenith Aviation, Inc.

I have tried, literally, more than 50 CRMs and Salesmate is the best I have found!

Roy Weinberg
Roy Weinberg Commission Funding LLC

You name it, we’ve used it. After looking into so many CRMs, however, Salesmate just stuck!

Bart Mroz
Bart Mroz SUMO Heavy Industries

I was looking for something affordable and easy-to-use. Salesmate was just perfect!

Teddy Garcia
Teddy Garcia CTO, Todd Brown Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

How Salesmate is much more than a CRM?

Multiple teams use CRM software, but sales teams utilize it the most. Our vision for Salesmate is not just to provide tools for sales teams, but to create a unified platform that marketing and CX teams can also use for their daily operations.

Salesmate, along with CRM, comes with advanced marketing automation capabilities. You can create personalized marketing campaigns in minutes using Journey-based Automation, and execute them in minutes.

CX teams can leverage Salesmate for interacting with customers and gain deeper insights of their needs. Chat Messenger and Chat Journeys let you connect with prospects, collect information, take surveys in the most efficient way possible using the power of automation.

As a business leader, Salesmate provides every crucial data you need on the same platform. As all your teams can work with Salesmate, this tool becomes a single source of truth for data.

You really don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on multiple software for insights. Your Unified Customer Platform is here.

How Salesmate can help sales teams and leaders?

Sales teams can manage multiple pipelines and set up manual task automations for their teams.

Salespeople can start calling right from the CRM and keep track of every communication progress. Salesmate comes with Built-in Calling & Texting, so you don’t have to depend on external tools for these purposes.

Meanwhile, salespeople can automate their everyday outreach using Sequences and save their crucial time.

Sales leaders have a huge responsibility for revenue growth, and our Unified Customer Platform comes with custom reports where you can analyze team and individual performances.

You can get a third-eye view of pipelines progress and take data-driven decisions for the business and teammates.

What communication channels are covered inside Salesmate?

All communication channels are covered in Salesmate. You can communicate via Emails, Calls, Texts, Chat, and Videos.

How Salesmate can help marketing teams?

One of the most crucial tasks for marketing teams is to outreach partners and build long form relationships. With Salesmate, you can automate your entire outreach and follow-up mechanism.

Marketing teams can truly leverage Automation Journeys for executing high-performing campaigns and A/B test them to find the best fit.

Not just emails, but marketing teams can also utilize SMS as a new channel using Built-in Text Messaging features.

How Salesmate can help customer success and CX teams?

As a CX team, you need to join hands and deliver the finest experiences to your customers.

Salesmate comes with Shared Team Inbox where you can collectively manage an inbox and resolve customer problems. You can tag teammates, assign tasks, and follow relevant conversations, to timely deliver resolutions to customers.

Customer service teams can also leverage Chat Messenger to interact with website visitors and collect crucial information that’ll power up marketing campaigns. You can also set up automation using Chat Journeys, and create a “help yourself” environment for the visitors.

CX teams need to constantly reach out to customers and ask for feedback on improvements. You can set up automation for NPS surveys inside Salesmate and take your product/service to the next level.

What are Salesmate add-ons?

Salesmate add-ons are additional features that you might need in your growth journey. We have kept this separate from our pricing plans because some businesses need them and some don’t.

Automation Journeys, Messenger, and Dedicated IP Address are three add-ons we provide to our customers at the moment. You can learn about these add-ons from the pricing page here.

How does Salesmate free trial work?

Salesmate offers 15-days FREE trial to all our customers where you can explore the platform and see if it’s the best fit for your business or not. You don’t need a credit card for the free trial.

What industries are using Salesmate?

Salesmate is loved by 5000+ teams all across the globe. Here are some industries using Salesmate as their everyday tool:

  • Information & Technology
  • Consulting Firms
  • Real Estate
  • SaaS & Startups
  • Financial Services
  • Marketing & Advertising Agencies
  • EdTech
  • Insurance Companies
  • And many more…

With Salesmate, it’s simple, personal and productive for everyone.

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

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