Effective email templates that will rock your conversion funnel

Begin your email cadence with our ready-to-use templates

When someone is browsing your website
When the prospect hasn't opened your email
When you have a referral

Introductory emails that will break the ice and get you through the decision-makers

Target specific customers based on their activities to spur immediate sales

Send series of highly targeted emails to cultivate a customer from a disengaged user

Send post-meeting follow-ups that prompt prospect to respond

Regenerate interest with context-driven follow-ups.

Email templates for high-converting
marketing campaigns

You, as a startup, can design and execute your campaigns faster and more efficiently with these ready-to-use templates. Instead of writing an email from scratch, link the content to your existing email campaign and keep the engagement rolling.

We have tested 1000+ emails and have identified and listed some of the best email templates in this resource. Incorporating these email templates in your startup marketing strategy will definitely improve the response rate.

Modern-day cold outreach focuses on the quality of prospecting. To mark your presence, add hyper-personalized elements to your emails. These email templates will help you personalize the outreach journey. Instead of sending cold out-of-context emails and follow-ups, you will learn how to make the best use of the available customer data and prioritize customer experience.

Apart from cold outreaching, you can utilize these emails after a certain event – i.e., voice calls, phone calls, after a LinkedIn connection, or just a casual chat over social media.

Effective email templates that will rock your conversion funnel


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Sales Tracking Template